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FH2 Berlin Map Test Event


Forgotten Hope 2

Event details


Join us Saturday 15th December at 18:00 UTC and fight in the streets of Berlin for the 2nd time! Help us test this map once again and get the right balance and gameplay sorted out. Once this has been tested then it will be time to finish the map with final textures and lightmaps.

It is a sector push map. The Germans start with no tanks. As sectors become captured by the Russians, additional tanks will spawn on both sides. Russian tank spawn locations are moved forward each time a new sector is captured to prevent long drivings from the main base to the frontlines. It is all setup for an action-packed experience but yet enough flanking possibilities and tactics to be applied.


Map creator: @Blander

Map and CMP minimod download:
Use our new Community Installer - Download here
(Read the Tutorial.  Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress)
CMP - FH2 Battle Server IP: fh2.cmp-gaming.com:16567
CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com

Battle for Berlin was the final major offensive of the European theatre of World War II  led by the soviets. Their Red army had temporarily been stopped 60km to the east of Berlin. On 9 March, Germans established its defence plan for the city, called Operation Clausewitz. On 16 April, two soviet armies attacked Berlin from the east to the south, as a third one attacked north of Berlin. Berlin was then encircled by 2,500,000 soldiers better prepared and equipped this time, against some disorganized divisions of  Wehrmacht and SS, together with Volkssturm and Hitler Youth, who were not really trained. The rest is history, but still skirmishes were going to be house-to house fighting.


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