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    Al is the one on the left,rayder right Thanks a lot for the meeting. Was really nice and fun! I brought him a little present, a mug with some pics on it...hehe
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    From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to wish every member of the CMP community a wonderful holiday. This year we have seen our member count rise to over 1,500 and we hope that these new members have found the CMP community to be warm, friendly and welcoming. We want to thank you all for participating in our campaigns and events and supporting members and the community in general. A big thank you goes to those members that go above and beyond for the community in helping with FH2 campaigns, running various groups and the almost daily tasks that are needed to keep the community running including: Papillon kummitus Erwin Sir_Kowskoskey RAnDOOm Hawk RayderPSG Wualy Harmonikater Stubbfan Geopat Watchtower Pr0z4c Blander theanh There are undoubtedly many others in the community that aren't on this list and we thank them all for their help. A huge thank you to those that have donated throughout 2019 and continue to donate monthly to keep the forums, Teamspeak, Discord channels and game server up and running. Without your generous donations we would not be able to continue the expansion of the CMP community and to look forward to supporting more games and events during 2020. You can see the list of donators and information on how you can donate by going here. CMP 2019 Recap Over the past 12 months we have: Hosted our North Africa and Italian FH2 campaigns featuring British and Canadian forces against German and Italian forces. Well done to the Axis forces for coming out on top in both campaigns! Maybe next time Allied! We want to thank the HQ's, Officers and Squad Leaders for taking the time to lead and help players in the campaign, attending trainings, meetings and battles. Without you, this campaign would not have been possible! Participated in a number of competitive Post Scriptum scrimmages playing alongside [RIP] and [7AD] as infantry and logistics squads, with the CMP sections usually scoring the highest in kills at each of these events - great job everyone! Opened new groups for: CS:GO Hell Let Loose Project Cars 2 Come and join them if you play these games! Set up public servers for FH2 including a server dedicated to players in Asia Hosted community events for Star Citizen. Christmas Holiday Break So, with our 6th FH2 now over, we'll be taking a long break over Christmas and the New Year, but do not worry! We are already planning the next FH2 campaign to start sometime in March 2020! This time we will be heading to the Allied invasion on the Western front of Europe as we battle through Normandy! Keep checking the forums and CMP emails to find out when the new campaign will start and to get signed up! We welcome all new players to join us in upcoming FH2 campaigns, and if you have played in at least one of our campaigns and would like to volunteer for a role as a Squad Leader, Regimental Commanding Officer or even as HQ then please let one of the @Quicksilver or @RayderPSG know by Private Message in the forums. CMP In 2020 We are looking to increase support for existing gaming groups and the number of games we support over the next year: Continuing our FH2 campaigns; More Dirt Rally events (join us for our current Dirt Rally event!); More Project Cars 2 events; As Star Citizen increases in scope and activities we will be hosting more events - come and join us at ANTCORP!; To continue arranging scrims with other communities and clans playing Post Scriptum; We'll be keeping an eye on Hell Let Loose to see if they decide to support self hosted servers. Are there other multiplayer and co-operative games you are interested in that you think the CMP community would enjoy too? If you do, then please post here and also vote in our poll! Donating To CMP In 2019 we continued our donations drive to help keep the forums, Discord, Teamspeak and game servers running for our members, allowing them to meet, talk and play together in their own groups or as part of larger teams for events such as our FH2 campaigns. Without your donations, we cannot continue to run CMP, those are the simple facts. We were very close to meeting our target goal for 2019 and fortunately we can still keep everything running with the reserves we have now. In 2020 we will again need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help. This will allow us to continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games when possible; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels. You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020!
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    It's finally coming! After several years without the CMP mappack on the public rotation, with extensive testing and a huge overhaul in order to improve the maps, we now have a fixed date for the First Release of the new CMP mappack: This Saturday 13th of June! The CMP mappack will be open for everyone and available from both the CMP updater, which can be obtained through the FH2 Launcher and from the manual links to be posted here on the release day. From now on, CMP will be released as "Rolling Release". This first release, R1, will include the 7 maps below. More maps and updates to existing ones will be released periodically with second release planned soon after. Irrawaddy by @Papillon Tarawa by @Pr0z4c Tulagi by @Stubbfan and @Pr0z4c Midway 1942 by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan Wake Island by @Watchtower Berlin by @Blander Raid at Cabanatuan by @GeoPat Get ready to invite your friends and enjoy this great Mappack!
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    We are currently working on creating the next FH2 campaign for the CMP community, so keep checking the General Announcements for more information in March!
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    Campaign #6 Via per la Vittoria News from battlefront!!! Allies hit and conquer Sicily!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    Last Minimod Update: 17.09.2020 | Last Maps Update: 0.1.5 (24.09.2020) | Last SP Support Update: 0.0.7 (17.09.2020) Note: Chrome Browser doesnt display the full thread. Please open this thread in another browser (e.g. Firefox, IE, Edge) in order to see the second half including the Download & Installation Instructions. This thread is public, no Login needed. The Rising Sun The Imperial Japanese Army The Japanese Imperial Army, while armed with relatively modern weapons, had only recently emerged from a medieval, feudal past. The Army of the 1931-45 period was a strange combination; a well-armed and well-trained modern force, yet imbued with the ancient traditions of a people who had only recently emerged from centuries of self-imposed isolation from the modern world. Already immersed in a de facto war in China, Japan largely ignored its many shortcomings and embarked on a war of conquest against more industrially capable nations. It would establish its place in the world by carving out the 'Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere (Dai Toa Kyoei-Ken).' This Japanese-led project aimed to enhance Japan’s economic and material wealth so that it would not be dependent upon supplies from the West. After January 1940, the United States combined a strategy of increasing aid to China while gradually moving towards an embargo on the trade of all militarily useful items with Japan. The Japanese realized the urgent need for oil (over 90% of which was supplied by the United States, Britain and the Netherlands). The solution was to send the Navy south, to seize the oilfields in the Dutch East Indies and nearby British colonies. While the admirals were dubious about their long-term ability to confront the American and British navies, they hoped that a knockout blow to destroy the American fleet at Pearl Harbor would bring the enemy to the negotiating table for a favorable outcome. (click on the image to enlarge) The uniform of the Japanese Imperial Army had developed over a period of about 30 years before