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Forgotten Hope 2 News Update - First to Fight


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Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we are showing off the third map to make it into our upcoming version 2.53 update. Today's map is Lenino, covering the first major action of the Polish People's Army. This of course means that we have yet another new country to add to Forgotten Hope 2: Poland. Lenino was made by Aserafimov.

lenino01.gif lenino02.gif lenino03.gif lenino04.gif


On 12 October 1943, near the village of Lenino in the Mogilev Oblast, the Polish 1st Tadeusz Kosciuszko Infantry Division prepared to enter action for the first time, under the auspices of the Soviet created "Polish Army of the East."


lenino05.gif lenino06.gif lenino07.gif lenino08.gif


This battle was supposed to mark the beginning of Polish-Soviet fraternity and strengthen combat association between their soldiers. Yet, with Polish morale low as most soldiers had only just been released from Soviet Gulags, and the promised Soviet armoured, aerial, and artillery support never showing, the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Division would face a fiery combat debut against the battle hardened 113th and 337th Infantry Divisions.

You can find the minimap and a preliminary vehicle listing here.

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