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Games We Play In The Community

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We are a diverse community of players who enjoy many types of genres and games, and as we grow we are always happy to create and
promote new groups for players within the CMP community who show a passion towards a particular game.

From First Person Shooters to Flight Sims, Racing Games to Strategy and Sports, there is a good chance you'll find fellow players within CMP Gaming.

For those games that support campaign stye scenarios, we also set up and run long term campaigns and events including structured command positions,
ranks within divisions and squads, plus features such as rewards and medals for players who go above and beyond to support their team.



Don't forget that as well as our CMP Community forums and dedicated Teamspeak server,
we also have our
Discord channel at https://discord.gg/BHzaf7p

In Discord ypu will find various channels set up for the games we play as well as our General chat area.
Don't be shy! Come join us and say hello!


Below are just a selection of the games, campaigns, groups and events we run in the community.
You will be able to access see and access these forums once registered with CMP Gaming!



Forgotten Hope 2 Campaigns

Utilising a wealth of experience and expertise in creating custom campaigns for FH2 spanning over 10 years using
custom mods and maps, the CMP community was built on the back of running custom 12 to 15 week long campaigns.

Taking place in the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Greece and the varied landscapes of the Western Front during World War II,
these battles regularly see up to 100 players fighting for their chosen Allied or Axis regiment and division.
Look out for more FH2 campaign announcements in the FH2 Announcements section.



Squad 44 Events And Campaigns

With the CMP community's love for both WW2 and more serious and tactical gameplay,
Squad 44 is an obvious choice for members of the community to be involved with.

While we are not choosing a particular side (Allied or Axis) as we would prefer to experience the game
from both angles, we will be engaging in battles on public servers along with certain Squad 44 community events.

Find out more information in the Squad 44 area in the
Community Games section once you have registered.



Star Citizen Group

Interested in Star Citizen or already own the game and looking to join an Organisation?
Come and join the Antarus Corporation at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ANTCORP

With the recent updates to the Alpha PU, CMP's Star Citizen group will be frequently conducting events
ranging from cargo runs to combat missions, exploration of areas of interest on foot,
to simply driving around the moons of Crusader and beyond.

Check out the Star Citizen area in the
Community Games section once you have registered.




Squad Group

For those interested in the 'mil-sim' tactical shooters, then we have a group of CMP players who enjoy evenings playing Squad.

Look out for more Squad news in the General Announcements section, or visit our Discord.



Racing Group

If the speed and thrill of high-octane racing is more of an interest then get involved in the multiple
Assetto Corsa Racing Cup's and Dirt Rally 2.0 Season Events that are organised throughout the year at CMP.

In Assetto Corsa we race in multiple classes from the lively trackday machines, to DTM and GT3,
while in the Dirt Rally 2.0 seasons we run various classes over multiple events for variety.

Find out more about the racing group and say hello in the
Community Games section once you have registered.




Valheim Group

Interested in joining a dedicated Valheim group with their own custom server?

CMP has their own Valheim server and group of players who will welcome to into the community.
Join them as they explore, craft, survive and fight across the multiple lands in this sandbox game.

Check out the Valheim area in the
Community Games section once you have registered.




CS:GO Group

Another favourite within the CMP community, this fast-paced first person shooter has a firm following.

You will regularly find members of the community meeting up to play a few rounds, or to discuss map
tactics, and there are plans to create a competitive team for something more serious.

You can find more information in the
Community Games section once you have registered.




Hell Let Loose Group

Continuing the community's love for all games based in World War II, you'll find CMP members frequently
meeting up to join matches and play as part of a squad for cohesive group play.

You can find more information in the
Community Games section once you have registered.



War Thunder Group

For those looking to play in co-operative and competitive War Thunder matches in a fun and friendly environment
then the War Thunder group may be of interest to you.

The group like to fight in the air and on land (planes and tanks) and specialise in realistic combat, so introduce
in the Community Games section after you have registered, and join in the matches they play.

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