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  1. A funny and sweet Youtub Link Lego at War Stop motion Films WW I and WW II : Enjoy them Guys
  2. Erwin :Trump has had four Years to destroy the USA you have had 10 Years to destroy FH an CMP ! You both failed ............. TIME TO LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Alles gute Opa und net auf Minen fahren
  4. Wonderful Pic ............................ Bad Boy will there be an char 2c
  5. Leider ist die Schrift außer der blauen so blass das man (alter Feldwebel) es selbst mit Brille es nicht lesen kann
  6. Alles Gure und gesund bleiben! Dein Alter Feldwebel
  7. Deadly are you shure to have FH2 2.56 than the now integratet Updader will do the Job
  8. Beautiful "Roundup" for FH 2 World Looks great so detailed no other WW II game has this!!!!!!!!!!! MANY THANKS TO OUR GAME DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Belze deine Rote Unterschrift find ich angesichts der drastischen Massnahmen nicht mehr lustig
  10. Now I become a Brexetier Asshole Vote that Long till the result is fine ? After last battle tomorow I will declare myself and Hit markers are a small part of it PS Pepi do brauchst wieder mal Politische nachhilfe
  11. For this last battle in my last Campaigne they can also be out
  12. The Sahariana was specailly constructed for Long Range Destart Missions by the Italian Army so ist sidewalls where constructed to hold on each Side About 20 Jerrycans for water and gasoline so Maybe it swims if they are all empty but no it was for desert and so it couldnt swim. It cruised but trough the sand of the Sahara therefor it was named Sahariana
  13. As old little never involved in Comand and Admin, just an Player I am not really able to see what is going on here! 28 Campainges FH 1 , 1918 and most FH2 including Forgotten Honer Campaignes I played a lot on the old (R.I.P) Plattform and was Thankful for the new one CMP. I liked to Play all These Long Wonderful Campainges having all that TS Friends around the world French ,German, Spain, Brasilian. French, Belgium, Russian Turky ,sorry for whom ever I have forgotten , was no Intention just the fault of an 55 year old man who likes to Play 42/Mods and BF2/Mods and most FH2 on Forgotten Honour and now CMP. It Mad me free of my often RL small and cadged Live in normality . Spieler 4 s behaviour' is same disturbing as his Avatar! This started with a Discussion about changeing a Fraction in a not correct historical way and I was disturbet about that , My fault, I am an Military History Fraek, just a Freak the same way as Mekong an Historical Freak seems to be for me Excuse me Sorry Mekong for indirektly Name you a Fraek but I feal the Same Viibs I had when the Italians where Changed . This began as a Little Trouble in a Champaigne an now I feel myself and this Plattform and at Least the running Campaigne threadendt by Things I do´nt know ………………………... Spieler 4 whatever your Intentions are Leave us alone .. I cant onderstand this ,,,,,,,,,, i dont want too and I´will not, get rid of it and just Play with us or ……….. and this Campaine should run in this Intention showen by my most loved Military Video:
  14. Mekong I have sended a rather similar Explosion of fealings like yours to Admin Hawk on our privat Whatsapp when I saw this "Murder of Historical Facts" The Answer was "Balancing" which I suppose to be a silly Thing ! What the Germans win by the better MG 34 the loose by the MP 40 against the Baretta with 40 Cartridges, and the Rifles seem to me beeing equal, so...…………… But whatever the battle itself was great fun and the Germans didnt help FOR THE KING we won
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