finally settling on the Type 98. The color of the uniform was officially a kahki drill, but due to various factors it varied greatly in shade from light sand kahki to dark jungle green. The Japanese NCO holds the rank of Gunsō (Sergeant) and wears a Sen-bou (cloth field cap) while the Nitōhei (Private) soldiers wear the standard issue Japanese Type 92 helmet, often called tetsukabuto ("steel helmet") by the troops. The standard Japanese rifle since the Russo-Japanese War was the five-shot bolt action 6.5mm Arisaka Type 38 that was combined with the Meiji Type 30 bayonet. Many NCOs also carried the Type 98 sword (shin-gunto) on their side. The useful 50mm Type 89 grenade launcher/ light mortar - erroneously called the 'knee-mortar' by the Allies because of its curved base plate - was produced in large numbers and was standard issue down to the section level. These compact weapons could not be fired from the thigh, but instead by bracing the base plate against the ground or a sturdy surface from which it could launch HE, smoke and fragmentation grenades. (click on the image to enlarge) The uniforms worn by the Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF) from the early 1930s were made of a 'sea-green'-colored cotton material. These forces were small detachments of Naval personel who were employed in landings during the Russo-Japanese War and the Boxer Rebellion. Soon their training and equipment were improved upon drastically, and their forces were given a variety of other operations. They are shown wearing the field cap and helmet with an added neck flap (Bou-tare), hooked to the bottom for sun protection. A decision to change the standard round from the 6.5mm semi-rimmed to a more useful 7.7mm rimless cartridge lead to the introduction of the Type 99 rifle in 1939. These new rifles would be standard issue for the remainder of the war, but were never able to fully replace the Type 38 rifles that came before them. Subsequently, the new cartriage also necessitated the development of the Type 99 Light Machine Gun, complete with a conical flash suppressor, quick-change barrel and 30 round box magazine. Japan was surprisingly late in introducing the sub-machine gun to its armed forces. It's most produced SMG was the Type 100 which came with the distinctive 30-round curved box magazine and a lug to mount a bayonet. As the war continued, the demand for submachine guns increased greatly and larger scale production of the Type 100 started. To increase speed and reduce cost of manufacture, a number of changes were made to simplify the Type 100. This led to the later 1944 model, known in the west as the "Type 100/44." This version had a number of changes, but most noticably was an increased rate of fire to 800 rounds per minute. The Struggle of the Marines Wake Island and Midway 1941-42 Confronting the might of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the early phases of the Pacific War were the soldiers of the Marine Defense Battalions. These battalions were charged with the coastal defense of various naval bases in the Pacific prior to the start of the war. The battalions often had several coastal gun batteries, anti-aircraft batteries, a detection battery (searchlights and radar), and machine gun units that were meant to operate as an independant force that could hold out in the defense of an island before more reinforcements arrived. (click on the image to enlarge) Prior to World War II, the Marines had service uniforms with summer and winter versions. The Summer Service uniform was a light khaki color that was not designed for combat use. Despite this, it was in fact worn to battle early in World War II at Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, the Philippines, Guam and Midway. In 1941, USMC and Army personnel still wore the M1917 helmet, or “Brodie helmet,” used during World War I. In addition to their helmets, the Marines were still equipped with much of the same weapons from WW1. The 1903 vintage Springfield bolt action rifle was the standard rifle of the US Army and Marine Corps at the outbreak of war. It was never fully replaced in the Marine Corps units as was planned. The 1918 Vintage Browning Automatic Rifle would continue to be the standard Light Machine Gun throughout Korea and into Vietnam while the M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun was still the most used SMG in the US at this time despite its costly production. Wake Island by Watchtower The Battle of Wake Island began simultaneously as the attack on Pearl Harbor naval/air bases and ended on 23 December 1941. Later to be known as the Alamo of the Pacific - It was fought on and around the atoll formed by Wake Island and its minor islets of Peale and Wilkes Islands with Marines playing a prominent role on both sides. Early on the morning of 11 December, the garrison, with the support of four remaining Wildcats, repelled the first Japanese landing attempt. The second Japanese invasion force came on 23 December, composed mostly of the ships from the first attempt and 1,500 Japanese Marines. After a full night and morning of fighting, the Wake garrison and civilians surrendered to the Japanese by mid-afternoon. It was occupied until 4 September 1945, when the remaining Japanese garrison surrendered to a detachment of US Marines after the formal surrender of Japan. Midway 1942 by Pr0z4c and Stubbfan Midway is a 6.2 square kilometer atoll located in the North Pacific, about a third of the way from Hawaii to Japan. The Japanese fleet attacked the island in June of 1942, in order to eliminate a forward US base, and in the hopes of luring part of the U.S. fleet into a position where it could be engaged on favorable terms and destroyed. Instead, the Japanese fleet was heavily damaged, losing four carriers, while sinking only one U.S. carrier. The battle of Midway has been called the turning point in the Pacific war, and afterwards, the Japanese fleet remained on the strategic defensive for the remainder of the conflict. The First Hell in the Pacific Tulagi 1942 (click on the image to enlarge) The strategic defeats suffered in the Battles of the Coral Sea and Midway checked Japan’s advance in the Pacific. The engagements, which cost the Japanese over 400 carrier and landbased aircraft and five aircraft carriers, forced Tokyo to assume a defensive posture. The Americans planned to parry the enemy’s plan by capturing Tulagi and Guadalcanal and setting up their own airfield in the Solomons to support an advance toward New Britain and New Guinea. For Operation Watchtower (the attacks on Tulagi and Guadalcanal) the Marines were outfitted with the newly issued M1 Helmet and 1941 pattern utility uniform that would iconize them for the rest of the war. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US was suddenly in desperate need of thousands of modern automatic weapons. The Thompson submachine gun was a weapon that epitomized reliability and exquisite machining, and as such, was costly and required many man hours to produce. Because of this, the more easily manufactured Reising was quickly adopted by the US Navy and Marines as a limited-standard weapon. The two primary versions of the weapon were the Model 50 and the folding stock Model 55. Tulagi by Stubbfan and Pr0z4c The Battle of Tulagi was a land battle in the Pacific theatre of war. The battle was fought between the forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Marines. The battle took place during the inital Allied landings in the Guadalcanal campaign. In contrast to the intense fighting on Tulagi, the landings on Guadalcanal were essentially unopposed.The Japanese forces where determined to defend Tulagi to the end. "A Little Gibraltar" Tarawa 1943 (click on the image to enlarge) In order to set up forward air bases capable of supporting operations across the mid-Pacific, the U.S. planned to take the Gilbert Islands. The American invasion force to the Gilberts was the largest yet assembled for a single operation in the Pacific, and the Battle of Tarawa was the first American offensive in the critical central Pacific region. It was also the first time in the Pacific War that the United States had faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing. The