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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to the next campaign. Hope you can join us by then, it's great fun.
  2. After campaign mission report & commentary. This is for the record; History is written by victor. Which essentially means that all the things you say, all the things you do, will be meaningless if you lose. Stop an evil overlord from taking control of village today and die tomorrow, they'll make a martyr out of him and you the villain. -- Incoming Transmission -- The Campaign Martyrs of the Sun was in a way interesting and exciting. As I was part of 6 missions from 21st of October to 25th of November, I had a chance to experience several different scenarios and situations. So I'll be listing here all the mission I participated in along with short mission briefing and personal opinion/commentary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21.10.-17 Recovering civilian asset. Map: Stratis Briefing: As the name states our mission was to move to north side of a village of Agia Marina and proceed on foot along the shoreline in 2 teams. My team was supposed to take an overwatch position in church on top of a hill just north of the village while the assault team moved in to recover civilian asset from the village. Commentary: The setting up and dividing teams did take some time but not too long to complain, some were new, myself included, and we didn't have predetermined roster. Once the teams were set and we boarded the vehicles the ride over to the drop-off point went smoothly. However once we arrived and were preparing to move in, a pin dropped... Someone accidentally threw a grenade and we were not only wounded but also exposed. Which led to situations along the mission like; people losing consciousness, continuous reopening of several wounds, medics having their hands full and running out of supplies. But the biggest part was that we started wasting time. I tried to go to the village on the west side of the cliff by swimming.. Was ordered back, I understood why, but we really were wasting time. After which my team was ordered to proceed to the village via the same route I had already gone and ordered back. Now once we actually got to the village we moved in a... Steady pace, so to be said.. At some point I also accidentally opened fire on friendlies as I had not heard clear notification or warning on the radio, also while I was shooting them their response was "blue on blue" in radio.. Took me a while to figure it out, as proper response is "friendly fire". After that we got the asset and retreated back to the church where we boarded vehicles and drove back to base. To sum it up: As far as the first mission vent, I was a bit disappointed. So remember proper radio procedure, clearly state your intentions & plans on the radio. Put a safety on the whole grenade button like CTRL+G or ALT+G, smoke is not an answer here because if you throw it accidentally it will attract attention. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28.10.-17 Secure Zalabeen Map: Lythium, FFAA Briefing: Mission was to transport supplies to the village of Zalabeen and secure it and its surroundings while searching for civilian hostages and enemy intel. Commentary: The briefing went rather nicely and everyone armed up and we proceeded on 2 vehicles. Not too long after we departed from Command Base we encountered an accident on the road, an APC had driven into IED and was destroyed, local ?police? was investigating and we had to stop and hear them out. This was actually nice, some side context to the story and not just 'go there and shoot everything', because that would be a bit too monotonous. Once we entered into hostile territory and moved through another village we were attacked by hostiles with RPGs and mortars. At this point we just tried to move through it but at one point we stopped for some reason, possibly because of the mortars firing directly on our path or our driver was shot or hell, might have been that Hawk who was in charge got shot and I ordered temporary cease for some reason... Can't remember, moving on. Anyways we should not have stopped for any reason at all there, once the decision to move through was made we should have stick to it. Once we did get through the rest of the way was a walk in a park. We arrived at Zalabeen and unloaded our supplies at church, which was fun too, actual mission and stuff.. However soon we noticed some contacts moving in the hills to the north-west. We were ordered to engage and we did, took some time to take them out from a distance but soon after we had hostiles coming from north. After a prolonged fire fight we had a moment to catch our breath until we moved out to north-west where the initial hostiles came from, apparently the village ?elder’s? relatives or something were kidnapped and taken to enemy Forward Operating Base. So Hawk ordered a one small team, me included, to scout ahead and make a temp lookout on the hill, so we did. After clearing the area around the hill the main force arrived and we proceeded in a group to north-east direction, we didn't have a pinpoint location on the enemy FOB but we knew it was in this direction. For a while everything went smoothly and we managed to locate the enemy FOB but we hadn't realized that the enemy had surrounded us. Contacts started coming from all directions and we even encountered a tank, which gave us some trouble since we apparently didn't have Anti-Tank capabilities. After an exhausting