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Battle #1:  Invasion of the Philippines will start in:

FH2 Pacific Campaign is now Open
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    1st Marine Regiment

  1. 1R[1MD]Cpt.aquintus Captain

  2. 1R[1MD]2Lt.Haraldt 2nd Lieutenant

  3. 1R[1MD]Rct.ColonelDeepthroat Recruit

  4. 1R[1MD]Rct.Pepinio Recruit

  5. 1R[1MD]Rct.eXHaLe Recruit

  6. 1R[1MD]Rct.KarlGeorg Recruit

  7. 1R[1MD]Rct.Blaze Recruit

  8. 1R[1MD]Rct.Doc-X Recruit

  9. 1R[1MD]Rct.SadCamelion Recruit

  10. 1R[1MD]Rct.Loctoc Recruit

  11. 1R[1MD]Rct.estate8143 Recruit

  12. 1R[1MD]Rct.Strauchdieb Recruit

  13. 1R[1MD]Rct.Dar Recruit

  14. 1R[1MD]Rct.Kwiot Recruit

  15. 1R[1MD]Rct.Tenente Winters Recruit

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