uniform worn by the soldiers on Tarawa was the then brand-new initial production version of the reversible 1942 pattern camouflage utilities. The uniform was reversible, with a dominantly green and brown “jungle” printed camouflage pattern on one side, and a dominantly brown and tan “beachhead” pattern on the other. The helmet camouflage cover was issued in a similar reversible pattern. At this point in the war, the Marines were gradually being issued with the new standard caliber .30 M1 rifle, the iconic "Garand." However, many Marines still retained the Springfield bolt action as they landed on the beaches. Tarawa by Pr0z4c The Battle for Tarawa was a battle in the Pacific. The battle took place on the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands. Nearly 6.400 Japanese and Americans died in the fighting, mostly on and around the small island of Betio, in the extreme southwest of Tarawa Atoll. The Battle of Tarawa was the first American Offensive in the critical central Pacific region. It was also the first time in the war that the United States faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing. It was boasted by its defenders that a million Americans couldn't take Tarawa in 100 years. The next 76 hours was to be the crucible for such a struggle The Problem with the Friendly Fire Kwajalein 1944 The US Army dedicated about 25% of its strength to the pacific, about 22 divisions and associated air forces. The remaining 75% was focused on the European and Mediterranean theaters, but the Army was by no means an after thought in the Pacific Theater. Operation Flintlock conducted in the Kwajalein Atoll was one of the lesser known battles in the Pacific but it was nonetheless complex, with battles fought on seven main islands scattered over a large area, and made more complex by the by-passed Japanese garrisons that had to be reconnoitered and cleared. The Southern island of Kwajalein was attacked by the 7th Infantry Division of the US Army who had seen action earlier in the Pacific, though the conditions were quite the opposite. They had previously fought in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands, on the island of Kiska. During that Operation there were noted friendly fire incidents and therefor later on you see the use of colored panels worn by troops. (click on the image to enlarge) The ID panel finds itself being used en masse for this attack along with the camouflage painted helmet, the shell of which is painted a bright yellow and green with hand woven camouflage nets. Kwajalein by Watchtower The Battle of Kwajalein took place from 31 January-3 February 1944, on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Employing the hard-learned lessons of the Battle of Tarawa, the US launched a successful twin assault on the main islands of Kwajalein in the south and Roi-Namur in the north. The Japanese defenders put up stiff resistance, although outnumbered and under-prepared. For the US, the battle represented both the next step in its island-hopping march to Japan and a significant morale victory because it was the first time the Americans had penetrated the "outer ring" of the Japanese Pacific sphere. For the Japanese, the battle represented the failure of the beach-line defense. With The Old Breed Peleliu 1944 (click on the image to enlarge) The 1st Mar. Div. had fought on Guadalcanal, America’s first amphibious landing in World War II, from August to December 1942. The “Old Breed” then secured a lodgment on Cape Gloucester, New Britain, fighting there from December 1943 to February 1944. These men were in less than ideal condition having endured one of the wettest campaigns of the war. Most were suffering from weight loss and fungus infections, but would recover by the time of the Peleliu attack. The Marines on Peleliu were seasoned veternas of the Pacific Campaign who had grown to perfect their craft of rooting out the Japanese from island after stoney island. In September of 1944, the Marines are outfitted with their full compliment of M1 Garands, M1 Carbines and the latest iteration of the M1A1 Thompson SMG. Peleliu by Watchtower The Battle of Peleliu or Operation Stalemate II was fought between September 15th to November 27th 1944. U.S. Marines of the First Marine Division, and later soldiers of the U.S. Army's 81st Infantry Division, fought to capture an airstrip on the small coral island part of a larger offensive campaign known as Operation Forager. The Commander of 1st Marine Division predicted the island would be secured within 4 days, however, Japan had developed new island defense tactics, well-crafted fortifications and caves that allowed stiff resistance, extending the battle through more than two months. The Great Raid Cabanatuan 1945 After the surrender of tens of thousands of American troops during the Battle of Bataan, many were sent to the Cabanatuan prison camp after the Bataan Death March. The Japanese shifted most of the prisoners to other areas, leaving just over 500 American and other Allied POWs and civilians in the prison. Facing brutal conditions including disease, torture, and malnourishment, the prisoners feared they would be executed by their captors before the arrival of General Douglas MacArthur and his American forces returning to Luzon. In late January 1945, a plan was developed by Sixth Army leaders and Filipino guerrillas to send a small force to rescue the prisoners. A group of over 100 Rangers and Scouts and 200 guerrillas traveled 30 miles (48 km) behind Japanese lines to reach the camp. (click on the image to enlarge) The US Army Rangers who participated in the POW rescue traveled with the minimum of kit and equipment. The Rangers wore a typical fatigue uniform with white identification strips, M1944 combatboots, and a field cap. Raid on Cabanatuan by Geopat On the night of January 30, 1945, US Army Rangers, Alamo Scouts, and Filipino guerrillas liberated more than 500 Allied prisoners from the POW camp near Cabanatuan City, in the Philippines. Road to Burma Irrawaddy River 1945 The 14th Army that re-entered Burma at the end of 1944 was completely different in strength and spirit from the shattered force that had retreated back to India in 1942. The Indian Army provided the bulk of the 14th Army's battalions. Of the five divisions that crossed the Chindwin to advance on Mandalay and Meiktila, only one, the 2nd Division, was wholly British. The four other divisions were all Indian Infantry Divisions. Among it, the featured 17th Indian Infantry Division. Armed with the antiquated No. 1 Mk III Enfield and the Mk I Bren guns, the Indians were well led, their soldiers experienced and confident. (click on the image to enlarge) (click on the image to enlarge) In nearly all cases, each of the three brigades making up an Indian Division included one British battalion, thus three per division. After Khaki Drill stocks were used up, Indian-made jungle-green uniforms were issued in 1943, consisting of Aertex battle dress shirt, trousers and bush jacket, and was generally worn by all the British and Commonwealth armies until 1945. British soldiers serving in the jungles of Burma also often wore the slouch hat or bush hat. Lessons learned from the Burma campaign showed that some equipment was particularly important in the jungle. India Command undertook further research into infantry rifles in order to make them smaller and lighter for easier handling in the jungle. The result was the precursor to the No. 5 jungle Carbine, which was officially adopted by the War Office in September 1944. The No. 5 Mark I was 5in shorter and 2lbs lighter. The kukri or khukuri is a knife, originating from the Indian subcontinent, associated with the Nepali speaking Gurkhas of Nepal and India. It is a characteristic weapon of the Indian Army, and of all Gurkha regiments throughout the world, so much so that some English-speakers refer to the weapon as a "Gurkha blade" or "Gurkha knife". Irrawaddy River by Papillon After the 7th Indian Infantry Division had captured Pakokku, on 14 February, the Allied forces crossed the Irrawaddy River at Nyaung U, north of ancient Burmese capital of Pagan. The 7th Division's crossing was made on a wide