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CMP's Zero Tolerance To Racism, Sexism, Homophobia Or Other Abuse

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The Committee and Admins will state this simply

The CMP Community has zero-tolerance for
racism, sexism, homophobia or any other sort of abuse

One of our members was verbally abused by another member during an incident on Teamspeak.

The person who was being abusive has now been permanently banned from the CMP community
including the forums, all games and Discord.


We 100% do not tolerate the actions of any members who feel it is ok to abuse another member of CMP
or from another community in Teamspeak, Discord, the forums or Discord chat and will
lead to an investigation and possible expulsion from CMP.


We built this community to be a place for anyone; no matter their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual preferences,
to be able to enjoy meeting with fellow gamers, play games, relax, and have fun.

If you don't like our acceptance of all types of gamer - leave. We have no place for you here.


Something like this is rare within our community, but please let this be the last time we have to make a post like this.

If you feel that another CMP member has been abusive to you or someone else,
please PM an admin and we will look into it.


Join in our games and events, have fun with your team mates and above all, respect each other.


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