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GUAM - Battle #11 - FH2 Campaign #12 - Shadows In The Jungle


Forgotten Hope 2

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CMP FH2 Campaign #12: Shadows In The Jungle

Battle #11


"As the fighting continued, the remainder of the 77th Infantry Division landed on July 23-24.  Lacking sufficient Landing Vehicles Tracked (LVT), much of the division was forced to disembark on the reef offshore and wade to the beach.  The next day, Shepherd's troops succeeded in cutting the base of the Orote Peninsula.  That night, the Japanese mounted strong counterattacks against both beachheads.  These were repelled with the loss of around 3,500 men.  With the failure of these efforts, Takashina began retreating from the Fonte Hill area near the northern beachhead.  In the process, he was killed in action on July 28 and succeeded by Lieutenant General Hideyoshi Obata.  That same day, Geiger was able to unite the two beachheads and a day later secured the Orote Peninsula.

Pressing their attacks, American forces compelled Obata to abandon the southern part of the island in as Japanese supplies began to dwindle.  Withdrawing north, the Japanese commander intended to concentrate his men in the island's northern and central mountains.  After reconnaissance confirmed the enemy's departure from southern Guam, Geiger turned his corps north with the 3rd Marine Division on the left and the 77th Infantry Division on the right.  Liberating the capital at Agana on July 31, American troops captured the airfield at Tiyan a day later.  Driving north, Geiger shattered the Japanese lines near Mount Barrigada on August 2-4.  Pushing the increasingly broken enemy north, US forces launched their final drive on August 7.  After three days of fighting, organized Japanese resistance effectively ended. "


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