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Should transfuel and LPGT vehicles be granted the same rights?


Should young cars be taken away from their families and converted to LPGT?  

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  1. 1. Should young cars be taken away from their families and converted to LPGT?

    • Yes that would greatly benefit the diversity in the fuel market
    • No this is an LPG free zone

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Today I would like to start a discussion regarding the problem of transfuel vehicles (such as petrol+LPG, diesel+LPG or CNG) and the discrimination they face in our society. They are often banned from underground parking lots because people think that LPG storage tanks can leak and explode (even though they must pass inspections). In my country the fuel inlet for LPG is called "a cap of shame" and mounted in a hidden way to avoid discrimination from other road users full of prejudice. People think that LPG installation will destroy their engine because last time they heard about it was in 93' in their uncle's Polonez serviced in a shed for a crate of vodka. In reality modern LPG systems are run by computers which allow precise injection of fuel and optimisation of engine maps. LPG can greatly reduce emissions of harmful gasses and particulate matter while decreasing the fuel costs.



A sticker proclaiming "LPG free zone" by a polish radical white preacher known as Zbigniew Łomnik who claims that gas "is only good in your kitchen stove"



Sign prohibiting the entrance of transfuel vehicles



Petrol and LPG is a normal family

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