front. Both the main attack at Nyaung U and a secondary crossing at Pagan (the former capital, and the site of many Buddhist temples) were initially disastrous. Pagan and Nyaungu were defended by two battalions of the Indian National Army's 4th Guerrilla Regiment, with one held in reserve. The 7th Indian Division suffered heavy losses as their assault boats broke down under machine-gun fire which swept the river. Eventually, support from tanks of the Gordon Highlanders firing across the river and massed artillery forced the defenders at Nyaungu to surrender. Das letzte Aufgebot Berlin 1945 In late 1944, facing the invasion of the Fatherland by the allied forces on the western and eastern front, the nazi leadership issued a general draft of all german men the age between 16 and 60 that still were at the homefront, fullfilling duties or specialized labour, didn't have to serve at the war front already and were fit to bear arms. These standards and requirements gradually were lowered as the final weeks of the Reich came closer. Already, the regular army drafted the german teenagers born in the years 1927 and 1928. In March 1945, even those born in 1929 were drafted for anti-air duty in the military, leaving those remaining Hitler-Youth boys to be drafted for the paramilitary Volkssturm often to be younger than 16. The Volkssturm militia was meant to serve as auxiliary force, only to be deployed within The Reich territory, overtaking tasks to free up units of the regular army for them to focus on the front. These tasks included trenchwork, escorting of war refugees, relocation of industrial productions, security & guarding, rear defense - and ultimately in 1945, inevitably facing combat with regular forces of the enemy on home soil. Each Volkssturm unit never exceeded battalion-size and were deployed along with Wehrmacht and SS-units. Their casualties were heavy: 117.000 members of the Volkssturm died in the final four months of the war, only to prolong the suffering and the inevitable defeat. (click on the image to enlarge) The Volkssturm was poorly and insufficiently equipped with only parts in uniform. Many men had to resort to civillian clothing, marking themselves with a Volkssturm armband to at least somehow show their affiliation to the Volkssturm and their dubious status as combatant. Crude last-ditch weapons such as the Volkssturmgewehr VG 45 or the Volkskarabiner, captured foreign rifles, hunting rifles and pistols from private stocks were used, aswell as large masses of the easy-to-produce-and-use Panzerfaust. In times of scarcity, the Truppenfahrrad (troop bicycle) was a simple, yet effective mean of transport for the Volkssturm and was frequently used. Berlin by Blander A garrison consisting of some 200,000 german soldiers (depleted and disorganised Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS divisions, along with poorly trained Volkssturm and Hitler Youth members) remained in Berlin, along with some 2,000,000 civilians. In a meeting in Moscow, the plan was laid down to march on Germany's capital in April of 1945 in an attempt to beat the Western Allies to the prize. The offensive was launched in the morning hours of April 16th with a stellar barrage of artillery followed by air attacks, tanks and men. Competition between the two Soviet generals (Marshals Georgi Zhukov and Ivan Koniev) drove them through the German defenses led by General Helmuth Weidling though fighting was bitter and earned in blood. Downloads How to Install Variant I: Use The FH2 Community Updater Since Forgotten Hope 2 Version 2.56, the Community Updater is now an integrated option to install as third-party tool. Step 1: Start the official FH2 Launcher and click on Options Step 2: In the "Gameplay"-tab, install the Community Map Pack Updater (1), then run it (2) and optionally, let the launcher check for updates upon starting (3). (Warning as of August 2020: Do not tick this checkbox as it could potentially cause an Unhandled System.NullReference exception error upon starting the FH2 Launcher. Solution: Re-run the FH2LauncherSetup in order to reset the FH2 Launcher. Bug will be fixed with the next FH2 update.) Congratulations, you are now good to go and able to play on the FH2 servers running the Community Map Pack! OR Variant II: Alternative Manual Download Alternative Manual File Download CMP FH2 Mappack Pacific I+Berlin Minimod Download (3.0 GB) - Download Here CMP FH2 Mappack Pacific I+Berlin Maps Download (561 MB) - Download Here (Optional) CMP FH2 Mappack Pacific I+Berlin Single Player Support by IvanWazowsky (959 MB) - Download Here The mappack files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\ folder. If you use the standalone, copy it into Program Files (x86)\ForgottenHope2\mods\ folder. Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older mappack files installed. The Team And their Functions Special Thanks To All Developers and Community Members involved Stubbfan Papillon kummitus Harmonikater Watchtower GeoPat Blander Pr0z4c theanh Matt_Baker Pointblank 2cool2fool jan_kurator SgtAlex Quicksilver RAnDOOm Hawk RayderPSG IvanWazowsky Project Lead, Modeling, Mapping, Coding, Chief Cook Project Lead, Modeling, Mapping, Coding Coding, Server & GIT Administration, Community Support Modeling, Animation, Coding Modeling, Mapping Modeling, Mapping Modeling, Mapping Mapping Modeling Modeling, Media Modeling Animation Coding, Sound-Design, Bug-Fixing Coding, Bug-Fixing FH2 Admin, Organisation, Media, Community Support FH2 Admin, Organisation, Social Media, Community Support FH2 Admin, Organisation, Chief Media Social Media, Community Support Single Player/Coop Support
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    Best: - Arriving to the last battle with everything to be decided. Numbers trhoughout the campaign being awesome. bringing it home for the spaniards! Worst: - this is over! Getting the feeling i didn't bag enough...not a bagging champion. Funniest: - Anguita's rage, @Nightwing and @mcpollo leading the spaniards Most hated player: - myself flipping that half-track... Most loved/liked player: - everyone! specially @Nightwing @sergioten and of course @CptBocquier Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ About to visit my PL friends... Other: - franco-hispanic pic -Wanted also to say thank you to everyone involved in the admin and allied team: -@CptBocquier for perfectly leading the frenchies once again and making decent and stable numbers on his squad (and for being our photographer, of course). It's really nice to see the camembert definitely in! @Heia Safari! for leading the tanks, it wasn't nice to meet you while trying to sneak around! - @Ronid @turbomursu and @Sir_Kowskoskey for HQ duties. Loved your early work Ronid! About suomi tandem, Being bagged by you was a real thing. I still have nightmares thinking about Turbo's laugh while he jumps in my face. Thanks kows for stepping up as always in what you think is best for the good of a campaign - @Ronid @TomTom39 @gen.p for the outstanding job you're doing with reviving the PL community! I never saw before a faster growing from a language regiment. You improved a lot on this campaign from what I could see ! keep it up! - @Slepov92 for leading the russians for his I think 1st time! well done mate! - @caeno @Erwin @Spindrifter49 @BaskaBommi for leading the biggest allied regiments, introducing lots of new players! -To all the new active players in allied I hadn't seen before! : @Allealle @Hugo22 @burakthelion @BigBigMonkeyMan @jojosensei @CrazyReese @DONALD TRUMP @_Arras_ @Andrew558 @Guinho @thedude1234 @DepthCharge55 @kubotaisnice @Robin @Doktor @Otto Waltz @FranzKruger @Minnie @Nickie @Akikyo @Menuen @Fellafi @IVAN_88 @Diegothic @The_Green_Bunny @TheBlackReaper @Th3rioN @matyszg @Evgeny583 @theUg @beavis_aka_ostwind without new blood this wouldn't make much sense! hope to see you in the next one too! (maybe there are some oldies here but I didn't see them before, so...) -To all the scorers who accepted to be in the said team! -to the involved admins who worked hard to make this possible ! @kummitus @Quicksilver @Papillon @RAnDOOm @Wualy and of course the mappers @Watchtower @SgtAlex@Blander @GeoPat @Pr0z4c It was a pleasure !
