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Found 1 result

  1. Humledrik

    Arma III IFA3

    Hope it's OK to start a separate thread for this tutvys - not reflecting on anything about the current wonderful campaign. But as we'd been talking about a WW2 campaign at some point I've been fiddling around on my second PC with the IFA3 Lite scenarios. And finding that nearly every scenario requires some file or other that I don't have installed, even though I have about 25 IFA3 related mods installed. So I'm clearly doing something wrong. Google isn't helping and I've not found any IFA resources that don't require more knowledge than I have right now and a lot refers to the previous now-defunct Iron Front port. Does anyone have any good links? Or other advice so I can be up and running when we get the IFA3 campaign on its legs?

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