fight and finally taking down the tank, we had bleeding people left and right, medics were understaffed and running out of supplies again, so we called in an airdrop of medical supplies. Taking down the FOB was questionable at best since one of us went soloing in first and another one followed close second but they got killed, however managing to take out most of the enemies there. We recovered the civilian and someone went back for the intel. Me and someone else went back to Zalabeen to get the vehicles we arrived with and came to get everyone else. To this day I do not understand why my vehicle exploded spontaneously, killing me. But thanks to GOD I had a miraculous resurrection and the vehicle was okay too. Once everyone was back at Zalabeen we had a debriefing and that was that. Someone also threw a grenade.. To sum it up: It was nice, way better radio procedure this time, trenching was real fun and I recommend others to do it too, especially when moving through open terrain and not lot of cover in sight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04.11.-17 Recover Pilot Map: Lythium, FFAA Briefing: During the last mission the supply chopper was shot down and the pilot taken as a hostage. Our mission was to do preliminary recon of the AO from top of a hill approx. one click west of AO. Later we were to deploy by chopper to south of AO and proceed to town on foot, avoiding mine field, eliminating enemy AA and mortar units, secure the hostage and pull back and establish an LZ for medevac. Commentary: The scouting was… Not too dull but not too much fun either. We didn’t really have proper scouting gear and in the end we didn’t get a very good look at the AO. As for the chopper deployment we should have just gone on foot from the village of Zalabeen. Other than advancing through non-scouted terrain, encountering mine field that KEPT expanding with NO good visual of the signs in sight, and hitting straight into enemy APC unit, the plan was a total catastrophe. Didn’t really enjoy on walking into a damn mine, SURVIVING, and crawling onto ANOTHER DAMN MINE!... Yeah I was pissed, sue me, but I tried to keep it to myself, don’t think I did a very good job at it. Anyhow, when we actually got to the outskirts of the AO we got hit by mortars, enemy APC and snipers. This also continued while inside town. At this point my personal death count was through the roof. I got separated from my team and was told to stay with a different team for some reason. One might have been that I found an overwatch position I liked. Clearing through the village and the buildings was a lot of fun but when enemies kept coming from all directions it put a bit of pressure to our advancement and survival. Eventually we managed to get to the target building where the pilot was and free him. Someone from our side even managed to get captured.. Imagine that.. Nice surprise though and a bit of a comic relief. After we got the pilot and started to pull back I got stuck into an overwatch position murd…. Taking down, enemy combatants while one of my team member was left behind, I stayed to cover him. In doing so I got hit in the back by couple of hostiles, hit me good too, but I managed to take care of them and do some emergency first aid so I could hold out till I got to Elmo and Hawk who were coming to get me. Elmo carried me rest of the way to the LZ as I passed out. He did a really good job keeping me alive and I even made through it thanks to him (seriously, give him a Purple Heart.) We had to defend ourselves from one final enemy wave before the chopper could land for exfiltration. We had our final debriefing back at home base and once again, mayhem. To sum it up: The mines were NOT fun.. Elmo is a good medic. We really should consider moving faster during missions, getting caught up by mortar fire is concerning. Radio procedure is improving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11.11.-17 Aid UN Map: Lythium, FFAA Briefing: Mission was to head north to a friendly territory and check up on a friendly FOB, from there we received orders to move far east to an UN base inside an enemy territory, secure it and extract some officials. Commentary: First mission in command, still think I f*cked it up but not sure how. Lot of conflicted feelings about this one. Also, my first understanding of the mission was wrong, I thought we were to secure the FOB when we were only supposed to drop by there. Personally I think the group split was the right call into two teams (I’ll tell you later where it actually went wrong,) but I can’t speak for you guys. In my opinion the briefing was fast and compact and we got one the road pretty fast, but again, can’t speak for you guys. On our way there we hit an enemy ambush, rocket straight to the face and hostiles came from left and right. Eliminating the threat and regrouping took a bit longer than it should have. At the FOB I first though it was hostile until someone pointed out that they were friendlies. We advanced in and received further orders to move east to an UN base operating in enemy territory (what the hell were they doing there?) On our way there I received a long range radio call from the UN base requesting for backup. The UN base was now under attack and we were still three clicks out. We sped up and made our way there as fast as possible. When we reached site the base was still under attack and the front gate was surrounded by hostiles. Getting hit with an RPG didn’t help. I ordered one team to circle around to cover our