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Detailed English instructions for installing Forgotten Hope 2 - Standalone


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work in progress
- SchwarzeNuss

Detailed English instructions for installing Forgotten Hope 2 - Standalone

Current status: 19.01.2020

Short explanation

Forgotten Hope 2

Forgotten Hope 2 is a modification (short Mod) for Battlefield 2 (short BF 2) (2005)
Official FH 2 page: http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/news.php?
Official FH 2 forum: http://fhpubforum.warumdarum.de/index.php

Forgotten Hope 2 – Standalone

This version of FH 2 allows you to play the mod independently without the main game BF 2.
It is unofficial and has no connection to the official FH 2 development team.


Additional knowledge or programs

From point 1.2 you need additional knowledge or programs.
You should choose one option:

- (A) Burn image to a CD.

- (B) Insert the image into a virtual drive

- (C) unzip - file archiving program
To unzip you need a file archiving utility.
I personally use Pea-ZIP, but you can also use any other archiving program (e.g. WinRAR, WinZIP)


English explanation:

Install an archiving program of your choice.

1. Download

1.1 FH 2 – Standalone Download
Download FH 2 - Standalone.

1.2 CD image
After you have downloaded the file, you now have an .iso image.


You now have at least 3 options for working with the CD image.

- (A) Burn image to a CD.
- (B) Insert the image into a virtual drive
- (C) Extract image (such as a .zip file)

For the sake of simplicity, I choose the third option here.


2. Dealing with the CD image


2.A.1 Instructions will follow if necessary

2.B.1 Instructions will follow if necessary

2.C.1 Unzip FH 2 standalone

If you have installed an archiving program you can now unzip the CD image.
(Example using Pea-Zip)

2.C.1.1 Create folder
Create a folder in which you want to unzip the image file (.iso).
The name of the folder doesn't matter.

2.C.1.2 Unzip...
To do this, right-click once on the CD image, select your archiving program from the context menu and click on "Unzip ..."


2.C.1.3 Folder selection
Now select the previously created folder and extract the CD image into it.

3. Installation

3.1 Start
Start the setup file (.exe) located in the folder.


Now the installation application starts to work.
Note: It is unfortunately not possible to specify a folder in which the whole should be installed. The folder is installed on the hard disk on which the FH 2 Standalone Setup is also located. It is named "Forgotten Hope 2" by default.

3.2 Language selection
You now have the option to set a language for the installation and for the game (Tip: the latter can be changed at any time!)
Choose your preferred language.




3.3 Information
You will now be informed that FH 2 will be installed.



3.4 Selection of components
FH 2 Standalone needs different components to work:

- Forgotten Hope 2 (mandatory)
- DirectX 9.0c (not mandatory if already available)

If you are not absolutely sure that you have already installed DirectX 9.0c, you should also mark it.



3.5 Desktop icon
You will be offered to create a desktop icon.
FH 2 is only playable via the official Forgotten Hope 2 Starter (FH 2 Launcher), so you should remove the check here. You can find help on how to install this at the end of this manual.



3.6 Installation
The program now begins with the actual installation.


After about 2 minutes, the installation should be completed and you will be asked to start FH 2. You should also remove the marking here (for reasons see point 3.5)



3.7 Success
You have now successfully installed FH 2 Standalone.


As already mentioned in point 3.5, you now have to install the FH 2 Launcher to be able to play at all.

To do this, click here:



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