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On Irrawady, mostly french squad with a finnish leader. Last round on temple, we just managed to capture it and stop the bleed.

"-Can we make a rally ?

-Yeah go on

*Druidix throwing an "oopsie" nade* :

- Noooooooooooooooooooo !"

Results : 3 Tks, we loose the flag & the round : BEST NADE EVER ❤️

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12th battle

I'll just leave it here.


Not really necessary to post this here. Isn't a quote from someone and this issue was dealt with during the battle - Quicksilver

"Isn't a quote from someone", and @Quicksilver? That's the point of the subject. ... It was easier to delete my post, because now it doesn't make any sense, thx... for great jop - HaLoAL


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The Sahariana was specailly constructed for Long Range Destart Missions by the Italian Army so ist sidewalls where constructed to hold on each Side About 20 Jerrycans for water and gasoline so Maybe it swims if they are all empty😜 but no it was for desert and so it couldnt swim. It cruised  but trough the sand of the Sahara therefor it was named Sahariana

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