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FH2 Campaign #12 - Shadows In The Jungle: Battle# 7 Tarawa


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CMP FH2 Campaign #12: Shadows In The Jungle

"A Little Gibraltar" Tarawa 1943

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In order to set up forward air bases capable of supporting operations across the mid-Pacific, the U.S. planned to take the Gilbert Islands. The American invasion force to the Gilberts was the largest yet assembled for a single operation in the Pacific, and the Battle of Tarawa was the first American offensive in the critical central Pacific region. It was also the first time in the Pacific War that the United States had faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing. The uniform worn by the soldiers on Tarawa was the then brand-new initial production version of the reversible 1942 pattern camouflage utilities. The uniform was reversible, with a dominantly green and brown “jungle” printed camouflage pattern on one side, and a dominantly brown and tan “beachhead” pattern on the other. The helmet camouflage cover was issued in a similar reversible pattern.
At this point in the war, the Marines were gradually being issued with the new standard caliber .30 M1 rifle, the iconic "Garand." However, many Marines still retained the Springfield bolt action as they landed on the beaches.



The Battle for Tarawa was a battle in the Pacific. The battle took place on the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands. Nearly 6.400 Japanese and Americans died in the fighting, mostly on and around the small island of Betio, in the extreme southwest of Tarawa Atoll. The Battle of Tarawa was the first American Offensive in the critical central Pacific region. It was also the first time in the war that the United States faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing. It was boasted by its defenders that a million Americans couldn't take Tarawa in 100 years. The next 76 hours was to be the crucible for such a struggle

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