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Avoid crashing in the middle of a battle. Try This


This seems to work for Me.

If You want to avoid crashing in the middle of a battle during a round

When new map layer is loading ( load bar after Round Stats ) Press "Alt + F4" to desktop -> Restart Forgotten Hope 2 and re enter the battle server


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Been diggin some more into solutions 🙂

While using windows, surfing or playing FH2. Standby memory will grow over time with not needed stuff that can be cleaned before and while gaming to prevent some crashing and other memory related issues

Clean with "EmptyStandbyList.exe" file from

try to run EmptyStandbyList.exe before starting FH2. Any difference ?

EmptyStandbyList - Tutorial set as a Task schdeuled to run each 5 min in background

Autoclean standby mem when reaches .ex 65%-75% with MemPlus utility from

Monitor and see ram utilization in windows
On desktop: winkey + s -> type "Resource Monitor" click and open and hit Memory


Have tried both metods on win 10 64bit lowered to 4GB ram. Have not found the auto sweet spots yet.
I think manually clean just after map loaded in (before spawn) and in end when stats are showed just before next mapload seems to be the best clean timing.
Cleaning while ingame can make a stutter. Try other timer settings or alt+tab to clean manual from desktop
Maploading seems faster after cleaned mem.

Maybe feature needs to be disabled when not gaming if recording,rendering or other tasks

Happy gaming

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