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Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

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3 hours ago, GeoPat said:

I can try to form a team out of some old salts.  Maybe that will be our name.

Looking at you @Spindrifter49, @Spieler4, @Gunghoo, @knokworst, @$talkker, @The_Spine, @SPATmaster and anybody else from the 66th and 67th.

Also, you should advertise at bfewaw.com.  They fielded a team the last time we had a team cup.

Ok. Why not.  :-)

Nickname: Spieler4

Favored Weapon: Dunno


What teams are represented so far ?

CMP-gaming team

762 team

FH2 dev & beta team

Forgotten Honor team


Also promote on these sites & channels :-)


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I'm super stoked that we got some steam

I hope this new gamemode is worth it.

I'd love to hear your opinions and whatnot on Discord, just send me a message

Don't worry if we get some delays, word of mouth will get us to the finishing line in the end. If it's fun it will work and I really do hope it is

RAndOOm will send out private messages to get people together, some talking will do us a major favor, I'm legit happy that there is movement

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Nickname: @The Jancoegers

Favored Weapon:   Rifle, Carbine, SMG, MG, Bazooka, Sniper Rifle, AT Rifle, Pistol (Especially Colt .45 and Luger)

Um I'm new guy here on this forum and this cup, I want to join any team you had that have space for me.
I don't mind placed on reserved since i'm also trying to figure it out how this Cup goes and It'll be appreciate if someone help me explain this....
And yeah already read the rules.

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13 hours ago, michaelau999 said:

How can I join your team?

I will simply add your name to the list :)

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