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Fh2 Campaign None but the Brave


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Moin Pepino.
Mein deutsch ist sehr scheisse so in English. (I understand a lot of written German but am very bad at writing and speaking it myself)

The campaign per se is not FUBAR. But the team composition IS. Until it's fixed permanently so one side does not have most of the best players, it will continue to be FUBAR. 
Campaign design etc there is nothing wrong with in general, apart from a few imbalances like Japanese overpowered MG compared to BAR and the knee mortars., whereas only spotter kit on Allied gets Garand and number of grenades for assault is just rubbish.

Maps are great., apart from  foliage being an issue when many players are using low settings.

For future campaigns it is ESSENTIAL that the best players are better distributed over the two sides, or it is just no fun for anyone.

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