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    As we are now in the starting months for 2020 and are beginning to see donations arrive for the new year, we want to say a huge thank you to the donators of 2019 who helped us to get very close to our budget target! A Huge Thank You To @Johonas- @RayderPSG - @Incognito - @GeoPat - @GABBOTTO @The_Spine - @Firecrafter - @Spindrifter49 - @Belzebuth - @Pepinio @jan_kurator - @Papillon - @Heia Safari! - @Mekong - @camperchadway @Harmonikater - @eXHaLe - @L.L.HERRAIZ - @0utlaw - @AL-SAHAD @TomTom39 - @Pr0z4c - @Blaze There were a few "anonymous" donations where it was hard to track the member who donated. A big thank you to those members as well. Because of the people above, we raised € 806,44! As always we need donations to keep on coming in so we can keep the forums, Teamspeak, Discord and most importantly our game server running. If you want to keep on playing in events like the FH2 campaigns, meeting up to chat and game with friends on Teamspeak then we need your help and support by donating to keep CMP running. It doesn't have to be a lot, even € 5 would be a great help.
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    Join us Saturday 16th November All Day Long and play 9 maps of the upcoming CMP FH2 Custom Mappack! Several improvements have been made to the maps since the last event! Thank you to @DarthTemoc for the trailer. This event is open to everyone, so invite your friends! ( all maps are in alpha stage and are not 100% ready ) Peleliu by @Watchtower Tarawa by @Pr0z4c Irrawady by @Papillon Tulagi by @Stubbfan and @Pr0z4c Kwajalein by @Watchtower Wake Island by @Watchtower Midway 1942 by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan Berlin by @Blander Raid at Cabanatuan by @GeoPat New content list since the last event: Lvt-4 flamethrower added M1 90mm AA gun added Midway - fixes to objective damage + new objectives Midway - general map improvements Peleliu - gameplay tweaks + added Lvta1 and lvt flame Peleliu - Updated flag format Wake Island - general map improvements , performance fixes and custom assets Berlin - improved lightning/textures and enhanced gameplay flow throughout sectors Tarawa - 64 layer changed to 5 (6) flags 1 has no value Tulagi -16 layer changed to 1 cap flag Irrawady - 16 and 32 layers created Kwajalein - added cover, gameplay tweaks and details Further small and big changes to be revealed in future events, stay tuned! You will need to download the maps and the CMP minimod to be able to play Map and CMP minimod download: Use our new Community Installer - Download Here (Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress) Or manually download them CMP FH2 Custom Mappack (Manual Download): Click Here to Download CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download): Click Here to Download Server: CMP Maps Event 16th Nov  Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com
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    Best: remembering where FH2 was in the first pacific campaign. I know the situation of the world is a huge reason for this but still even before this all statted we where racking +90player battles. This i amaizing and getting lot of names new and old to rejoin and enjoy this Worst: if there would be a way to get those +20players in Funniest: @Pyradus and me going out in flames at bunkers Funniest: the whole episode which ended in @CptBocquier knifebagged and @SputnikFighter double bagged trying to protect le milk from me Funniest: Tha once a battle totally random landmine near Holdy Funniest: Trigger happy admins kicking Mata out of the server for following orders Funniest: Trying to get used to be killed by @DONALD TRUMP and giving orders to @Celine_Dion Funniest: @Celine_Dion asking not to be kicked cause of taking a poo (sorry bud, rotations) join again next week funniest: After the french insident me and the lads sneak up on the eastern flag from the south. We het ambushed by a halftrack occupied by @Johonas. One by one my guys die and we loose our rally. i get johonas and @AL-SAHAD but instantly i know i have made a grave mistake... All of a sudden i start to feel a huge net getting tighter and tighter when the good old boys start closing in.. one knows there is only one ending to this. After @Pr0z4c finally sends that shell flying at me that ends my desperate cries for help i do see some vigurous baggings starting on me by atleast 4-5 allied players. This is why we play the game Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: 130#3 squad was a bunch of ****heads but i still like em Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other:
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    Below are 4 map previews ( more to come soon ) of the loading screens that will be used in the upcoming Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign to be opened this month. Credits to @Erwin for making them.