right flank and to advance on the enemy, they complied and completed this task. Meanwhile the other team had taken some hits, I ordered Elmo to patch them up while me and those capable provided cover. The firefight didn’t take that long and we manage to come out of it with few to no casualties. We advanced inside the UN base and I ordered one team to cover north where the enemy had advanced from and another team to south covering our rear. I received further instructions from one of the UN officers to take out enemy mortar units inside a village just up north. We were also low on medical supplies so I requested a supply drop. It took a few minutes for it to arrive but everything went rather smoothly during that time. We took a bit of fire while retrieving the supplies from the chopper but nothing major, was exciting though. After resupplying we proceeded to north to complete our final objective. Problem here was that we had to cross an open field to get to the village, and the outskirt of said village was swarming of hostiles. Here’s where it went from decent to FUBAR (F*cked-Up-Beyond-All-Reason); my decision was to split the group with one team advancing on the east and another one on the west. The objective of this tactic was to make a pincer formation on the enemy. It. Didn’t. Succeed. While the other team made across the field, my team got stuck behind a rock formation. Between my team having two wounded and two passed out in a rotation while Elmo was running out of supplies again, the other team being three men alone on the enemy side taking fire from all directions and one final sniper bugging me every time I peeked my head out… I think my brain actually decided to shut down and take a vacation. So eventually we finally got over the field using smokes with all members conscious, we engaged the enemy in CQB (Close-Quarter-Battle) in the village and hunkered down inside a small building on the outskirt, where we managed to regroup with the other team. And where we stayed. This is where it went from FUBAR straight to TARFU (Totally-And-Royally-F*cked-Up!) So we got hostiles coming left and right, we also managed to take them out as fast. The problem was that number of wounded people kept piling up and two to four men were unconscious at a time. I should have just taken who was fit for combat and go take care of the mission. But in the end, we took too much time because of my indecisiveness and our GOD decided to send us a transport and we headed back to home base. We were debriefed and that was it. It was a really bad day for me. To sum it up: Should have kept the group together because of low player count. Should have kept moving and carry the ones passed out. Should have kept my calm. Lots of “should’ve” done differently situations. I got a lot to learn. Radio chatter was on my part a bit clumsy but the rest are definitely improving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18.11.-17 Nuclear Threat Map: Lythium, FFAA Briefing: Our mission was to parachute drop to DZ George in far north-west with AC-130 and head for RP Rhino on foot to meet an informant that had operational information about the ongoing war. The intel provided us pointed to an major enemy Base of Operations containing nuclear device and launch capabilities. Our mission was to eliminate it and fall back to Staging Ground Delta. Commentary: Shadow had things in control during the briefing and with the group management, a lot I could learn from him. This time we also all joined under Shadow so we could see each other on GPS and the teams were designated with color coordination. Next up was to deploy with AC-130 to DZ George. What was with that drop point though? Since our pilot had unfortunate accident with game controls our initial drop point was pushed north by almost 2 clicks. And non-steerable parachutes didn’t make life any easier, why couldn’t we use the steerable? Because apparently they would have killed us, is what I gathered from that chaos. However, it was fun to deploy by a plane and drop in a parachute. After landing we headed back on the map and once there we regrouped. My red team was ordered to take point and I had Loggieman on my right and Hummeldrick on my left in wedge formation. It was a long road to the informant but it went without an incident, apart from GOD playing with the weather and day/night options. When we reached the informant my read team was ordered to cover north-east and east and yellow team to cover south-west and south. After receiving the intel we proceeded toward the AO where according to the intel was a nuclear device. As we made our way we encountered an enemy FOB and decided to check it out. When we learned there was an enemy presence in the base we were ordered to take it out. Even though Shadow said that he had been ordered to avoid contact of any kind in the area, I think we should have just circled around and ignore it. While approaching the base we got spotted and were forced to open fire pre-emptively. Once inside we needed to clear the base of hostiles and secure it. My red team was supposed to breach it from south-west and clear out the buildings there, once the go order was given we took out an enemy in on second floor window and proceeded inside the first building clearing it, went rather easily and was rather happy and proud about that.. Then the top floor exploded… Still don’t understand why though. I got killed in the process. It was weird, one second I’m looking out the window, next the walls and roof are just gone