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DerSohnGottes has a school-project ongoing where he researches the influence of computer games on mass shootings.
He has prepared a very small survey and asked us if we could help him in his project. Please be so kind and help getting a representative result by participating, it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.

To the survey: Killergames turn us into School shooters?!

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FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #6 Ilomantsi

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FH2 Campaign #3: Into Darkness

Battle #6

You can download the Forgotten Hope 2 Community Updater at

Or download manually from
Download CMP Tournament Pack (full pack)

Or download only this map and the addon

Download Ilomantsi

The campaign files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods folder.
Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older campaign files installed.




Date: Friday July 27th at 18 UTC
Length: 4 Hours+

CMP - FH2 Battle Server  IP:

CMP - Teamspeak Server : ts.cmp-gaming.com

Time (UTC): 18:00 till 22:00
Time Zone Converter

Battle #6: Ilomantsi
Edited by: Sgt. Alex And Papillon

Requirements To Play:


FH2 Admins:

  • Papillon
  • Quicksilver
  • kummitus
  • RAnDOOm
  • Hawk
  • Wualy

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"The Battle of Ilomantsi was a part of the Continuation War. It was fought from July 26 to August 13, 1944, between Finland and the Soviet Union. The battle took place in an area 40 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers deep, near the Finnish-Soviet border, close to a small Finnish town of Ilomantsi, in North Karelia. The battle ended with a decisive Finnish victory, as the last major Soviet attack against Finland was stopped here.

At first, the Soviet offensive seemed to be successful as on July 21, 1944, the Red Army units were able to reach the Finnish-Soviet border of 1940 for the only time during the entire Soviet offensive of 1944 and, in fact, ever since 1941. Finnish reinforcements arrived on July 28, and on July 31 Raappana started the counterattack. Already by August 1 the Finns had cut the sole road leading to the 176th Rifle Division and by August 3 both Soviet divisions were encircled as the Finnish forces utilized envelopment tactics ("motti" in Finnish) that drew upon ancient methods of warfare and those already used by them in the Winter War (1939–1940). Soldiers of the Erillinen Pataljoona 4 disrupted the supply lines of the Soviet artillery, preventing effective fire support.

The Soviets deployed three brigades with armor support to open the road connections to the encircled divisions but Finnish efforts prevented them. Renewed attacks distracted the Finns enough to allow the encircled Soviet forces to escape through the dense forests by abandoning their heavy equipment. Given the element of surprise and due to the superior numbers of the Soviets, the Finnish troops guarding the encircled divisions had little hope of containing organized breakouts, especially in the forests, and so many of the encircled Soviets managed to escape to their own side with the last escaping on August 10.

The Utrio area played a central role in General Raappana's plan of defence. Fast-moving battalions from the Cavalry Brigade, experienced in forest warfare, drove through this area between lakes, as a wedge between the attacking Soviet 176th and 289th Rifle Divisions. The opening battles fell on the Finnish Light Infantry Battalion 6. When it implemented the encirclements at Leminaho and the Lutikkavaara hill, the Uudenmaa Cavalry Regiment attacked through Utrio and the River Ruukinpohja, with flanking from Light Infantry Battalion 1."


Thank you to @Hawk for providing the pictures

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