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WaW Postscriptum Campaign Open!

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WaW have created a campaign for Post Scriptum and signups have now opened.

Go to https://www.bfewaw.com/waw_signup.php to sign up!

CMP members are joining up for the Axis side and we'll be looking to get all of us in the same company which is the 3rd Infantry Company under GER.MAN

If you get put automatically on the Allied side, then you can go to https://www.bfewaw.com/showthread.php?t=293077 and request a transfer to Axis (just state you are part of CMP and want to play with the rest of us)

Battles will be played on Saturdays. Unsure of start date or time, but possibly around 16:00UTC for 6 hours! (You can drop in and out when you want to)

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Ok, so join the 3rd Infantry Company on Axis led by GER.MAN to play with CMP team members

If you get put on the Allied Side then request a change to Axis. Go to

Then once signed up for Axis go to the Muster Role to choose your Company

When filling in the part "What infantry company do you want to be in?:" saying something like "Would like to be in the 3rd Infantry Company only as I'd like to be with the rest of my CMP team mates."

That way they know to put us all together.

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