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    @ALBREIN @Alecont @ArgentinaMania @ARG_Matayo @arielzurdo@TuncaCeleste @Terrormaik @Avazord @BanzaimeN @baronrojo4 @blacktrooper92 @Blander @BlueSoldier20 @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @Chango_killer @CochoSGO @coco @colores @CorderoZ @depretux @Diepla @elcheeky2 @elchristo326 @Eljotajota_27 @ellocode33 @ENEKA00 @fabrigrinovero35 @Facunino@Fatigatti_AR @Feedee21 @Fenriz @Franco123 @Fritz @Fury1 @Guli123 @Heisenberg-arg @Ian @JARHStarkiller @Jaskiuu @JohnIsASerb @johnnymzq @josh @[KKCK]Fedetech[Arg] @kirbyris-cafe @Lobo solitario @luacha2000 @Luh333 @LuisSs@Dahjeshi @Malvinero @Mane_Goddard @Mantelord @MarceloGallardo @Mati.Mattman @MatM1996 @Martin.ar @mcpollo @n1c0 @NahuelXDD02 @NahuelXD01 @Nightwing @-PANZER ALCON- @Patan @Patofeliz100 @PBT-FRAN @Pichu1199 @Pollenz @Ramiro23 @RASPUTI @Roul @Rushit @Sagwyn @SebastianL92 @Solid @Spike @STALKER @Starpom @tomas050611 @Alberto_DLTorre @Albert.K-101 @3DvD3 @Beatnikjude63 @Blackbeard-19F21 @Blagu @Charmzz @CptRolan @DarthTemoc @David5p4rt4n @EddAvilaRuiz @ElRayjuega @esparjose @Harel065 @ImmortalCrab @K37 @leonardorobles05 @Logian @ninioartillero @PollitoJrH12945 @PollitoJr1294Frozen @punishedsnake77 @Taiday @troxta @vaje21 @vicius2012@Andres_Gomez @DavidRambo123 @DavidSchulz0399 @jaaruizhe @Jonah @JhonKiller111@poloviskk @Portela1942 @sgtsanti6 @Gold @Thesalamanderman @AlCapone345 @TheSirN @THETHREEISWHACHING @Tommy @vengado @Zenex @VELKRO @Andre1212 @chrystiango @Dela @juandi1942 @Berlin @KrazyDogui @David5p4rt4n @ViejoKKarma @WassapDude94 @WINNERSTONE @xGastonxARG @zYaShImIr0 @altsuprgamer @chulito12345 @CristobalMelo @Daniel @DIABLO_ZAMURAI @Guillessj @inlifex @killer98 @MAX.MAXO @Mr.pepe @nemesisk @EDGARWAR989 @KorTainYT @Legionario2 @PKM^ @RauloWW2 @Renko @Sherwin_Em2 @Neutral_true @q(-_-)p @RadicalDestroyerr @ranger501rex @simiox @Snow @TKRShadowBlack @AbelllGp @Anguita36 @Anra @arbustito @Arsemex @Astalor @assasin666 @Avantey @B4R0N @Borizsov @NeedAmmo @Beyers(*) @Chad Negro @Chus @Darkpotato @DavidTrollero @DarkTrooper246 @DAVID-SOLDIER @Defender @Durru @Duttget @Edgar @AlphaWolf17 @engelxd2 @elvinu @ermahe @FearSystem @Ferdinand_Bach @Gabrii172 @GeJota @GGarrido @Henrique O Horrivel @josedavidxxx @jozevillano @Kelevra @Laiust @Layon @lmlz @L.L.HERRAIZ @LopeteguiDiversion @Machacasaurio @MajorMajor @Malakra @Matt @Maverick @OddBall@onebullet95 @OrangeMarmalaid @p3p3 @padre @pepe @PKdor @Rataconfusca @RayderPSG @rubimalo @franyerson @Cap.Mactavish @CarlosKoinaki @Derp26 @Dr_sicario @eloyreinaldo @GLiTCH_74 @GracefulOutlaw @LEGION-XV@leonardopachano123 @Miguelrrr @N1troZ @N3LK @SpetsBomb @TheGringoLoco @TheNoiSe @aguamineral9 @aguamineral999 @Srg_Romero @Santini1973 @Schuman @sergioten @SgtAlex @Smashmachine @SolracK Khan @Sorem @Spanish_Tercio @Sparhez @spectrun @18yEjido @Gunyaboss14 @matias1002 @powerUY=[URU]= @santiago @Ubersoldaten @SrVallejo @Super @URKA @Verticorda @vitorio9898 @wanchekid @Wualy @srjefers @Xavhia Los desplegables vuelven a las campañas de FH2 de CMP y permitirán a los jugadores mover armas estáticas y desplegarlas donde consideren. Cualquier jugador debería conocer el procedimiento para hacerlo correctamente, pues puede ser importante, así que vamos allá! Qué es un "desplegable"? Un objeto desplegable es un arma estática como pueden ser las piezas de artillería, los antiaéreps o los cañones estáticos (no así la versión movible), en general, aquellas armas que no se pueden mover de ninguna otra manera de su posición original. Algo que por ejemplo evitará el tiro a ciegas memorizado por los artilleros, incentivando el spotteo. También podremos ver posiciones surrealistas de algunas armas desplegadas... Con la vuelta de los deplegables, creados por @Harmonikater, los jugadores ahora pueden empacar armas estáticas en los camiones de munición, transportarlos hacia nuevas posiciones y desplegarlos allí donde deseen/puedan. Cómo empaco un arma estática desplegable? Empacar un objeto estático es muy fácil. Solo sigue estos pasos. Paso 1: Spawnea como ingeniero, o recoge un kit de ingeniero, o un kit de munición. Después de eso busca un camión de munición. - Tanto los camiones de munición aliados como los del eje tienen cajas de munición en su parte trasera, para ser distinguidos. Paso 2: Conduce el camión de munición al lado del arma estática que vas querer mover. Paso 3: Mientras estás sentado en el camión, escribe en el teamchat o en el fireteam chat !pack o !p Paso 4: Si lo has hecho bien, verás un mensaje que dice "el arma ha sido empacada en el camión de munición" - Si aparcas muy lejos del objeto que quieres empacar, verás un mensaje de "error de empaque" para que intuyas que debes aparcar más cerca. Paso 5: Conduce donde quieras desplegar el objeto/arma, sal del camión de munición y escoge en tu set de armas el "Deploy Marker". - El "deploy marker" (similar a las banderitas que marcan minas) solo podrás encontrarlo en el kit de Ingeniero y en el de Munición. Paso 6: Tira un "deploy marker" cerca del camión, en la posición en la que quieras desplegar el arma. - Puedes poner el deploy marker en un radio de acción alrededor del camión de munición en 3D, lo que significa que puedes ponerlos en zonas más altas que las del propio camión. - Solo podrás poner los markers en superficies planas, o en superficies anguladas de hasta 25 grados. Cualquier superficie más pronunciada hará que el marker caiga. Paso 7: Una vez puesto el marker, vuelve al camión ( a cualquier asiento) y escribe !deploy o !d para desplegar el arma que empacaste en el camión previamente. Si lo haces bien, verás un mensaje que dice " the (nombre del arma) has been deployed from this ammotruck", si lo haces mal dirá "No friendly ammotruck within range" Paso 8: Verás que ahora el arma ya está en su nueva posición. ¿Necesitas moverla de nuevo? ¡Empácala de nuevo y vete a donde quieras! ¡Esto parece fácil! ¿Qué más necesito saber? El trabajo en equipo ayuda a la hora de utilizar bien esta herramienta. Si lo intentas tú solo, solo tendrás un pequeño radio de desplegue desde el camión, donde podrás desplegar el arma. Sin embargo, cuantos más jugadores de tu equipo estén presentes en el camión, el radio y la distancia EN 3D en la que puedas empacar, desplegar y posicionar un deploy marker, AUMENTARÁ. Cuanto