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FH2 Campaign #5: Battle 11 Longstop Hill - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Shotgun gang

Worst: - puma vs sherman

Funniest: - 1- @GeoPat crashing into my puma at airfield and I got a jumpscare.

2- Driving over @Sir_Kowskoskey's AT mine with AT gun

3- Driving into @AdmiralBG's bf109 with pzIV at the beginning of the round :/

Most hated player: - Sherman

Most loved/liked player: - 288

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Best: - Having fun with some good ol' FH2

Worst: - Knowing this was my last friday battle/campaign :( 

Funniest: - 25pounder shenanigans with fixed emplacements and trying to follow tank spots. teamkilling tore's plane twice with a 25pounder HE shell (he laughed on the first one(near our base) but got mad on the second time when he was attacking Airfield XD)

Most hated player: - noone

Most loved/liked player: - everyone, was a pleasure playing with you lot :salute:

Best Battle Photo - When i took the picture there was pieces of the plane on my sights but looks like it didn't register :( 


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Best: - @Sir_Kowskoskey transport skills recognized

Worst: - @Sir_Kowskoskey leading skills compromized

Funniest: - Staying inside the ju52 cupola at airfield on first round making spots // Attacking and defending El Ouid with the 288 // having a bet that @GeoPat will attack alone El Ouid at the end of the last round, i was right but he managed to bring two squads with him and to come 600 tickets before the end of the round ! Hopefully @RayderPSG was quick to respond and help us defend with his squad

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: - 288, and the french squad coming back ! GG everyone, let's have fun on last battle !

Other: - (not a battle photo) @RayderPSG making a victory speech at Grich el ouid

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Best: - Cool battle, cool map, good numbers!

Worst: - probably this was my last campaign battle

Funniest: - @GeoPat ramming my vierling truck with a jeep and exploding seconds after I was shot out of it, I saw it on death cam. WTF was that haha

109 crashing and exploding on take-off when round started because a tank drove into its way on the airstrip.

Most hated player: no one

Most loved/liked player: had a nice time with the Spaniards

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Best: - numbers more or less stable during whole battle

Best2: @Anguita36 @Wualy @Heia Safari! @kirbyris-cafe  was really funny to play with you guys. Thanks! 

Worst: - random crashes. 

Worst2: Putting my RP with my gents, waiting me for like 2 mins. When finally it s put we go for the flag and we discover they were spotting us since beginning. No RP, no flag hahah

Funniest: - going for "El Weed" to try a last gray and stop the gray. Suddenly i see some british driving i say "fuck it" and start following him and  bumping into him. He tries to turn and distract me, i Jump out and kill him. Sorry @radiosmersh , was so funny

Most hated player: -no one 

Most loved/liked player: -everyone who joined. 

Best Battle Photo -

About my story commented above @radiosmersh


Other: - let's join next battle everyone! 

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Best: S mines

Worst: Own team walking on my s-mines

Funniest: Dying to a sneaky s-mine placed by a player I'd just shot. I died to one of my favourite tactics. Live by the sword, die by the sword. 

Most hated player: Nobody this week

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who loved or hated my s-mines

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Best: Having come first with a score with 100+.

Best: Accomplishing every objective with our 6 men squad. Intense battles at Toungar. At one point we were defending against twice our size and still hold the flag.

Worst: -

Funniest: Had a contest of who kills the Sturmfilm most. At one point I was chasing him with a jeep to get a kill.

Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey has people who would like to get a signature from him. As the world's worst Squad Leader. :whipblue:

Funniest: Jihad jeep with @AL-SAHAD. We couldn't time it right otherwise it would be hilarious.

Funniest: @Pr0z4c getting mad at we having fun with @AL-SAHAD while he was in charge. :buttred:

Funniest: I was the best anti tanker at one round even though I didn't kill any tank. It must be a random mine I dropped somewhere. :smokingsombrero:

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who still plays this game.

Other: I HATE young players having miliseconds reflexes. :tappingfoot:

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Bestfunny action most of the night. Chitchat

Worst: ping was around 700 for the first round

Funniest:  general chit chat and wastland taking out the enemy plane

Most hated player: 

Most loved/liked player:  288 boys

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - still wondering does @Erwinhave to build the box to reach the tank he is aiming for or is does he just carry one around all the evening🧐

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