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Grandfather - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update


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Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we are showing off a render of another Soviet tank, the T-34 model of 1941. This earlier version of the T-34 will be serving alongside our current model of 1943.


Compared to the variants that would follow it, the T-34 model 1941 was expensive, cramped and mechanically unreliable. It differed from the original model of 1940 by the addition of a more powerful gun and a new radio. While on paper it was one of the best tanks of the day, in practice it didn't live up to quite such high expectations. Visibility for the commander was poor, and the lack of a turret basket floor left the loader in a tricky position once the floor mat was lifted to access the ammunition stores.

The model 1941 was produced in great quantities until it was replaced in production by the simpler and cheaper model 1942. Our model 1941 was modified by Stubbfan from our original model 1943 made by Pointblank86.

Full article here: http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/news.php?id_news=511

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