and I’m okay, after that I just died. Weird. Anyway, we secured the base and planned our next move. After a while we continued our way to the AO with my team again on point. On our way there we spotted movement in the nearby village and checked it out from further away, trying to evade them was the right call this time. However someone also spotted an enemy patrol on a hill to our left, don’t know why we didn’t decide to evade them. Order was given to wait until we got close to them and then take them out swiftly. In my opinion if the commander gives a “wait until” order you don’t open fire unless such order is given. So someone shot a grenade at them, true it took out some of them but not all and it surprised our entire squad. So again we had to engage pre-emptively and took some hits in the process. In situations like this I’m always more concerned about the noise. Even if we have silencers the enemy doesn’t and their gun noise can still be heard, not to mention they have radios. Granted I do not know how the AI reacts in this game and mods but until proven otherwise I go along with this line of thinking. After taking them out we proceeded toward the AO and decided to make an temp field base on top of a hill north-west of the AO. I got spotted too early and took some bad hits with that. Taking the base took some man power and bad hits but we managed to do it. Now we had to plan our next move while defending our field base and taking care of the wounded. At one point someone spotted a tank which apparently was one of our own but we had received no radio communication about it. Damn you HQ. We spied the AO with binoculars, sights and with bare eyes where our objective might be and found it under a camo net next to an enemy compound. The plan was to sneak as close to the compound as possible and destroy the device. Not a bad plan, I’ll give it a 10/10, but only 5/10 for execution. We proceeded to the compound alongside walls, cliffs and downhill but when we were almost to the compound we got spotted. And then it was SNAFU (Situation-Normal-All-F*cked-Up.) The device itself tried to run away but somebody shot a rocket at it, I thought it was an nuclear device and that we, the village and the whole damn continent were done for.. Not a big explosion. But we took fire from left, right and front. And I think my brain took another vacation at this point.. Now I thought it was a GOOD idea to go inside the enemy compound. Alone. And without bullets. Armed with only three grenades I managed to rack up some deaths and a kill count of five. Not sure what to think of that except next time don’t make me spawn on where I died GOD, same guy killed me three times until I killed him with a grenade. Only to run into an exact same situation two more times. I love grenades but hate it when I don’t have bullets. After a while we decided to pull back to our field base and regroup. Good call. Our commander was down who knows how many times and Hummeldrick was just laughing at the face of death. His entire body was covered in red wounds but he was still alive AND conscious. Go figure. Apparently if you take enough morphine you go full on immortal. So after regrouping we ordered some supplies and took care of our wounded, and I decided to do some sniping. I build a trench and took out enemies from the village in east with an LMG from the distance of round three- to four-hundred meters. It was fun, and had something to do while the commander recovered and planned our next move, even took out some enemies in the process. Until GOD decided I had had enough fun soloing and told me to group up. Shot in the neck with a pistol, that’s just cruel. So our final task was to take out the hostiles and AA-units in the village and evacuate by chopper. So we went into the village and took some fire along the way, but before we reached the village we encountered one of the AAs and it gave us a beating. While we were trying to find a suitable position to fire a Anti-Tank missile our friendly Bradley came in and gave us a hand, only to be blown up ten seconds later. Anyways, we got into the village and started clearing out the buildings one by one. Some had hostiles in them, some didn’t. It was fun, clearing an entire village, but with such a small squad it was taking time. At some point we started taking fire from unknown direction and I got badly wounded in the process, patched myself up and decided to run for a cover only to run into an enemy that shot me first. Now I’m hearing how someone took that enemy out with a pistol while I’m unconscious, good for them. I woke up a moment later and we continued with the clearing. At some point I died again and stayed back at the field base and continued sniping from my lil’ trench. I spotted two possible mortar units, another one of the AA-units from there and a sniper nest I mistook for a mortar unit. Eventually I headed back into the village myself too with another member of our unit. Once back in the village I decided to take out the mortar unit I spotted but while on my way there I encountered an enemy stuck inside a rock formation and it just kept shooting us from there. Now that was not fun at all, what am I supposed to do in that situation. By a miracle I survived from it and soon we got the all clear message on radio. Now it was just a long road home and the debriefing. I jacked up Loggieman with bunch of morphine. Someone asked me how many, I told them “enough”. I forgot that Hummeldrick was the guy who shot himself with morphine and survived death. Sorry Loggie. To sum it up: Good work with radios again guys. Don’t open fire on a covered mission unless ordered to. Spawning on the point of death is not a good choice. And on a covered operation, if we have the option to avoid contact, we avoid. This game or map is bugged. