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Frame rates FH2


I'm playing FH2 with an AMD Vega 64 card and Freesync enabled on a 60hz monitor.

No matter what graphics resolution I'm on below 1440  it seems to stick at around 60FPS. (At 4K it's stuck around 40). Would expect much higher frame rates at 1080 than at 1440.
Should be seeing a higher frame rate - as I disabled "limit max frame rate" in game config and also set it to 200FPS in the chill function on the Radeon settings.
Does the game FPS viewer detect FPS post Freesync? Or is there something else going on?

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Not needed for me as im on 144Hz. but with nvidia system I need to disable v-sync and/or g-sync to get higher fps than monitor Hz.

try disable Freesync and lock fps at 120 (if 200 is too high)

For best less lag/stutter experience - Dont have higher FPS than possible stable frametime rendering. If not stabel -> lower the FPS (but not much more than 110 for my taste)

You may not see a big difference on screen, but mouse movement should be a lot more responsive

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