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Register for the CMP Assetto Corsa Mazda RX-7 Cup which starts in:

The first race of the CMP Assetto Corsa Mazda RX-7 Cup has started!
Register to race here

    Baker Company

  1. BR[26]Cpt.aquintus Captain

  2. BR[26]2Lt.Blaze 2nd Lieutenant

  3. BR[26]MSg.sch@mpus Master Sergeant

  4. BR[26]Cpl.eXHaLe Corporal

  5. BR[26]Pfc.Pepinio Private First Class

  6. BR[26]Pfc.SadCamelion Private First Class

  7. BR[26]Pfc.KarlGeorg Private First Class

  8. BR[26]Pfc.Robin Private First Class

  9. BR[26]Pfc.estate8143 Private First Class

  10. BR[26]Pfc.Kwiot Private First Class

  11. BR[26]Pfc.DerSohnGottes Private First Class

  12. BR[26]Pvt.ColonelDeepthroat Private

  13. BR[26]Pvt.dennker Private

  14. BR[26]Pvt.Loctoc Private

  15. BR[26]Pvt.Mattscher Private

  16. BR[26]Pvt.ZaGoR Private

  17. BR[26]Rct.KMWPotato Recruit

  18. BR[26]Rct.GSX_Germany Recruit

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