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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Click here to sign up for the campaign and choose your side!

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FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #3 Nietjärvi

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FH2 Campaign #3: Into Darkness

Battle #3

You can download the Forgotten Hope 2 Community Updater at

Or download manually from
Download CMP Tournament Pack

The campaign files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods folder.
Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older campaign files installed.



Map done by: Matsku


Date: Friday July 6th at 18 UTC
Length: 4 Hours+

CMP - FH2 Battle Server  IP:

CMP - Teamspeak Server : ts.cmp-gaming.com

Time (UTC): 18:00 till 22:00
Time Zone Converter

Battle #3: Nietjärvi
Edited by: Matsku

Requirements To Play:


FH2 Admins:

  • Papillon
  • Quicksilver
  • kummitus
  • RAnDOOm
  • Hawk
  • Wualy

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  "After PSS-line fell, Finns started long and heavy retreat towards U-line. Located by lake Nietjärvi, U-line was composed of three consequent lines of defenses, the last one of them, on narrow sandy ridge, was clearly toughest. General Meretskov's 114th division arrived and launched immediate attack on early morning of 10th of July, 1944, and tried to quickly breakthrough the positions. Finns repelled the initial attack with the support of field artillery. Soviets regrouped for two days and on 15th of July, 0803 Red Army gave fire order for 200 field guns and several katuysha rocket launchers and commenced attack. The men of General Major Tapola's 5th division knew, that the decisive battle of Continuation War would be fought in these positions."
Map done by @Matsku


Thank you to @Spieler4 for taking the pictures!

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