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    From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to wish every member of the CMP community a wonderful holiday. This year we have seen our member count rise to over 1,500 and we hope that these new members have found the CMP community to be warm, friendly and welcoming. We want to thank you all for participating in our campaigns and events and supporting members and the community in general. A big thank you goes to those members that go above and beyond for the community in helping with FH2 campaigns, running various groups and the almost daily tasks that are needed to keep the community running including: Papillon kummitus Erwin Sir_Kowskoskey RAnDOOm Hawk RayderPSG Wualy Harmonikater Stubbfan Geopat Watchtower Pr0z4c Blander theanh There are undoubtedly many others in the community that aren't on this list and we thank them all for their help. A huge thank you to those that have donated throughout 2019 and continue to donate monthly to keep the forums, Teamspeak, Discord channels and game server up and running. Without your generous donations we would not be able to continue the expansion of the CMP community and to look forward to supporting more games and events during 2020. You can see the list of donators and information on how you can donate by going here. CMP 2019 Recap Over the past 12 months we have: Hosted our North Africa and Italian FH2 campaigns featuring British and Canadian forces against German and Italian forces. Well done to the Axis forces for coming out on top in both campaigns! Maybe next time Allied! We want to thank the HQ's, Officers and Squad Leaders for taking the time to lead and help players in the campaign, attending trainings, meetings and battles. Without you, this campaign would not have been possible! Participated in a number of competitive Post Scriptum scrimmages playing alongside [RIP] and [7AD] as infantry and logistics squads, with the CMP sections usually scoring the highest in kills at each of these events - great job everyone! Opened new groups for: CS:GO Hell Let Loose Project Cars 2 Come and join them if you play these games! Set up public servers for FH2 including a server dedicated to players in Asia Hosted community events for Star Citizen. Christmas Holiday Break So, with our 6th FH2 now over, we'll be taking a long break over Christmas and the New Year, but do not worry! We are already planning the next FH2 campaign to start sometime in March 2020! This time we will be heading to the Allied invasion on the Western front of Europe as we battle through Normandy! Keep checking the forums and CMP emails to find out when the new campaign will start and to get signed up! We welcome all new players to join us in upcoming FH2 campaigns, and if you have played in at least one of our campaigns and would like to volunteer for a role as a Squad Leader, Regimental Commanding Officer or even as HQ then please let one of the @Quicksilver or @RayderPSG know by Private Message in the forums. CMP In 2020 We are looking to increase support for existing gaming groups and the number of games we support over the next year: Continuing our FH2 campaigns; More Dirt Rally events (join us for our current Dirt Rally event!); More Project Cars 2 events; As Star Citizen increases in scope and activities we will be hosting more events - come and join us at ANTCORP!; To continue arranging scrims with other communities and clans playing Post Scriptum; We'll be keeping an eye on Hell Let Loose to see if they decide to support self hosted servers. Are there other multiplayer and co-operative games you are interested in that you think the CMP community would enjoy too? If you do, then please post here and also vote in our poll! Donating To CMP In 2019 we continued our donations drive to help keep the forums, Discord, Teamspeak and game servers running for our members, allowing them to meet, talk and play together in their own groups or as part of larger teams for events such as our FH2 campaigns. Without your donations, we cannot continue to run CMP, those are the simple facts. We were very close to meeting our target goal for 2019 and fortunately we can still keep everything running with the reserves we have now. In 2020 we will again need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help. This will allow us to continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games when possible; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels. You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020!
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    Al is the one on the left,rayder right Thanks a lot for the meeting. Was really nice and fun! I brought him a little present, a mug with some pics on it...hehe
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    Join us Saturday 16th November All Day Long and play 9 maps of the upcoming CMP FH2 Custom Mappack! Several improvements have been made to the maps since the last event! Thank you to @DarthTemoc for the trailer. This event is open to everyone, so invite your friends! ( all maps are in alpha stage and are not 100% ready ) Peleliu by @Watchtower Tarawa by @Pr0z4c Irrawady by @Papillon Tulagi by @Stubbfan and @Pr0z4c Kwajalein by @Watchtower Wake Island by @Watchtower Midway 1942 by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan Berlin by @Blander Raid at Cabanatuan by @GeoPat New content list since the last event: Lvt-4 flamethrower added M1 90mm AA gun added Midway - fixes to objective damage + new objectives Midway - general map improvements Peleliu - gameplay tweaks + added Lvta1 and lvt flame Peleliu - Updated flag format Wake Island - general map improvements , performance fixes and custom assets Berlin - improved lightning/textures and enhanced gameplay flow throughout sectors Tarawa - 64 layer changed to 5 (6) flags 1 has no value Tulagi -16 layer changed to 1 cap flag Irrawady - 16 and 32 layers created Kwajalein - added cover, gameplay tweaks and details Further small and big changes to be revealed in future events, stay tuned! You will need to download the maps and the CMP minimod to be able to play Map and CMP minimod download: Use our new Community Installer - Download Here (Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress) Or manually download them CMP FH2 Custom Mappack (Manual Download): Click Here to Download CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download): Click Here to Download Server: CMP Maps Event 16th Nov  Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com
