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Strange Icon in Start Bar



I've noticed a rather strange icon in my start bar (I guess it's start bar - far left with up arrow near date and time).  See attached.  It shows CMP TeamSpeak icon.  Not sure why this is there as I uninstalled TS3 due to some issues a few week back.  I've rebooted several times since then.  Not sure if this is garbage left after the uninstall, but I wanted to bring it to your attention as it says CMP and when I hover over it, it says TeamSpeak 3 Client.  I cannot right click on it and get options like the other items in this location or left kick and maximize the application.

Any advice or assistance would be appreciated.  Is this a known issue after a TS3 (32 bit client) uninstall?

Thanks.  Love playing FH2 on your server, and am hoping one day to play in another campaign. 

TeamSpeak 3 Client (not installed) - Screenshot 2024-04-23 181523.png

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Looks like it's listening on port 16360.  I see that it is in C:\my_username\AppData\Local\Programs\TeamSpeak 3 Client.  I killed the process from TCPView and it disappeared from the start bar.  According to what's here https://community.teamspeak.com/t/default-installation-folder-for-ts5/36196/8 this is the proper location.  Weird that I don't see it in my installed applications or programs.  

Digging a bit deeper, I see that there are two folders with later dates than the install date of 1/2/2024 in the folder referenced above.  qtwebengine_locales and styles.  qtwebending_locales contains a file, en-US.pak.  The styles folder contains qwindowsvistastyle.dll.  Properties shows that it opens with an unknown application.  


https://github.com/danpla/dpscreenocr/issues/20 Reports that this is a false positive.

https://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/us/threat-encyclopedia/malware/ransom.win64.donotrun.a reports it as ransomware in an article from 4/25/23, but that seems odd as I would think Malwarebytes or Defender would've detected it if it's an issue.  This isn't something new, evidently.

Just reporting this here as it had the CMP icon, in case others have noticed this.  

TCPView - ts3client_win64.exe.png

TCPView - ts3client_win64.exe.png

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Seems to be a Teamspeak issue, rather than a CMP problem. Did you download Teamspeak from their official website at https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/

I have the 32-bit client installed and haven't seen the CMP icon in the taskbar when Teamspeak is running (or otherwise) - just the standard blue dot. But, the CMP icon is set to show for our Teamspeak server, so that is most likely why it was showing in the taskbar if there was a setting enabled to display which server you were currently connected to.

I see you mention the 32-bit was installed and then you talk about the 64-bit version, so the server icon in the taskbar may be part of the newer 64-bit version.

Strange that you had issues uninstalling the app though. I would definitely report this to the Teamspeak team.

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