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  1. Oh lol... I was confused, sorry. I thought that I had to: 1- Install the updater 2- Execute updater Thanks very much... I thought I was doing it wrong because I didn't have the Pacific maps...
  2. I used the installer from the link of the first post... After installed where is the .exe of the installer? I just don't get it... I am installing the new version but is installing the old one? Sorry, it must be annoying for you all... but I am actually trying...
  3. I downloaded it again from that link, same error: (Sorry, I already tried yesterday to solve it by my own, but I couldn't).
  4. Hello, I have this error... If someone can help me, thanks.
  5. Buena información, sobre todo para mí, que soy novato
  6. Hello I am new to FH2, I have the same problem as this player, but I see this (for some reason): Help me please... thanks.
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