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Detailed English instructions for installing the Forgotten Hope 2 Launcher


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work in progress
- SchawrzeNuss

Detailed English instructions for installing the Forgotten Hope 2 Launcher

Current status: 19.01.2020

These instructions assume that you have already created the basis for installing the FH 2 start program. For this you need about BF 2 in the latest version 1.50 or FH 2 standalone.


Short explanation

Official Forgotten Hope 2 Launcher

For a while now, the official Forgotten Hope 2 Launcher has been required as a standard launch program for FH 2. Without this additional launcher, it is not possible to play on the servers.
The FH 2 Launcher offers the following advantages, among others:
- The automatic or manual update and repair option of your FH 2 installation
- Options for graphics and audio settings outside of FH 2
It has been provided by the official FH 2 team since 2016.


1. Download
Download the FH 2 launcher.

You can find it on the official FH 2 page under the "Downloads" section:


1093902657_FH2LauncherSetupDownload1bearbeitet.png.e5a6eb5c97c73230f4b1b8a102d3a5f7.png           1840314101_FH2LauncherSetupDownload2bearbeitet.png.693d3e6bf077974c23e30f0443046fac.png

Here is the direct download link:


2. Install FH 2 Launcher
After you have downloaded it, you now have the installation file for the FH 2 Launcher (FH2Launcher-Setup.exe).


Note: The installation is in English only!


2.1 Start the installation
When you start the installation application, you will be faced with the license agreements.

If you are interested, you can read them.




2.2 Specify folder
Now you should specify the path to the official Battlefield 2 main folder in which the FH 2 Launcher should be installed.


If you have BF 2 (version 1.50), you can do this without hesitation (… EA Games / Battlefield 2).



If you have installed FH 2 standalone, this is not possible. You then choose the Forgotten Hope 2 main folder instead (… / Forgotten Hope 2).





2.3 Start now?
After the installation is complete, you will be asked if you want to start FH 2 now.

If you want to continue with the installation of the optional Community Map Pack (CMP for short, a map package created by the community, more on this later) after this installation, you should remove the check here.

If you are currently not interested in CMP, you can of course set the marker and start FH 2 immediately.

(Note: In order to play FH 2, you need an account, more on this later)




2.4 Desktop icon
The installation program now creates a beautiful FH 2 icon for you on your desktop. You can start FH 2 at any time in the future using this desktop icon



2.5 Success
You have now installed the mandatory components to play FH 2.





Are you interested in the optional CMP content extension?
Then I'll show you how to install it here:


User accounts

Regardless of whether you decide to start playing right away, or whether you prefer to install CMP first, either way you should consider the following:

As already mentioned in point 2.3, you need a user account in order to be able to use single player or multiplayer mode.
If you already have a multiplayer account, you can use your old data to log in again. If you do not have a multiplayer account yet or would like to learn how to create a single player account, I will show you how to do it here:

* Instructions and link follows *

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