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CMP Releases

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Tournament Pack

22.9.2017 | 9 | Initial Campaign #2 Release 
27.9.2017 | 10 | Rebuilt and bugfixes
28.9.2017 | 11 | Missing files changes for update
3.10.2017 | 12 | Many bugfixes
Fixed issues from Scrim #1
- Missing Teamlocks
- Missing localization
- Missing templates
- Mapdata bugs
- Static gun bugs
- Juin is now Allied attack
- Meuse is now Axis attack
- Rallys work on Joki
- Nietjärvi fixed missing spawnpoints in Allied main. Relightmapped
- Bloody Gulch as 5 flag mapdata
- Siegfried Line from Airshark

Community Map Pack

22.9.2017 | 3 | Initial new Repo publication



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