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CMP's 15th FH2 Campaign: The Last Winter Has Ended!

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The 15th FH2 Campaign: The Last Winter Has Ended -
Congratulations to the Axis on their win!

From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to thank everyone
who took part in our fifthteenth FH2 campaign.


It's hard to believe that a game which started life back in 2007 is still seeing a full server of 100 players continue to participate in CMP's campaigns in 2024, and I'm sure that with a team still passionate and dedicated to Forgotten Hope 2, the game will be around for many more years to come.

And, if it doesn't make anyone feel old realizing they've been playing this game (and participating in many organised FH2 campaigns) for over 17 years, then the sudden awareness that CMP is in it's 7th year of running FH2 campaigns might give pause for thought!

At present we're still deciding on what theatre to run for our Autumn 2024 campaign, but as soon as we know more we'll be sure to post a hint or two.

Some interesting statistics from the 15th campaign:

  • In total there were nearly 60,000 kills over the course of the 11 battles (including team kills) - an average of around 5,423 kills per battle.
  • The top three military hardware on the battlefield were medium tanks (both teams), and Axis artillery. The Panzer IV H ruled supreme in this campaign with over 1,500 kills.
  • There were 561 close range kills made with bayonets, knives, entrenchment tools and spades.
  • 549 players were unlucky enough to step on an anti-personnel mine during the campaign.
  • One player was unlucky enough to be killed by a AN M8 Smoke Grenade.

Get all the stats from Campaign 15 here

You can also view the scoreboard for Campaign 15 here


A Big Thank You To Everyone
Who Yet Again Made Another Campaign Possible


Our HQ's, CO's And SL's

Thank you to all those that helped to lead armies and squads in this campaign.

turbomursu - Pr0z4c - Tutvys - Erwin - DonbassCossack
BaskaBommi - The_Green_Bunny - knokworst - aquintus - CptBocquier - estate8143 - genp - postelnik - IVAN_88
Otto - Swedish Green - 350ping_nobully - Kerst - Vlasov - RayderPSG - wanchekid

Without you volunteering to help lead, we would not have been able to run this campaign!

Mapping and Mapping Support

  • Papillon, Geopat, Watchtower, Pr0z4c, SgtAlex, CptBocquier and DonbassCossack

A small group of dedicated volunteers have yet again generously given their personal time to create the maps used in this campaign. Despite having families, jobs, and other commitments, they manage to prepare these maps in time for our events.

Papillon and GeoPat have consistently contributed to ensuring the maps are ready for training and battles, alongside Watchtower, Pr0z4c and SgtAlex who have either created new maps from scratch, or brought existing maps up to a high standard of work, and worthy of being played in our campaigns. Once again, they have put in tremendous effort to get the maps ready for this campaign. We extend a huge thank you to them for all their hard work!

Without our mappers, we wouldn't have these amazing custom campaigns and would instead be relying on public maps, hoping they work well in an organized setting. Also, thank you to CptBocquier, Vlasov and DonbassCossack for helping to bring in some of the more interesting vehicles, player models, weapons and buildings to the campaigns including the new church static, Panzerzugwagen and wine bottles found at the end of the campaign

We need more volunteers to learn map-making and assist in creating new maps or updating existing ones. If you're interested, please post below, and we'll share some resources to help you get started.

Game Servers and Teamspeak

  • kummitus

Always working behind the scenes, Kummitus ensures the servers and Teamspeak run smoothly, providing essential support for mappers as they edit and build the maps for campaigns.

Without Kummitus managing the technical challenges of running the campaigns, Teamspeak, the forums, and Discord, we wouldn't have many of the features that bring a campaign together. We are deeply grateful for all his efforts!

Forums, Graphics, Social Media and Community Support

  • RAnDOOm
  • Sir_Kowskoskey
  • Hawk
  • RayderPSG
  • Erwin

RAnDOOm plays a crucial role in preparing our campaigns by setting up forums, the campaign interface, medals, ads, social media promotions, and assisting officers and HQ with forum access.

When we launch a campaign and open registration, you can be sure that RAnDOOm has done much of the work to ensure everything is ready on time. Without his efforts, meeting the tight schedules for our biannual campaigns would be much more challenging!

Sir_Kowskoskey, RayderPSG, and Hawk work tirelessly to communicate with various language regiments and players, gently persuading them to take on leadership roles and monitoring potential player numbers and side preferences for each campaign. Their assistance in securing HQ and officers for each campaign and ensuring smooth operations is greatly appreciated!

Hawk and Erwin are responsible for the captivating campaign ads (Hawk's adverts are always masterpieces!) and the atmospheric map loading images you see, often featuring intriguing WW2 quotes. Their work adds the final touches, bringing extra shine to our campaigns and maps!

Map Balancing and Feedback

  • Hawk
  • RayderPSG

Hawk and RayderPSG take on the challenging and often thankless task of balancing weapons, vehicles, and planes on campaign maps. Despite frequent complaints about weapon balance, they do an incredible job of testing and researching to ensure everything is as balanced as possible.

Behind the scenes, they engage in extensive discussions about map content, always prioritizing balance and avoiding personal bias, even when they are playing or leading a squad. We owe them a huge thank you for striving to make each battle fair and equal for both teams!



We are delighted that so many of you have found CMP to be a welcoming home to enjoy gaming with like-minded individuals.

Our hope is to continue growing this community, expanding the range of games we play, and encouraging members to take the lead on introducing new games for us to enjoy together.

If there’s a game you’re passionate about and believe it would be a great fit for our community, please PM a Committee member or an admin and let us know! We may be able to support you in setting up a group within CMP.


Donating To CMP
Without donations to help cover the costs for servers and software we cannot continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games when possible; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels.

We are now midway through 2024 and we need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help.

You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.


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