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    More news from battlefront just arrived to London!! Information given by our journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, the click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    TT = Total Tickets Remaining | T RVP = Round Bonus Modifier | T TVP = Total Tickets Bonus Modifier RVP = Round Victory Points | TVP = Total Victory Points
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    News from battlefront!!! Axis and Allies fights a very close battle around Persano!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    Best: - It was a fun evening. At the beginning, when i saw that this campaign was about africa, i was a bit worried. And i think for the moment you made a very nice job, except last week map it was always fun to play. Best: - Sniping ennemi plane pilote with mg Worst: - Funniest: - @CptBocquier was on his way to put a rp for a snak attack on the east flag. I told him to wait me. So we left old bunker by the east, we saw plenty of tank or jeep but didn't shoot as we were probably in the red zone. And suddently we came on a road, and just in front of us there was an enemi AA truck moving to the front. He didn't hear us, we followed him for somethink like 15s And then killed him and stole the truck, and met another aa truck some second after and shot it. How to wreck the ennemi AA power in 20s Edit: forget to mention that after we attacked a flag with the truck. When we arrived in the flagzone, there were of course ennemis (frenchies are not always sneaky), and the easy way to killl them we had was running over them with their truck Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - All the frenchies Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/µ Pray for my balls , it's painful Other: -
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    Best: - French missions for the win ! Assaults on Harbor, Hill64 and Vigla were epic ! A little pic here after landing the storch behind enemy lines, i stopped everyone just for this picture ahah Worst: - The crashes, but admins really managed them well. People didn't leave, it was a great evening. Funniest: - @Ombustman making the masturbation day a thing and causing crashes by doing so. Stop it Ombust ! Most hated player: - No one  Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey for his mood and for trying some landings on ships or planes. @SputnikFighter for being my passenger in the storch and trusting me @Druidix firing on planes with mg34 and killing one spitfire ! @La-Hire trying to guide my shots from the ship, making me able to fire directly on the head of our HQ @RayderPSG Best Battle Photo - When you discover that @RayderPSG pilots the Ju52, you become a bit... edgy Other: - GG everyone & thanks
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    CMP believes in "What if?" scenarios while staying relevant in our changing times. To show our new direction we proudly present a brand new map: Hard Brexit by @GeoPat In a post Brexit UK, some dead-ender refusenik weirdos have robbed the Bovington Tank Museum and have dug-in in the ancient refuge of bandits, Sherwood Forest. The local lads have donned their fighting shorts and dusted off Gran's Lee-Enfield to defeat the last outpost of the European Union on their shores. Manually download the map here: Server: CMP Map Test Event | CMP EU #2 Server IP: fh2.cmp-gaming.com:16572  Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.co
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    Best: @Ronid the poor suck.. fabulous man asking to lead for around. chit chat with the admins. @Quicksilver insulting me by calling me talkative Worst: Funniest: @Pavel_[RUS74] reading my mind over the whole @Solarriorsepisode in b/w/f comments. All is forgiven @Solarriors Raiding forrest. Looking for the lone mg guarding the area. ”He is on the the destroyed panther” finding someone of our brave fighters just taking a break next to the dude. ”Nobody would think that we would be so stupid to try the same thing for the third time” Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2474-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: thanks for the campaign all!
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    Best: Numbers, as usual Worst: Losing streak continues Best Battle Photo - Floater
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    @ALBREIN @Alecont @ArgentinaMania @ARG_Matayo @arielzurdo @assasin666 @Avazord @BanzaimeN @baronrojo4 @Blander @BlueSoldier20 @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @Chango_killer @CochoSGO @coco @colores @CorderoZ @Diepla @elcheeky2 @elchristo326 @ENEKA00 @fabrigrinovero35 @Facunino@Fatigatti_AR @Feedee21 @Fritz @Fury1 @Guli123 @Ian @JARHStarkiller @JohnIsASerb @[KKCK]Fedetech[Arg] @kirbyris-cafe @Lobo solitario @luacha2000 @Luh333 @LuisSs@Dahjeshi @Mane_Goddard @MarceloGallardo @Mati.Mattman @MatM1996 @Martin.ar @mcpollo @Nightwing @-PANZER ALCON- @Patan @Patofeliz100 @Pichu1199 @Pollenz @Ramiro23 @Roul @Sagwyn @Solid @Spike @STALKER @Starpom @vaje21 @vicius2012 @ViejoKKarma @WassapDude94 @xGastonxARG@altsuprgamer @chulito12345 @Daniel @inlifex @killer98 @MAX.MAXO @Mr.pepe @nemesisk @Neutral_true @q(-_-)p @RadicalDestroyerr @Snow @TKRShadowBlack @Terrormaik @Andres_Gomez @DavidRambo123 @DavidSchulz0399 @jaaruizhe @Jonah @JhonKiller111@poloviskk@sgtsanti6 @Thesalamanderman @TheSirN @Tommy @vengado @Zenex @AlCapone345 @EDGARWAR989 @PKM^ @RauloWW2 @Renko @Sherwin_Em2(*) @AbelllGp @Anguita36 @Anra @arbustito @Arsemex @Astalor @Avantey @B4R0N @Beyers(*) @Chad Negro @Chus @Darkpotato @DarkTrooper246 @DAVID-SOLDIER @Defender @Durru @Duttget @Edgar @elvinu @ermahe @Ferdinand_Bach @Gabrii172 @GeJota @GGarrido @Henrique O Horrivel @josedavidxxx @jozevillano @Kelevra @Laiust @L.L.HERRAIZ @LopeteguiDiversion @Machacasaurio @Malakra @Matt @Maverick @onebullet95 @PKdor @Rataconfusca @RayderPSG @rubimalo @Santini1973 @Schuman @SgtAlex @Smashmachine @Sorem @Spanish_Tercio @Sparhez @spectrun @SrVallejo @Super @URKA @Verticorda @vitorio9898 @wanchekid @Wualy @Xavhia @Erik Fernando Tanyag @JagX @koenigsfelsen @Rorshack @Vheil @VELKRO @Alberto_DLTorre @Albert.K-101 @3DvD3 @Beatnikjude63 @Blackbeard-19F21 @Blagu @Charmzz @CptRolan @DarthTemoc @David5p4rt4n @EddAvilaRuiz @ElRayjuega @esparjose @Harel065 @K37 @leonardorobles05 @Logian @ninioartillero @PollitoJrH12945 @PollitoJr1294Frozen @punishedsnake77 @Taiday @David5p4rt4n @Gold @Borizsov @NeedAmmo @Andre1212 @chrystiango @Dela @juandi1942 @Berlin @engelxd2 @franyerson @Cap.Mactavish @Dr_sicario @eloyreinaldo @GracefulOutlaw @LEGION-XV@leonardopachano123 @Miguelrrr @N1troZ @N3LK @TheGringoLoco @TheNoiSe @18yEjido @Gunyaboss14 @Ubersoldaten @powerUY=[URU]= Quiero dar mi más sincera enhorabuena a todos los aquí mencionados! Desde los que nunca volvimos a ver hasta los que juegan casi a diario con nosotros y los que hacen de oficiales , HQ o admins. Enhorabuenas especiales a @David5p4rt4n por ser el primer nicaragüense de la web y a @DavidSchulz0399 porque con el...SOMOS 200 HISPANOS REGISTRADOS! Nos mantenemos en el 13% del total de CMP. La campaña actual está teniendo unos números excelentes. Gracias de corazón a todos.
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    News from battlefront!!! Axis is able to defend Monte La Difensa!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    Best: - Not the traitors. Worst: - Traitor Kowsky. Funniest: - Teabagging duty for traitors. Most hated player: -Kowsky Most loved/liked player: - Kowsky Best Battle Photo - Other: - We will see eachother again, @Sir_Kowskoskey boy.
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    Best: - Playing this campaign with all the Cabbies, especially with kows, la hire, sputnik, ombust, bzd, thunder493 and also rayder. I had so much fun and it was so intense ! Worst: - Loosing is not the worst. I had an hard time this campaign keeping myself from raging out from some attitudes and some injustices. Funniest: - An epic LVT ride making the whole team spawning and capping two flags. Also watching in the feed some knifes kills from kowsky. Most hated player: - Raging guys and suspicious ones. Guys not even taking time to look at the strat. Respect everyone here, some of us are taking too much time for the recon, the training, the strats, and not everyone is respecting it. It's a pure shame. Most loved/liked player: - most of the CABBIES ! Best Battle Photo - it's not for the BBP, but i had fun watching everyone gathering for this picture. It softens the defeat gg to everyone Other: - Even if it's harsh to say, Japanese team deserved to win. You guys showed everytime on training and your numbers were great.
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    News from battlefront!!! Bloody battle in San Pietro!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    Best: - It was a good battle, and I wish the Allies not to despair! You fight well! Funniest: -Someone was breathing into the microphone all the time! Other: - My BEST/WORST/FUNNIEST highlight.
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    Best: Playing some rounds again Worst: My abysmal piloting performance. Whatever I did, I killed myself trying to bomb someone Funniest: DTBG shooting me out of the AEC Bofors from behind, then they went and kill the 2nd AEC on the same road with the stolen AEC. But I naded him out of it later during the valiant Recapture of Capuzzo Most hated player: @HaLoAL...you little.....I really...you...ARGH. and @Heia Safari!. Whereever I went to with a tank, there you are behind me in a Pz3...... And ofc @Pr0z4c for my inability to bomb your puny tank south of Frontline Most loved/liked player: @Harmonikater for showing me how to fly Other: I must say the rocks I placed spiced the map up in a very positive way *shouldpatting*
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    Best: -finally a vic. Good peak numbers Worst: -crashes Funniest: -balloon - @eXHaLe raging. Most hated player: those who went off to see eurovision! really?hahaha Most loved/liked player: - @Pepinio for switching. @CptBocquier et @thunder493 cause they are cool guys. My little @SputnikFighter Best Battle Photo - Vic pic finally! @eXHaLe my friend nooooooooo Other: -
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    Best: - BF1918 best battle of the campaign so far Worst: -losing some close rounds and the teamkills Funniest: -the close rounds Most hated player: - me for not killing more Most loved/liked player: - @eXHaLe @Pepinio @HochuDeutschmeister my best german frankfurt sausages ( no offense! you know me now, I m always joking) and of course my prefered omelettes @Druidix @CptBocquier @SputnikFighter . And I don't forget my cheesy hamburguer @Firecrafter and my gulasz @TomTom39. Was SO funny playing with you all guys really. Sorry for food names I 'm hungry (not drunk) Hawk for doing admin job Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1928-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -je soupe et j arrive
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    Best: FH2 Campaign. Friday night fun! Best 2:Great numbers again. Lets keep it up. We reached 95! Worst: My aim. I always try to go to the headshot and miss it. Too much CS:GO.... Funniest: Erwin Tbagging me. Well played mate. ^^ Most hated player: Noone Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo - "First round, 15 seconds after start and already the city being attacked by land and sky." Other: Lets keep up the good numbers. We had 95 tonight. Fantastic!
