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Forgotten Hope 2 Game Night 25 - 26th October - FlippyWarbear


Forgotten Hope 2

Event details


Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again!

After a few month's break, we are ready to get back to business!

Welcome to

Forgotten Hope Game Night 25
26th October 2019 - 18:00 UTC

Server name:
Forgotten Hope Game Night 25

Map list:
Keren 32
Hurtgen Forest 32
Ogledow 32
St.Vith 32
Pegasus 32
Studienka 32

Game Night's are open for everyone to join, you dont need anything except the base Forgotten Hope 2 mod, no additional downloads needed.

Thanks for everyone who voted! Hope to see many of you on the 26th!

Event organized by - FlippyWarbear

Original post - http://fhpubforum.warumdarum.de/index.php?topic=22049.0

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