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FH2 Campaign #14 - Their Finest Hour: Battle #10 Moerbrugge


Forgotten Hope 2

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CMP FH2 Campaign #14: Their Finest Hour

Battle #10: Moerbrugge



"At 15:30 on 8 September 1944, the three assault companies moved to Oostkamp. Luckily, the "opportunity" to which Major Stockloser had alluded came about in the form of two civilian boats which were discovered by Major Mackenzie, Officer Commanding "D" Company. These boats would eventually ferry all three companies across the canal. Some boats sank during the crossing and heavily laden soldiers were drowned. At 17:30, "D" Company started to cross and soon the Germans responded with 88 mm and mortar fire. Casualties started to mount even before the companies reached the other side. In two hours, "C" Coy would drop in strength from 63 men to just 46. By midnight, all three companies were across and holding a narrow bridgehead on the far side.

Major Mackenzie was wounded and "D" Company was driven back to the canal by German counter-attacks. "C" Company was cut off from the "B" and "D" Companies by German infiltration. The day ended with 5 Argylls killed and 26 wounded.

The 9 September 1944 would see The Lincoln and Welland Regiment cross the canal and take up a position on the right flank of the Argylls. The situation would remain serious throughout the day, with several German counter-attacks launched against the bridgehead.

"C" Company was in a particularly difficult position being cut off from the other companies. In addition, their radios failed leaving them out of contact with all support. However, the company hung on and repulsed all counter-attacks. Company Sergeant Major George Mitchell deserves much credit for holding the defence together. He personally led a party that brought up much needed supplies and ammunition. After the battle, he would be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal."





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