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    Hoooooooooola a todos! @ALBREIN @Alecont @ArgentinaMania @ARG_Matayo @RauloWW2 @Renko @Avantey @BanzaimeN @baronrojo4 @Blander @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @CochoSGO @coco @colores @CorderoZ @Diepla @elcheeky2 @AlCapone345 @elchristo326 @ENEKA00 @fabrigrinovero35 @Fatigatti_AR @Feedee21 @Fury1 @Guli123 @JARHStarkiller @JohnIsASerb @[KKCK]Fedetech[Arg] @Lobo solitario @luacha2000 @LuisSs@Dahjeshi @Mane_Goddard @MarceloGallardo @Mati.Mattman @MatM1996 @Martin.ar @mcpollo @Nightwing @-PANZER ALCON- @Patan @Pichu1199 @Pollenz @Ramiro23 @Roul @Sagwyn @Solid @Spike @STALKER @Starpom @vaje21 @vicius2012 @NeedAmmo @ViejoKKarma @xGastonxARG @altsuprgamer @Daniel @inlifex @killer98 @nemesisk @Neutral_true @q(-_-)p @RadicalDestroyerr @Snow @TKRShadowBlack @Terrormaik @Andres_Gomez @jaaruizhe @JhonKiller111@poloviskk@sgtsanti6 @Thesalamanderman @Tommy @Zenex @Anguita36 @Anra @arbustito @Arsemex @Astalor @B4R0N @Beyers(*) @Chad Negro @Chus @Darkpotato @DarkTrooper246 @DAVID-SOLDIER @engelxd2 @Defender @Durru @Duttget @Edgar @Erik Fernando Tanyag @koenigsfelsen @Rorshack @Vheil @elvinu @Ferdinand_Bach @Gabrii172 @Andre1212 @chrystiango @Dela @juandi1942 @Berlin @GeJota @GGarrido @Henrique O Horrivel @VELKRO @jozevillano @Kelevra @Laiust @L.L.HERRAIZ @LopeteguiDiversion @Machacasaurio @Malakra @Maverick @onebullet95 @PKdor @Rataconfusca @RayderPSG @rubimalo @Beatnikjude63 @Blackbeard-19F21 @Charmzz @DarthTemoc @EddAvilaRuiz @ElRayjuega @Logian @ninioartillero @punishedsnake77 @Santini1973 @Schuman @SgtAlex @Smashmachine @Sorem @Spanish_Tercio @Sparhez @spectrun @SrVallejo @Super @URKA @Verticorda @vitorio9898 @wanchekid @Wualy @Xavhia @Dr_sicario @eloyreinaldo @GracefulOutlaw @LEGION-XV @Miguelrrr @N3LK @TheGringoLoco @TheNoiSe @Gunyaboss14 @Ubersoldaten @Fritz Hoy os traemos un par de novedades bastante curiosas!! En primer lugar, anunciaros que después de varios años, una nueva campaña de BF1918, uno de los mejores mods de BF42, ha sido abierta aquí en CMP. Para uniros, simplemente id a "campaigns", es el mismo procedimiento que con las campañas de FH2. Es una buena oportunidad para retomar un mod histórico. Recuerdo a varios por aquí jugando la última campaña. Yo estaré en el bando aliado, por si os interesa. Tambien podeis acceder desde este enlace. Por otro lado...el compañero @TheGringoLoco con algo de ayuda por mi parte ha realizado su proyecto de traducir todo FH2 al español. Descripciones de los mapas, comandos in game, interfaz principal, etc...ahora podrán ser visualizados en español. También hemos conseguido traducir el commorose. Aún no esta todo listo pero es posible que sea un hecho en la siguiente actualización de FH2. Pondremos aqui los enlaces finales en cuanto esten acabados, muy pronto, por si alguien los quiere probar! Cualquier duda, preguntad aqui mismo!
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    Yup @OsinOsinOsin i broke the rules here. To be honest i didn't intend to do so, since we were landing Ju52 all around and i didn't take a combat plane to land. But since the storch is not a transport plane it is a violation of the rule. As soon as i was aware of this problem I presented myself to the admins and i take all the blame since i was the one who choose and piloted the spotting plane. So i apologize to all of you, as i did before to the admins, and i take the punishment without any condition or complain.
