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Posted by: Eat Uranium
07.04.2019 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we have a render of an interesting revolver that was both advanced and already obsolete when it was introduced: the Nagant M1895.


The Nagant brothers were well known in the imperial Russian court due to their role in the development of the Mosin Nagant rifles. In the 1890s, the Tsarist army was looking for a replacement to their ageing Smith and Wesson Model 3s, and the design by Léon Nagant was adopted in 1895.

The Nagant is a gate loaded revolver, a conservative choice in a period of top breaking and swing out cylinders. Unusually, the cylinder is cammed forward before each shot, allowing the brass cartridge to form a gas seal with the barrel. This was felt to be important, as it allows for an increase in muzzle velocity, it however had an unintended side effect of allowing the Nagant to be suppressed.


In the early 1930s, the Mitin brothers developed an expansion type suppressor using nine 8mm thick rubber seals to capture the gas behind the bullet. It was clamped over the end of the barrel and required the use of special ammunition with pointed bullets due to the rubber seals. A similar design would later be developed for the Mosin Nagant rifle. Many of these suppressors were used by partisans behind German lines.

The Nagant M1895 was produced all the way from 1896 through to 1945. Intended to be replaced by the Tokarev pistol, it was put back into major scale production during the War. Ours was made by Ashton and RedRogueXIII.

Additionally, before we go, we just have time for a video produced by Mayhemic.MAD that shows a visualisation of the SVN used for FH2 development as the years have gone by.

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