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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 5 - El Agheila Starts In:

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Guest Carne

Really feeling like an idiot when it comes to installing this. Looking through the FH2 folder and everything seems to be in order, but once a CMP map is loaded at 100% my game crashes. I've tried running the installer several times, but same outcome every time I load. Don't know what my options are. Maybe just reinstalling BF2 and FH2?

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This is what happens when i usee the CMP updater:


This is my actuall FH2 Launcher:


It used to have the CMP update in it, but when i tryed to use it i got a error similiar to the first picture.  I repaired the launcher, and its gone now.

Also, this is a error I usually gets when i try to execute FH2 from repaired launcher:


Them, i go to the FH2 original installer, execute it, and get the launcher to make it work, but without the CMP thing in the "gameplay" tab. 


Ive unistalled and installed everything two times by now, same error. 

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Thank you for this.  I'm still trying to pluck up the courage  to join you guys  one of these Fridays.


I'm primarily a single player and cooperative player, and consider myself pretty  rubbish despite having played  Battlefield 2  since its release back in June 2005.  I played it  virtually every day for years, but  for the past several years, just jump in occasionally to check out the  new  releases, which I'm still amazed at, considering the age of the game.


I love the single player version of Forgotten Hope and  will  hopefully get myself signed up for some regular gaming in the not too distant future. 


I am ex army so know how to take orders   :)




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19 hours ago, padre said:

Out of curiosity, are all of the FH2 CMP maps listed on the wiki link below still available to download? Even having used the CMP updater, a lot of them are missing from my map list.


No, those maps you can check there have been used ( as far as I know)  in FH2 tournaments, but aren't in the best conditions to go on a public rotation, while the ones available do. 

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I would like to propose that the previously used maps that are no longer available, made them available for download for those who want to use them.

Maybe some of those maps have some bugs, but the truth is that despite that, I think I and many other people would like to have access to them.

Hopefully at some point they will be made available to the general public or people that they only want to test them, maybe I can downloaded somewhere , but if so, I don't know where I can, I searched in the internet for download those maps, but, i did not find anything.

Thank you very much and best regards

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Hello. Thank you for your reply.

All the maps presented here are being used in the CMP campaigns.
They are setup only for campaign use. All the settings are custom made for our tournament play.

This is the reason CMP does not release this maps to the public since it is a totally different kind of gameplay that you have in public server.

Pacific Maps are available to be used in public play at the moment and new updates will be available soon.

Hope i could help.

If you have any other question dont hesitate to ask.  We are here to help.

And to have access to campaign maps join here:


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