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    Join us Saturday 16th March at 19:00 UTC (CMP Battle Time™) and play 3 new maps for the upcoming CMP FH2 Custom Mappack! This event is open to everyone, so invite your friends! Wake Island by @Watchtower Midway 1942 by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan Berlin by @Blander We also would like to add that a series of quality improvements have been made to the CMP FH2 Pacific content, including new and improved weapons, vehicles and statics. Most notably done by @Stubbfan aswell as @Watchtower, @GeoPat and @Papillon. In today's test, experience the following new content: Early and Late Type 100 SMG version with different ROF's and improved gun sights Improved gun sights on the Arisaka Rifle New Type 92 Nambu MG Model New Aichi D3A Model New Douglas SBD Dauntless Model New Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Model New Ho-Ki version with mounted Type 92 Nambu MG Further small and big changes to be revealed in future events, stay tuned! You will need to download the maps and the CMP minimod to be able to play Map and CMP minimod download: Notice (as of 16/03 11:25 UTC): The new content is live! Check your updater or manually download maps and minimod! Use our new Community Installer - Download Here (Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress) Or manually download them CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Maps (Manual Download): http://dl.cmp-gaming.com/updater/cmp_t/redirect/?path=full/cmp-map-pack-master.zip CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download): http://dl.cmp-gaming.com/updater/cmp_t/redirect/?path=full/minimod.zip Server: CMP Map Test Event | CMP EU #2 Server IP: fh2.cmp-gaming.com:16572  Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com
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    Best: -Awesome end to the campaing -Numbers through out the evening! -M24 is a nice little tank. Kinda hope I would have used it more in this battle! Worst: -Server crash while allies were leading on attack and in a good situation. -Battle ended too early. I could have played a lot longer with all these nice planes and tanks! Funniest: -Never have I ever.... being shot down in a plane with artillery, using a smoke shell... @RAnDOOm Awesome job! -Taking off in the bomber, tip of wing hitting a tree very slightly... aaaaaaand plane did a full 180 degree turn and is now nosediving into the forest. Damn. Most loved/liked player: -The people spotting enemy planes and tanks. Especially @wrenchorbinoculars again! - @Tore, @HaLoAL and @Smashmachine for protecting me in the bomber Other: -Merry christmas everyone! Happy holidays! Happy whatever you feel like being happy for! See you in the next campaing! Also Happy new year
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    Best: - AA trucks and Rockin' the ChurchBell on last minute of the last round Worst: - @Chakroun flouding the voice channel and not listening, we gonna talk about that in the AARs of the regiment Funniest: - That Private Ryan scene at the beginning of the 1st round on the Azienda, with @Sir_Kowskoskey Sherman ! Started firing on it with the AA truck to distract him, and then @Erwin geballted him and teabagged the burning tank ahah (the little dot on the sherman is actually @Erwin) Most hated player: - Let me say no one. Even if that's not what i've on my mind Most loved/liked player: - @turbomursu, the frenchies, @RayderPSG, the 71st ! Best Battle Photo - Not this time ! Other: - "Rock the ChurchBell, Rock the ChurchBell....Kkkkkoooowsky don't liiiike it"
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    Best: - Leading a great team. German team for putting up a good fight and not being reluctant to send us some players to fill our ranks. Making pistols duels with @TARAN. Using the chauchat to the best. Managing to capture a flag while being the last one twice. Watching @Hawk trying to survive against mgs with his ruby ! Worst: - Numbers on Entente side, also Brasilians watching Eurovision one week late Funniest: - Saying to @Druidix that we were winning 4-1 when he joined. By joining he turned the tide and we won only with the tickets. Coincidence ? I THINK NOT ! ahah Most hated player: - No one this time ! Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG, @Druidix, @HochuDeutschmeister, @Incognito, @OpaHoppenstedt, @Dagoth, @Albert.K-101, @Pepinio, @Capivara for showing up and making Entente proud. All the germans soldiers and of course the admins for making this battle possible and really fun Best Battle Photo - Other: - To the guy who took the battle picture, don't forget to post it
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    Best: : This Victory is complete ! + Exellent artillery bombing Worst: losing too fast the 1st flag Funniest: Balloon attacks on the flooded No man's land Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: My frenchies @CptBocquier @Druidix @thunder493 and @RayderPSG @Pepinio @eXHaLe @HochuDeutschmeister as always Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1928-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: You all diserve this victory, all of you have fought like Beligan Lions. You were wothy of your Insigna. The BOCHE will NEVER avance one step forward ! VIVE LA BELGIQUE et VIVE LA FRANCE !
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    1. Like the Campaign Render Image? Download it as 4k version here : On-Rommels-Trail-CMP-FH2-2019-Wallpaper-by-Hawk.zip 2. Too bright for your nerdy eyes? How to pick a different background on the forum:
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    Best: surprisingly nice map. Was expecting for a official fustercluck Worst: you could see its going to be one of those nights after getting shishkebabt by @Quicksilver and offered tea right after Funniest: finally get @AL-SAHAD down and run for his corpse along comes captain boom Kamikaze.... funniest2: tankybagged by @Erwin Funniest3: #jeepfail and flipping the jeep off the bridge. Who flipped it? Dunno Propably@Femisto this is why one has subordinates, blame em for your own shortcommkngs Most hated player: @Erwin Most loved/liked player: -@Femisto Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: kamikaze whats your on forum tags?
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    Best: - View from the hills Worst: -Computer crashed halfway during the last round Funniest: - The last round we were wondering why the enemy did not want to enter the west part of the map. Most hated player: - The guy who stole our AA vehicle Most loved/liked player: - The tank that shot him Best Battle Photo - Other: This is my first photo ever i took during a battle. How do you guys think about this in the midst of battle??? In this case i was far away and saw it coming.
