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Detailed English instructions for installing the Community Map Pack (CMP)


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work in progress
- SchwarzeNuss

Detailed English instructions for installing the Community Map Pack (CMP)


Current status 19.01.2020

These instructions assume that you have already completely installed FH 2.


Short explanation

Community Map Pack (CMP) - Updater

CMP is a mappackage created by the FH 2 community, which also includes a small mod. An update program was developed to simplify installation and updating. Without the CMP it is not possible to play on the community maps or participate in the campaigns organized by the CMP community. It is not required to play the official FH 2 maps.
CMP page: https://cmp-gaming.com/




Additional knowledge or programs


Unzip - file archiving program

To unzip you need a file archiving utility.
I personally use Pea-ZIP, but you can also use any other archiving program (e.g. WinRAR, WinZIP)


English explanation

Install an archiving program of your choice.





1. Download
Download the CMP Updater.

You can find the CMP Updater on the following forum page:


Here is the direct download link:


2. Unzip CMP
As soon as the download is complete, you will have an archive file (fh2-community-updater.zip).


Unzip them in a location of your choice.

So that the file does not disappear over time, I recommend storing it in the Forgotten Hope 2 main folder. There will always be CMP updates for which the CMP Updater is required.



3. Install CMP

Please note: The installation is in English only!


3.1 Start of installation
Start the existing setup file.

You will now be informed that the program will begin with the installation.



3.2 Selection of components
CMP needs different components to work.
If you want to be part of everything CMP has to offer, I recommend marking everything.

FH2 CMP Mod –
A small additional mod that is mandatory
CMP Tournament Map – Maps for the regular campaigns
CMP Public Maps – CMP maps for the public server



3.3 Select folder
Now you should specify the path to the official Battlefield 2 main folder in which the additional content of CMP should be installed.


If you have a complete BF 2 (version 1.50) installation with FH 2, you can do this without hesitation (… EA Games / Battlefield 2).



If you have installed FH 2 standalone, this is not possible. You then choose the Forgotten Hope 2 main folder instead (… / Forgotten Hope 2).



3.4 Installation / download of the components
Downloading the necessary files will now begin. This can take a long time depending on your internet connection.


You will be informed as soon as the installation is complete.




3.5 Success
You have now installed CMP.


If you have installed FH 2, the FH 2 Launcher and CMP, you can now enjoy the complete FH 2 package.


You should also note the following:

User accounts

As already mentioned in the instructions for installing the FH 2 Launcher under point 2.3, you need a user account in order to be able to use single player or multiplayer mode.
If you already have a multiplayer account, you can use your old data to log in again. If you do not have a multiplayer account yet or would like to learn how to create a single player account, I will show you how to do it here:

* Instructions and link follows *

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