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You have a problem with your conection


Well that. Im constantly getting that message while I can see (and know) that there isn't any problem with my conection since my ping stay the same. Comes like every 5 minutes or so, the game freezes and after a couple of seconds all come back to normal.
My PC: 
AMD Athlon II x245
4 Gb RAM
AMD Radeon 6670
Windows 7 (64)
Im conected with Ethernet, not Wi Fi.

I have the problem either with low graphics or medium/high.

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Nope. I didn't found any program that wasn't normal.
And Im starting to think that it's something with my CPU. On the last battle I got a lot of conection problems again and even several kicks and crash to desktop, and the only time I that I had the same problem was when I was using another program to record the battle, and on that time, only after stopping the program the problem was fixed. But on this last battle I wasn't using any program at all besides TS3. So I checked the CPU and found that one was at 99% only using FH2+TS3. 


Suggestions? Ideas?

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make sure PC is running at max performance when gaming

C:\ drive too full ?

unplugg any not needed externernal devices HDD etc.

Installed any new drivers lately ?


Hmm taskmagr looks Ok as long its is not maxed out I guess. You could optimize your pc some more. Im only running ca 40 prosesses in win 7 when gaming




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