  34. 5 points
    Best: - The 71 knows (not talking of Kowsky this time) : Worst: - Sliding to death and not having the possibility to have fun with grappling hook Funniest: - On the last round, i managed to nearly capture Italiano, killing 6 or 7 guys alone while waiting for my guys who captured Majo... just to be killed by @B4R0N ahah Most hated player: - People not showing up for the numbers ! Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG @SputnikFighter and @Druidix ! Also all the 71 who kept a really nice fighting spirit, and the Allied who joined us to even the numbers Best Battle Photo - Los Los Los ! Other: - Some battle pictures : You really thought i forgot you @Sir_Kowskoskey ? It was the best moment of my evening ! Losing Picture ! Spaniards picture !
  35. 5 points
    Best: - Drunk @thunder493, Epic @SputnikFighter, Raging @La-Hire and @RayderPSG doing @La-Hire driving stuff. Worst: - people not listening. Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey encounters, the first one i saw a wild jeep thinking it may be the finnish lad. Ended up being ran over and him dead on the driving wheel. The second and last one we did a 1v1 with smgs and he got me, i deserved that teebag ! Most hated player: - People putting s-mines in front of their own RP. Most loved/liked player: - @svakidan it was nice to have you in the squad, fially got the opportunity after 2 campaigns to hear you and play with you, you did really well and really helped the squad Best Battle Photo - "Do you know the way @RayderPSG ?" Other: - Keep the fighting spirit Allies, the fights were intense !
  36. 5 points
    Best: - Great battle with epic charges, scary silences and impressive actions. Worst: - Some mistakes in my squad not understandable at all that kept going on and on during the whole battle. Made me and @RayderPSG to not really appreciate this battle. I'm a bit sad and frustrated about that, it was really epic. Funniest: - A pure signature move : at the beginning of the round, manage to drive a opelblitz from the north main between the Church and Persano, then go south of Persano, pass in front the enemy mainbase and rush a fording point at the extreme South-West of the map. Say to myself that i must make my opel explode in the river as i bail out of it, and then i die in the process while my all squad is counting on me and @turbomursu is asking me how my sneaky goes. But that's not the end ! I take a kubel at the main, take the same route when @Druidix says that a M10 might be South of Persano, so i rush through the town while my squad is fighting here, i scare @Druidix in the process, I then start honking and a wild @BaskaBommi appears from behind a house and dies under my wheels ! I then manage to successfully cross the river, set an RP and we then captured the Factory ! Most hated player: - I don't usually hate people during a battle. But this time i got some in my mind, and that's not really good. Most loved/liked player: - @Druidix @thunder493 @RayderPSG @La-Hire with some intense tank hunting. The defense of Persano against 3 shermans, a daimler and two squads at the end of a round was pure epicness ! Best Battle Photo - Quack ! Other: - Couldn't finf @Sir_Kowskoskey during the battle, even rushed with a kubel through the bridges at the last round hoping to start a fight with him !
  37. 5 points
    Best: Probably the last round. "Wolves" ("Lupo's") 14 th corps, charter from endless, bloody and intense battles, decided ambush photo shoot in Village, on the roof, that before these ranked with-fighting. The enemy seemed to read our thoughts and began to push ahead with infantry, cars and even tanks. In the end, i had to fight, to repel all attacks, until the forced march to the north, to the mansion, from which the enemy gave a designation to his team and made trips to our position. It was at this point, when the "wolves" in a wild broke into this place, and "cleaned" it from the enemy (including the lined tanks), for the first time in the whole battle there was a feeling of dominance over the enemy, and first of all - the predominance over the whole situation. And this is not so much the "best" as the "amazing" moment, which will become clearer later in the text... (Wolf rage - anti-personnel and anti-tank): (@OsinOsinOsin tries to take a photo of his squad): Worst: ...from the very beginning and almost to the end (not counting the "wolf rush"), i and the other fighters of the squad (@GrafZeppelin1) had the feeling that i (or all of us, the whole team) was losing. It's funny, but it's true - all the time it seemed to me that i played badly, and the statistics show it (the ratio of murders to deaths is almost 1 to 1), the situation on the battlefield, too. For example, already with first assault on of the castle us simply shot in backs (with northwestern hill), and on northern hills and forth in city of @HaLoAL with impunity mowed down the infantry, and saboteurs in district villages also not held in tensions. Even a random machine gunner under a tree, in the center of the map, could "harvest" from the team's fighters, who ran like lemmings from one captured point to another, which had to be captured. In general, the "worst" i consider myself in this game, because still there is a feeling that we lost, and with a big score... ...it was funny to see and know that for some reason we won EVERY round of the battle. Funniest (1) : We were given the task of capturing the village after the castle, but i could not get to the point, as the enemy shot me all the way from the castle to the village (or from the city to the village). In end, i simply freaked out, and with base took "Kübelwagen", on which decided to sweep on coast, despite the, that only western half of was busy our fighters, and eastern - was under full control adversary, as and the entire eastern part of maps at all. ...I don't know what was done with the "Kübelwagen" (maybe the italians have put the engine from Ferrari?), but along the promenade of Salerno i flew like a "bullet", and even without injury drove along the border road (between the western and eastern part of the city, just where the soldiers of both sides shot at each other), and generally reached the village in the "KubelFerrari" faster than running from the castle to the village on their two feet. (and drove at all) (by the way, the passage along the sunny embankment, with an open top, to the tune of bullets hitting on both sides reminded me of this: we say that the south of France can be driven by car for a couple of hours - i do not know how reliable this is, but if so, it is impressive - in Russia, from one city to another, you can go 3-4 hours... ) (Beautiful view from the promenade of Salerno): (A hell ride through the hot south on a KubelFerrari): Funniest (2) : It seems to me that @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- at