más grande sea el número de compañeros presentes, más lejos llegarás a lo largo y a lo ancho para desplegar el arma. Os dejamos un ejemplo abajo. El máximo número de compañeros que pueden ayudar a aumentar el radio de emplazamiento del arma es de CUATRO. Si llegas a este número, te otorgará un espacio aumentado unas 3 veces en comparación a si solo estuvieras tú. Esto significa que con una squad the al menos 4 jugadores, puedes incluso colocar , por ejemplo, un cañón; en los techos o pisos más altos de los edificios. Ejemplos: Algunas cosas a las que prestar atención. Si el el camión de munición es destruido y había un arma empacada en el, el arma spawneará en su posición original. Si el enemigo te roba el camión y había un arma empacada en él, podrán usarla sin ningún tipo de problema. Los dos equipos pueden coger cualquier arma estática, sea de un bando o de otro. El ingeniero que emplace el arma no necesita estar sentado en el camión, siempre y cuando haya un compañero en él. Si una static spawnea una vez la partida ya se ha iniciado ( por ejemplo, cuando tomas una bandera y spawnea un Pak) necesitarás entrar en el arma y salir para poder implementar el proceso descrito. Si intentas empacarla directamente, no podrás. -El grupo hispano saluda a @Quicksilver por su detallada explicación y a @Harmonikater por el magnífico trabajo a la hora de desarrollar y llevar a la práctica la idea. -The Hispanic group appreciates @Quicksilver's detailed explanation and @Harmonikater for his excellent work in developing and implementing the idea.
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    Best: - Throughout this campaign we were shaping a new Polish regiment and though we had our rough moments, the last 2 battles showed how much we improved. Here's one example when in the last round I stayed behind as SL and asked @TomTom39 and @matyszg to lead a sneak attack on Tuschenwald. Their great coordination got us a cap on the flag. Gentelman, you and those who joined your assult desrve the highest praise. Before: After: Worst: - Having to step down from HQ due to the strain that task of leading the division coupled with increase in my IRL work was exerting on me. Thank you @Sir_Kowskoskey, @turbomursu and @Papillon for taking over and doing great job. Funniest: - In the last round HQ calls Baska who was away for a moment so me and @Zabstone being on CC started singing Bohemian Rhapsody over the comms changing "Mamaaaa" to "Baskaaaa." Singing "Gory, gory" in the first and last battles of the campaign! Most hated player: - No one. Most loved/liked player: - The Allied HQ, @0utlaw for being the best artillerist in the whole game, @caeno, @CptBocquier, @BaskaBommi, @gen.p, @Slepov92 for exemplary lead of their regiments till the end. @caeno for doing lots of recon, participating in all discussions as well as being calm and level-headed in his command. @CptBocquier for making the French squad (though limited in numbers) at many points the most effective force in the division. I'd really like to play in a regiment led by you. @BaskaBommi for outstanding lead of the regiment, great CC communication and great effectivness in the field. @gen.p for shaping along with @TomTom39, @Zabstone and others the Polish community. @Slepov92 for great lead of the Russians, who under your leadership became our divisional steamrollers, pushing the enemy away wherever you went. @RayderPSG for always supporting the Polish community and helping us to shape it. I'd like the play in your regiment too, the Spaniards were always the toughest opponents. @TomTom39 and @Zabstone I additionally want to praise your coordination when you were playing and commanding together. The synergy between you was evident and helped us a lot in achieving our objectives. I also want to thank all Polish players who participated in the campaign. I will see you soon! Best Battle Photo - In preparation for the last battle Allies are inventing new vehicles to bring us victory. Here is a brand new jeeparmored M1A1 Choo Choo Train. https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Best: - Froggies rolling thunder, Spaniards being spaniards, and HQ being drunk. Axis & Allied teams having fun. This week high motivation on the team, pushed by @FunnyBombarik Worst: - People misbehaving after battle. That really serves nothing. Funniest: - Full retard strat for the win ! Most hated player: - People who decide to sneak on their own on a flag a whole squad is trying to prepare to assault. Most loved/liked player: - Drunk @turbomursu @Sir_Kowskoskey & @Papillon, @0utlaw for deing such a great work, and all the frenchies who fought in a nice squad that kept up until the end ! @thunder493 @Heia Safari! @Garfield @MedicalWanderer @La-Hire @SputnikFighter @Druidix @_Arras_ @Master_of_Pain_25 @Temp3st02 @Faolan04 !! Also @BaskaBommi @caeno & @Ronid it was a real pleasure to fight with you ! @gen.p @TomTom39 & @Zabstone for their amazing work with the polish community and their commitment in the team ! @kutuzovrusss @radiosmersh @Slepov92 for their hard work with the russians until the end and of course grumpy @Erwin for being grumpy @Erwin Best Battle Photo - Currahee ! Other: - Hope to see you @jojosensei on the next campaign ! GG to all of you guys, a bit sad we lost, but it was a hell of a fight and we had so much fun. @thunder493 polishing his melee stats little @RayderPSG unaware of Rocketman @SputnikFighter A strong opponent rekt by rocketman! gg @Ombustman you were great this campaign ! same for you @WOLFXL @turbomursu's nightmare Push it !! Axis being real even after the campaign @RayderPSG all the spaniards & @BaskaBommi ! Such a great regiment you have become
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    Best: the first two minutes of round two! Worst: all the Bazookas ... Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: The Allies have prepared themselves for a long time, there was a noticeable amount of activity on the Allied training server. Fear of defeat was great. But for whatever reason, they could not turn their good preparation into a victory. There were many ups and downs, and sometimes a little frustration. But in the end it was a great campaign, thank you all! Thanks for this great campaign. I hope to see you all again for the next campaign!
