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Regarding the CMP FH2 Public Servers: If you are banned, it is most likely the autoadmin kickbanning you for too many tk's. You are getting automatically unbanned within a couple of hours.

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18 hours ago, Yehiel said:

could the dream of playing a game like Forgotten Hope 2 with a modern engine come true?
we'll see!

Looks really nice Yehiel! :)

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FYI - Release date is expected to be no later than June 11th, but could be earlier. Looking great so far.

Showing off some nice animations and features - being able to put a MG42 of a sandbag wall and not having to lie on the ground to use it all the time is a big bonus!


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Post Scriptum now available for Pre-Order on Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/Post_Scriptum/

Game should be out in late May from reports. Pre-ordering allow beta testing in May.

Feature List

  • 40 vs 40 multiplayer PvP battles (50v50 is our goal)
  • Parachuting into action
  • Photo scanned 3D Uniforms
  • Artillery and Airstrike support
  • Vehicles using realistic values, such as turret speed, armor thickness etc.
  • Authentic level at a 1:1 scale based on military archives and historical maps
  • Faithfully recreated historical weapons, vehicles and famous landmarks
  • Base building, fortification and barricades
  • Logistic and supply runs to help fortify your position and rearm friendlies
  • Towing system for supplies
  • In game Voice Over IP with proximity fade
  • Player driven objectives in Sandbox game mode
  • Full access to PS SDK to add or modify content
  • Steam Workshop support


Teaser Trailer


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You don't need to wait around for a medic after you are shot and incapacitated. You can choose to 'Give Up' and respawn in again.

If you are shot in the head, it's instant death anyway.

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There's going to be a bit of a delay while they squash some bugs - https://steamcommunity.com/games/736220/announcements/detail/1673529613996458860


Dear PS community,

As most of you already know, Periscope Games is hosting internal playtests twice a week in order to make sure our first iteration of Post Scriptum is the most enjoyable as possible.

At the end of April, we had our big event with developers, streamers/YouTubers and internal playtesters etc.. We were very confident on what we had at that time and were only missing a few optimisations, our user interface upgrade and some minor corrections here and there to the game mechanic. That build was on Offworld Core A10.

Based on the stability of the A10 build, we weren’t foreseeing any major issues when switching to A11 in late April. Minor issues are always to be expected when you upgrade to a new core and things tend to break but nothing we haven’t experienced in the past.

Development kept on going with Weekend Playtest planned for May in mind.

Unfortunately our internal playtest last night [17/05/18] proved to us that we are not ready to share our current build with you guys and we will cover the reasons for this heartbreaking decision.

We will also explain why we do not wish to provide you our old A10 build as it will not provide the full Post Scriptum experience we want players to have for their first time.

However things are not as bad as it sounds though, far from it actually but a delay appears to us like the only viable alternative for that *one* critical issue.

Let’s start with the bad part then, the main reason why Post Scriptum will not be in your hands during the month of May as originally intended and marketed.
Since our A11 upgrade, vehicles are having a very hard time communicating between the server and client. In short, what you see is not necessarily what your teammates will see, so this sight was not uncommon at all during the play test.


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This is it folks! Sky is clear, Operation Market Garden is a go this weekend!

We have more than 30 thousands soldiers waiting on the landing grounds ready to get into action. We will also be looking to run our own CMP Post Scriptum server for this weekend play test.

Read the full announcement here https://steamcommunity.com/games/736220/announcements/

While we make sure the logistic is ready for the weekend operation (servers, anti-cheat, grenades are properly packed and hot tea) Periscope Games entire development team would like to invite you to a **Live Tea Time With The Devs stream on Friday night at 7.00pm GMT**, where we will walk you through our maps, game mechanics, tanks system, rules etc..
That way you will be ready to get into battle without being a headless chicken running clueless to a certain death. Don’t be a burden and make sure you are game ready!

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