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25.11.-17 Search & Destroy Map: Lythium, FFAA Briefing: Our final mission was to escort FOB supplies ten clicks to east-by-south and establish an FOB south of enemy main Base-of-Operations in the village of Ramir, secure it from hostiles and wait for heavy artillery units to arrive. After that we were to head north and establish an overwatch point and survey the AO before charging in and eliminate the enemy General, thus ending the war. Commentary: It took forever to even start the briefing, people kept coming late and stuff. And I was drunk, because I happened to have excess amount of beverage left over from Friday, doesn’t happen that often I can tell you. So while we had free time I decided to do some redecoration. Explosives are FUN, we really outta use them more. So the mission started as usual, deciding teams, what vehicles to take, what formation and who goes where. Ensign had a point, we were wasting time while thinking. Two teams, one goes to front vehicle and the other one in the back, let’s MOVE IT guys! What vehicle we take should be predetermined beforehand. Not soon after we got to moving we had a harmless reminder to beware IEDs on the road, and second later a not so harmless one. The lead car yelled into radio “IED” and next drove into it and we had hostiles coming down a cliff to our right, not much but some. Yelling out the IED was a good call and if I may, correct call. Now rest of the group knows what happened and could react much more effectively. I now realize I maybe sugarcoating a lot of things.. We took care of the hostiles swiftly and evaluated the damage, after that we moved on. Before reaching our destination we stopped by to survey the area for possible contacts and other problems. During this time I accidentally threw a grenade despite having such safety as CTRL+G on the ‘throw’. Sorry Reeveli.. After we deemed the village and its surroundings to be safe our trucks moved in and established an FOB. Meanwhile our blue team was ordered to move up to a hill south of the FOB and establish an overwatch position. We now also had a bird (chopper) in the sky providing lookout. We received intel from the bird that there was an enemy unit approaching from south-west, so we kept our eyes there. After the base was established we were ordered to regroup and cover three-sixty around the base and wait for the artillery units to arrive. During this time we had one major attack from directly south and two minor ones from north and north-east. Dealing with these attacks went a lot better than any earlier fight I remember, partly due to having proper defensive position, lots of cover and a medical tent for the wounded. At one point of the attack we had to mark an area with red smoke for the bird to make a sweep with its guns and clear the area. I gave Ensign the distance and bearings for reference and he fired away and my what a beautiful shot it was, straight on the target. Later green team was apparently doing some after battle recon in south, not really sure, I was ordered to watch north. Anyways, they came under fire and had to pull back but one of them got shot unconscious. Can’t really remember what was going on on the radio but I think someone was talking about sending medic over there, not a great idea. So I told over the radio that I would go get them, I grabbed a buggy and started speeding away. Once I got there I got out, provided a bit of suppressive fire, loaded the unconscious person into the vehicle jumped into the driver seat and told rest to get on. Took a bit of time since one didn’t want to board the vehicle from the enemy side, I get it and in actual situation you don’t do that, but I was getting fire and was on the enemy side and didn’t want to stay long. Sorry for yelling, might be getting too much into this game since I was heated up in that situation. It was real fun though, going in and recovering friendlies under fire. While taking care of the wounded we also had a supply drop via chopper and the artillery units also arrived. Now we had to move up north. At this point I misunderstood the objective, I thought we were to establish an overwatch position and call out targets for the artillery strike, when in fact we were supposed to assault the village and use artillery as support. We also wasted some time on debating whether to take vehicles or go on foot, I thought it was a lot further away so I voted vehicles. Once we got to moving we spotted an enemy patrol eight man strong on our path, as I was still misunderstanding our objective I suggested we avoid firefight, again due to noise. But order was given to engage, and we did. Soon we spotted another eight man squad next to them. And then a twenty man squad east of us, starting to see a pattern here? While the rest of the squad was exchanging fire, me and Ensign both had the same idea, complete the mission even if it meant a bit of soloing. We had an enemy unit coming up behind us but I took care of that swiftly, perks of having an LMG and a lot of ammunitions, booglets. Anyways, we soon had a Bradley and some other vehicle, can’t remember, in front of us, neither of us knew if they were friendly of hostile. We had a heated situation