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Favorte Star Wars Imperial/First Order fighter

Guest Buddydog

What is your favorite Empire/First Order fighter in Star Wars?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Empire/First Order fighter in Star Wars?

    • Tie Fighter
    • Tie Interceptor
    • Tie Defender
    • Tie Advanced
    • Tie SF
    • Tie Striker
    • Tie Silencer
    • V-Wing

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Guest Buddydog

Note, different models of the same type are condensend into one. (Ie. regular Imperial Tie and regular First Order Tie)

Tie Fighter: Most common Imperial and First Order fighter.  Seen in Episode 4-8, Rogue One, and Rebels.

Tie Interceptor: Imperial fighter with enhanced speed and armament. Seen in Episode 6 and Rebels.  

Tie Defender: Highly advanced Imperial fighter reserved for elite pilots. Seen in Rebels.

Tie Advanced: Advanced Imperial fighter reserved for high ranking officers such as Darth Vader and Inquisitors. Seen in Episode 4 and Rebels.

Tie Striker: Experimental air superiority fighter used to defend valuable Imperial installations. Seen in Rogue One.

Tie Special Forces: First Order fighter for special forces or advanced pilots. 2 Seated. Seen in Episodes 7 and 8.

Tie Silencer: Advanced First Order tie reserved for high ranking officers such as Kylo Ren. Seen in Episode 8. 

V-Wing: Fighter leftover from the Republic, used in the early Imperial era. Seen in Episode III. 



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