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What Is CMP-Gaming?

CMP-Gaming means Collaborative Multiplayer Gaming.  The community was founded to provide common home for the FH2 Community Map Pack, as well as brand new tournaments run by people who have decade long experience of hosting them including members from the FH2 Branch from Forgotten Honor, The Community Mappack Modding Team , World at War , several representatives of the 762 Community and a close collaboration with the FH2 Developers.

One of the new features to reach Community Map Pack is a open issue tracker, where we hope anyone who comes across issues in the public version, would post them.

Our goals?

  • To host tournaments and campaigns for many games, mainly and starting with Forgotten Hope 2. 
  • Provide a platform for good gameplay and a good atmosphere. A place where everyone can get together and enjoy playing games.
  • We want to be transparent in what we do, why we do things or not and what our monthly costs are. We are open to hear any suggestion that any member would like to make.
  • Foster respect in how we communicate and treat each other.
  • We want to have a lean and clean structure without multiple management levels.


In the CMP-Gaming you can take advantage of a new Tournament Interface system, alongside custom medals and ranks for our campaigns.

We've hand picked custom software to run the community on the forums, issue tracker and will carry on to improve Community Updater as well as all the content we produce for Forgotten Hope 2.

A Teamspeak server aswell as Discord are available for the community to use.

Help us evolve

No matter if you like to play FH2 on the public servers or in the tournaments, we aim to provide you a place you can call home. Join the discussion on the forums, Discord and Teamspeak. Share your opinions and bug reports. The tournament and the Map Pack is always on the look for fresh ideas and people to help to develop them further.

If you have any question dont hesitate to ask.


Truly yours
The CMP Gaming staff

( kummitus ; I<ODIUM>I ; Wualy ; Erwin ; Papillon ; Hawk ; Sir_Kowskoskey ; Stubbfan ; Pr0z4c ; Harmonikater ; Quicksilver ; RAnDOOm )

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as of now, the head of CMP-Gaming is formed around Committee of 5 members. In no particular order

Papillon, kummitus, Quicksilver, Sir_Kowskoskey, Erwin

they together, hold the final decision power, however various interest groups from Campaign officers, Community Map Pack team to other skilled individuals work closely with the Committee. To maintain openness, in every sub-forum, at least one interest group shares access, and only one Discord channel is private to the Committee. No decisions are made without hearing those whom it may concern.


Feedback forum is the best place to share your concerns and new ideas as those will be visible to the Committee and Administrators as a whole but on other.


Our expenses are listed out below as of today.

Name Yearly cost Sum Times a year Total Sum
Webserver 44,4 3,7 12 718
Email, Filehost 30 2,5 12 Per Month
Torrent Box 44,4 3,7 12 60
Forum software 50 25 2  
Gameserver 384 32 12  
Forum Theme 20 20 1  
Domain 10 10 1  
Discord + TS plugin 42 21 2  
Group Collaboration plugin 55 55 1  
Awards plugin 14 7 2  
Rules plugin 25 25 1  



The Committee

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