on our hands and were preparing to take them out, when radio confirmed they were friendly. They moved out of the way and me and Ensign continued to the “thought to be objective”. Once we got closer to the top we switched our stance to prone, crawled our way to top and started calling out possible enemy targets for the artillery, designating them as “Strike Points”. Out of the three I called out only one was hit, this is when we learned the actual objective. Now while we were up on the hill in prone and trying to hide our asses, someone decided to get up to crouch, not only that but GOD also came there and started crouching, totally giving away our position and now we were under fire. Damn it. After taking some fire, two men losing consciousness and my miraculous healing or blessing or whatever you wish to call it I grabbed the one survivor since one already died and tried to regroup, unfortunately the other survivor died along the way. I regrouped with rest of the squad and we proceeded into the village escorted by two armored vehicles. We started moving towards what we thought was an manor where our target was by using tactic called ‘house-hopping’, not sure the rest know what that is. We moved closer to the manor little by little and at some point I suggested we call an artillery strike on the manor to eliminate the hostiles there, that way we don’t need to fight unnecessarily and only confirm the death of the target. The artillery strike came in and the manor was in ruins. We had fights on the left and right side of the main road and even one enemy APC someone took care of with a missile, didn’t care about the backslash though, got badly wounded ‘cause of it. The final tipping point of the fight was when we all regrouped at a house where Elmo went unconscious. Prioritizing the revival of the medic is never a bad call. But after we had stayed there a while and Elmo was up I was ordered to take couple guys and move up to the manor. I took who was fit and decided to just push it through. We moved fast up north toward the manor, I spotted one hostile on second floor behind right corner, after that I ran to the next house and he dropped me with one damn accurate shot. Once I got up I continued to the house to patch myself up while someone took care of him. While I was patching up myself a hostile I hadn’t noticed came inside the house and started shooting me. I requested immediate aid to the house, not remembering I could cancel the healing. Once I got the tourniquet on I was putting I loaded at least half a belt into that bastard. Survived that b*tch. Anyways, we reached the manor and it was getting dark so we switched to night vision. After clearing the manor we deducted that the target was not dead. An enemy vehicle had left the manor when we got close, I guess he was on it. We started clearing the few houses in close proximity and we found the vehicle parked in front of a four story building. Ensign wanted to blow it up, I wasn’t going to stop him, so he did. Once everyone was at the building we started clearing it up floor by floor. The first three were empty. Figures I was the one who had to find him, I mean, I went through floors one and two by myself and went straight to fourth floor. First room had one guy, next one had three, all pointing at me. Now imagine me shitting bricks, because that’s what almost happened. I died there and the rest went in and killed the target. Target killed, objective complete and the war came to an end. As did the campaign. To sum it up: How did we only have three rounds of artillery?? In the future, let’s not waste time on dividing teams and picking out vehicles and formations. Just go and decide on the road. When someone says “cease fire” you listen to it and then you repeat it and you don’t open fire again unless higher up says so. Defensive play has its charm and I rather like it, might not be for everyone but I definitely like it. Elmo and Reeveli both need a medal for their efforts as medics and keeping this group alive. I recommend some kind of medal for Ensign for wonderful use and marksmanship with the grenade launcher. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side notion: The further we go back in time the less I remember, I don’t remember past things really well. That’s why the more recent the mission, the better I remember what who was doing and where, doesn’t mean I give the names out always. Campaign sum up: By no means are we an elite unit but we managed somehow. The radio procedure kept improving so I’m holding out hope for that. Listen to superiors and complete objectives. Superiors should keep the group moving and focused. There’s a lot to improve with everyone in something, myself definitely included. I really think we should have training exercises between campaigns about various little things. For example proper way to move in different terrains, house clearing, how to establish a 360 defense without having to order every person separately and so on. There were ups and downs during this campaign, I personally had my fun and bad moments, moments that annoyed the hell out of me and moments I almost went ballistic from the adrenaline. This community is a real fun to play with and I hope we will have a lot more fun campaigns in the future. Though I insist that we need more training together, because that’s what forges a team and squad that works in harmony and unison. This is Private E-2 Abel_Ex, logging off. -- End of Transmission --
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