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Happy Birthday

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3 hours ago, Quicksilver said:

Happy Birthday @RayderPSG! :drinkingcheers:

many thanks quick my friend 


1 hour ago, Pepinio said:

Happy Birthday @RayderPSG you are still so young. Enjoy it. Thought you already had gray hair on your balls.


1 hour ago, eXHaLe said:

:D Felicitaciones por tu cumpleaños mi amigo @RayderPSG 💘

My german frieeeeends, danke!!!  About gray hair, you never know pepi! 

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Happy Birthday @Mr.ThunderMan  🎉:drinkingcheers:

oh, you are finnish :think: ... wait ...

I wish you all the best with my favorite Polka Video ever… 


Happy Birthday @Mr.ThunderMan :partydance:


For all who dont  know this video. It is wonderful. Funny and a catchy tune. Note how much fun people had at that time without a cell phone and this other electronic modern stuff




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