some point also enraged enemy shooters on the north-western slope, so he took a rifle from the base, and as a huntsman went to hunt "ducks". (Jäger auf der jagd nach grünen "enten"): Most hated player: There are guys who complain about the @stekasteka On the one hand, i don't see much reason to fear or hate him - because he hasn't killed me yet. On the other hand, i saw how he killed our players in the first battle, and the way the Steka plays, it seems to be that bad, not very correct practice, which is available on the servers of the first "Call of Duty" - when players act as if they are in "Quake 3", and not a pseudo-realistic game about real war. For example, in advance take for close blows rifle, not a pistol-machine gun, to in frenzied leaps and hare jumps kill adversary with one shot being fired, as with railgun in Quake, not act according to chosen role - "middle and long range shooter, defense and support fighter". Nevertheless, the "Steka at least acts as an infantryman, and does not do as many on public servers - for example, the first to take away the "King Tiger" to shoot with impunity simple infantry from afar. Again, i personally from the Steka did not have any pressure or dominance, so i treat him easily, whoever he was - or "smurf" of professional player, or just a former player in "Quake" (or as our @Waximus - a former player in "Counter - Strike", which one of the main players paid attention). But who managed to "drink our blood", so it is our dear comrade and friend of @HaLoAL. On the northern hills he shot infantry with impunity, and effectively fought with our armored vehicles (especially when you consider that the "Puma" could not penetrate the "Stuart" in the forehead), as well as terrorized the eastern part of Salerno, which our infantry tried to defend. If someone in the next game is also apprehensive and/or resentful on behalf of the StekaSteka, then we will most likely be focused on HaLoAL actions. (Now HaLoAL does not see me, and he will leave, but in the future will turn around, and still see me and shoot): Most loved/liked player: Of course, thanks to everyone, including the CMP community for organizing the campaign, as well as to the authors of the mod, who do not cease to develop it, and to all those people who support these associations and their work. I am also grateful to those who supported me in the battle, and saved me from death, as well as to those Spaniards who even in the video from one of their players yell in TS " - Puma, Puma, Puma!". (Someone from our team, maybe @Slepov92, saved me from the terrible @HaLoAL) : Best Battle Photo: It's not a screenshot during the battle, but it's good too - "Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea": Other: By the way, i would like to note one point. The fact is that lately (as far as i can judge from the comments on this and other forums) the game server can be filled completely - up to 100 people. It is very good that one server can be filled to the maximum, but there may be some technical disadvantage - when there can be 110-120 people willing to play, and either the CMP or the public server (one) can be fully occupied, and the second one is simply not there. It is clear that this is a classic problem - after all, first there is no set for one server, and then there is no set for two, etc. But the bottom line is that on a public server, for example, someone can play all day, and someone can only go for 30 minutes, and then - at peak time, the server is full, and the person is "overboard" fun of all, although he may have never played multiplayer, only singleplayer several times. I understand, that such a problem - can from an unsolvable, and that increase capacity can not tickles (as and muster people for second server), plus from can and there is no restrictions for set of in regiment, to in case, when someone from players regiment not can show up in game, his place will take the other, from "reserves". But we had a situation where in the squad @OsinOsinOsin came a player - an Italian who spoke little english, and who does not seem to understand what was going on. So i think - maybe it is worth sometime in between battles to review the composition of players in teams to take into account inactive players, and clarify with them - do they have any problems with entry and participation in the game, and whether it is necessary to help them solve them? Apparently, we already have a certain permanent backbone of players, which occupies the server to the maximum, so if someone from inexperienced or busy with work or Affairs of people wants to play, but can not get to the server (or does not know how), then we can recommend him to come to the public servers when there are players. Thanks for your attention.
  38. 5 points
    Going to be a long one... Best: obviously, the numbers and the newcomers we had. +90 players in a campaign is something special and amazing. Hope it continues. Keep motivation on forums! Best2: 1st time I'm playing against spaniards. 1st enemy wave I challenge, the spaniards! Kill some of them until I get killed but a newbie @CptRolan ! Well done! Best3: being bagged by them everytime. Of course I did it too. Best one @Anguita36 bags me 2 secs later gets completely strafed by a MG. Best4: the 71 lads. @eXHaLe my brooooooooooooooooooooo Best5: Fh2 campaign action back. Close battle 2-3 Best6: jouer avec les gars @thunder493 aka meilleur réparateur et @CptBocquier Worst: that strange mass disconect on axis Funniest: actually i told it all on the "best" appart haha. But maybe just the atmosphere on the 71. thanks guys Most hated player: i think @stekasteka deserved it! well played man Most loved/liked player: all the newbies, but of course @Wualy above all. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2474-best-battle-photo-medal/ "Brint to the 71 those enemy tanks! 3 in a row!" Other: please keep coming! let's have a great campaign
  39. 5 points
    Best: Numbers. Even despite several guys missed battle, both teams had good numbers. I hope Allies will have more guys next battles! Best 2: Heavy battles around Capuzzo against @RayderPSGand his squad. He got me several times, but I made my way to flank them, destroying their RP and allow my mates to recap the flag. Well played! Best 3: I didn´t finished all rounds as the worst player in Allied division. I´m proud of myself for that Worst: Probably too many planes for my taste. Funniest: @Papillonflying and crashing everywhere. The only very first time he was able to kill one enemy with plane, he teamkilled me Most hated player:  Most loved/liked player: @Spindrifter49 squad for the warm welcome when playing with them. Thanks! Best Battle Photo See @Fumacaand @Blander? @Darkpotatoand me can do same! But there is a difference: I had no sniper rifle!!! Other: Let´s keep the fun! and welcome to all new players!
