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Allied Training, every Thursday, 18 UTC


FH2 Allied

Event details

This event began 04/27/2017 and repeats every week on Thursday for 8 occurrences


As of the 27th of April, the Allied Division HQ has announced that training sessions are to be hold every Thursday! High Command has diverted the necessary resources to us to perform these practices & drills.

Please Note: The time being shown for the calendar events at the front-page is already getting converted into your respective timezones. Please attend to that exact time that is being shown for you. (for reference, its going to be 18:00 UTC)

1. At around 18:00 UTC, please meet up with the rest of the division at our Teamspeak: ts.cmp-gaming.com
2. In order to play, you will require a working copy of Forgotten Hope 2, the "CMP FH2 Campaign #1 - A New Dawn" and - eventually - the "Community Map Pack" Addon. This can be obtained either via the Community Updater or downloaded manually here .
3. Join the Allied Training-Server. If you can't find the server in the Ingame-Browser, make sure you have Punkbuster unchecked in both, the internet-filters and at the bottom of the menu, next to the Gamespy logo. The server-ip is: PW: allied


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