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The classics, the oldies, the goodies, the nostalgia trips - these twenty mods defined a generation and are proof modding perseveres!

Posted by Kralich/David on Jul 20th, 2022

Mod of the Year Awards



In June 2002 ModDB began, and every year since we've celebrated the best mods in an annual player voted event. To mark our 20th Anniversary, we've decided to take a walk down memory lane, and look back on all of the mods that finished in the top 5, across five separate categories:



Battlefield 2 is when modding the series really took off - being the most malleable of the games in the franchise, with the most staying power. All three shared pole positions in MOTY 2006 - proving how much Battlefield 2 took the modding scene by storm - and meanwhile, Project Reality and Forgotten Hope 2 are both going strong to this day. Newer projects like Heat of Battle: RUSH and Battleground 44 continue Battlefield 2's legacy.


Have your say in the comments and vote .
Which takes the mantle for the best Classic mod of all time?

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