  40. 5 points
    Oh you mean this ? ahah ! i'll tell you how. Never put a smine in a stairs. It tends to activate weirdly, for example you walk calmly around and it detect you even if you're under it in the staircase. Put it only on a flat ground, between two stairs for example. I always experimente that kind of things in public server
  41. 5 points
    Question for you @CptBocquier (or was that @La-Hire)? Best: - Close rounds, a lot of action Worst: -Maybe be even too much of action. Seriously, we aren't here to play cod map with 80 people on it... this map is a big shit to me eyes, sry. You spawn one a flag and paf, get killed by a random nade or a guy spawnkilling. Or you spawn closer to another flag that the one you intended. -That modello 30 who takes 50 years to reload for 20 poor bullets -Being killed through walls or buildings -The thompson sniper -Having to erstart my game 3 times because i lost the sound without any reason again -And that little bastard who had nothing else to do on his friday's evening than annoying a community which asked nothing. Funniest: - Most hated player: -The mortar guys. The Marmon guy. Most loved/liked player: - @CptBocquier for staying calmand try to calm down our squad Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  42. 5 points
    Best: - One of the best battle ! Entente guys were great, germans too ! Worst: - We could have played more and more rounds ! Funniest: - Taxi driving to the front line, also being the only one to understand the chauchat Most hated player: - The guy i saw who passed by a german who then capped our backflag on the last round. He was nearly 10 meters away of a flag going white and didn't turned back. Please guys, watch your map... Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG & @eXHaLe for taking some tasks to make us win some rounds, as using the 75mm or the mg bunker. Thanks too to @SputnikFighter for the lead Other: - Had so much fun, can't wait until next battle
  43. 5 points
  44. 5 points
    It's the CMP Community's Official Birthday today!
  45. 5 points
    Triple Entente The Seaforth Highlanders Led by @Born-1942 International Regiment with Portuguese Speaking Subdivision 94e Régiment d'infanterie Led by @SputnikFighter International Regiment with French Speaking Subdivision German Empire Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 1 Led by @Granate International Regiment with Russian Speaking Subdivision Hohenzollernsches Nr. 40 Led by @GABBOTTO International Regiment
  46. 5 points
    Funniest: - The guy signing up for the campaign at 11:59 PM, asking for the password. Sorry we didn't get to play with you @Paish. Hope to see you next campaign. Best Battle Photo - I just thought this was nice. However, I'll be voting for the beautiful, symbolic photo by @CptBocquier. Other: - The Japanese field dressing literally says: "Fiirudodoresshingu"
  47. 5 points
    Best: - In general about whole campaign - close campaign, great comeback for the allied side. Finally able to play almost on every battle in the campaign. Worst: - Hitreg, but it's probably the same to everyone. Springfield Funniest: - Teamkilled Matsku with a smoke grenade with a direct hit - so it is possible even without British smoke Most hated player: - No one Most loved/liked player: - Allied HQ squad + with the help of Kummitus, we got the top squad of the team twice in the last battle. Other: - Despite losing it was a great campaign. Axis deserved to win the last battle, your defense was top notch.
  48. 5 points
    The Ambivalent: I was in a piss poor demeanor, mostly out of stress that I didn't to enough. I couldn't take out LCs, I had to do 7 passes to take out a tank and on the defense side the spawn rate was a nasty surprise that exacerbated that feeling of uselessness. Despite my better judgment I was trawling close to the ground just to find an attack of opportunity, often leaving myself open. And all my thoughts on the balancing in Peleliu was ignored and frankly exacerbated... basically I can find a million excuses but it all comes down to an attitude problem, and I got swept up in it. It's been over 15 years since I was in such organized competitive game, I've become what I hated back then team mates crying because they lost. Thing is though, it was a good game, it was a good campaign and the fact that the emotion ran so high makes it a great game. Loves: All Hates: None, except @radiosmersh and erschwin on the airport 75mm how the fuck was that possible. Worst: The 3rd GAVE up giving spots after the third battle, WTF guys?! Funniest: @HaLoAL defense mode with the Betty, especially when he crashed. Best: When It came to air sorties i gave the imperials a damn good thrashing.
  49. 4 points
    Best: That was an very even battle. Almost impossible for the attacker to win. Worst: Allied were better in the attacks (except our last round attack was pretty good). Funniest: I can't shoot the enemy while climbing up the rope..... Most hated player: No one. Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2474-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Merry Christmas (in case I can't make it to the next battle).
  50. 4 points
    Best: Very gut numbers Worst: Server connection lost Funniest: @turbomursu's laugh is pretty interesting Best Battle Photo - Hello there https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Don't scare me like that anymore, @HochuDeutschmeister


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