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FH2 Unban Request

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I was banned from the FH2 server today due to accidentally team killing a few people. I'm using an old monitor and the colour quality is poor, so it was difficult to distinguish between teams. Is the ban a temporary one only or do I need to make an appeal somewhere?

Apologies if this is the incorrect forum to post such a thing, please let me know where to post if there is a dedicated ban appeal page.

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Dear Administration of the server FH2. Today I played on your server. Was engaged in artillery support team. But, had the imprudence to destroy the members of my team. Of course, I'm not on purpose. But I was banned on the server. Please accept my message, forgive, and remove the ban. Thank you. Your [Rus.field]_Vetel92

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As far as I know, 8 teamkills are needed to get autobanned, or if not set already, will be changed in the near future. This is a enough wide gap for mistakes. This kind of punishment is meant to force player to check fire before firing. In case of arty in ranked server, many players siege bases even if there are allies capturing, they just dont care if they kill allies, because there is no punishment.

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