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    From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to thank you all for being a part of this amazing and growing community of video game players. The start of 2020 has made this a strange year so far, forcing many of us to shelter in our homes and look for other ways to connect and keep ourselves entertained. Fortunately for CMP, this has not affected our campaigns, events and general socialising for a game or two - in fact it is most likely in part, that because of the current worldwide events that we have seen such a massive boost in players for our FH2 Campaign #7: Overlord! At this point, I'd like to say that I would hope our community, being made up of such a varied collection of people from all over the world will be there for each other, both socially and emotionally. For some it can be stressful having to care for family members and the fear of trying to avoid becoming ill, while for others it may just be the isolation of being alone and unable to be with friends and loved ones. While we joke and laugh, I know that there are close bonds within this community - if any of the CMP members feel like they need to just get on Teamspeak to talk and game a little then please don't be afraid to post on the forums or Discord to see if someone would like to join you. Also be sure to check out our Community Games section in the forums for a variety of games we play the most - come and join us! Grab A Free Game To try and help you out a little, you'll find a list of games that we are offering free Steam keys for within the Games area. Come and pick up a game - they will cost you nothing! As we look ahead into the rest of 2020 here are some of the events and campaigns we have planned: Looking Ahead For 2020 A new FH2 campaign has just opened! Fight in the heart of Normandy and beyond in CMP's seventh campaign; "Overlord" - head over to the campaign announcement in General Announcements for more information. We are currently running a Dirt Rally Cup event which will last until the 31st May. The next cup will start later in the year as we switch over to a season of Project Cars 2 however you can still take part in the current stages; You'll find a lot of racing chat takes place at in our Discord #racing-games channel. We have a growing number of CMP members that play Post Scriptum and we play on both public servers and in competitive events against other orgs and clans. You'll find a lot of Post Scriptum chat in our Discord #post-scriptum channel including CMP members looking to meet up and play together on a public server, or for competition announcements. If you have the game and want to play with us, come and sign up in the Post Scriptum forums! As Star Citizen increases in scope and activities we will be hosting more evening events - come and join us at ANTCORP, CMP's very own org within Star Citizen! We chat and organize meet ups "in the 'verse" in our Discord #sc-general chat, so come and visit us there, or head to our Star Citizen forums for more in-depth information on the game. Join us and play the free2play first person shooter Counter Strike-Global Offensive. Several English and Spanish speaking CMP Members play this game almost every day. Keep in mind that we use Prime Status in our matches. We mainly organize on our Discord #cs-go channel, but you can also post in our CS:GO forums We usually switch racing between seasons of Dirt Rally and Project Cars 2 to offer a little racing variety throughout the year. With Project Cars 2 we host a full race session from practice, to qualifying and onto a long race of around an hours driving or more. All skill levels are welcome and we have members who race with full racing wheel kits to controllers and even on keyboard! If you're interested in joining the Project Cars 2 Championship then come along to our Project Cars 2 forums, or join us for some racing chat takes place at in our Discord #racing-games channel. With the launch of Hell Let Loose and it's continuing updates, we have a fledgling group of players in the CMP community that are active on various servers. You'll find our Discord #hell-let-loose channel is a good place to find out when players will be online so you can join up for some team play. Alternatively visit our Hell Let Loose forums and sign up to show your play! Donating To CMP In 2018 we started our donations drive to ask for CMP members to help with our monthly costs, and in 2019, thanks to some very generous donations and a lot of CMP members now donating monthly, we were within a few euros of our target. In 2020 we also need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help. This will allow us to continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games on the game server when we have a large enough community playing them; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels. You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.
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    CMP FH2 Campaign #7 Map Test Friday 21st February 19:00 UTC On the CMP Battle Server - Join Teamspeak for the password! We will be testing a selection of the maps for the next FH2 campaign. This campaign will be taking you to the Western Front after the Allies have landed at Normandy! The purpose of the test: We will spend 10 - 15 minutes walking around the maps (no planes or tanks - NO KILLING!) to look for floating objects, areas where glitches occur (gaps in walls and terrain for example). If you find an issue then take a screenshot and post it in this announcement. State on which map and what you found along with the screenshot you took. After we search for issues on a map, we will restart and have a small 10-minute scrim on each map to test balance and general game play issues before moving onto the next map. You can download the maps and tournament files at https://dl.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/cmp_c7_rc1.zip This file is 3.2Gb in size The campaign files will come in a zipped file. Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\ folder. Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older campaign files installed. Here is your warning Anyone making kills, flying planes, or driving tanks when we are looking for bugs and map issues will be kicked. Repeat offenders will be banned. If you do not think you can be sensible with map testing, then do not join us.
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    ¡FELIZ 2020! ¡Ya llegó, hispanos, 2020 ya está aquí! Os deseamos, tanto personalmente como desde todo el equipo de CMP, hispano y no hispano, un gran nuevo año, lleno de felicidad para cada uno de vosotros. Pero sobre todo, esperamos que paséis muchas horas de diversión ( ¡y sufrimiento!) en compañía hispana, desde largas horas en el servidor público FH2, campañas CMP de Forgotten Hope 2, juntadas en teamspeak, hasta muchos otros juegos que venimos jugando o cualquier cosa que nos haga pasar un momento agradable entre todos, que al final es de lo que se trata. Si 2018, y sobre todo 2019 representaron el nacimiento y la continuidad y maduración del regimiento hispano dentro de CMP, deseamos que 2020 represente la prolongación del crecimiento que hemos venido asentando, manteniendo el Regimiento Hispano en las campañas de FH2, aumentando los números en las juntadas y por qué no, explorando también otros juegos. A continuación, resumo nuestro año 2019, y en especial, los logros como regimiento y las novedades que aportamos. Me gustaría recordar que nada habría sido posible sin la facilitación que nos otorgaron los admins des del embrión que fue en su día CMP, pasando por todos aquellos que han aportado hasta hoy, haciendo de oficiales, diseñando, grabando...y lo más importante, jugando, aunque haya sido por un tiempo limitado. Gracias a todos. En 2019: Mantuvimos el regimiento hispano en las 2 campañas habidas, consiguiendo la victoria en una de ellas. Gracias a todos y en especial a @GGarrido @Darkpotato @L.L.HERRAIZ por liderar. Aumentamos los números como regimiento, sumando muchos jugadores nuevos activos que han resultado gratas sorpresas, como @Matt @Jonah @Ferdinand_Bach @CptRolan @Taiday @NahuelXD01 @Facunino @kirbyris-cafe @ermahe . Además, recuperamos muchos viejos conocidos que supusieron, paradójicamente, un golpe de aire fresco @N1troZ @Defender @STALKER @SgtAlex @Dr_sicario. Fuimos de nuevo el regimiento más grande y activo por diferencia, se mantuvo una media de más de 14 jugadores. Enhorabuena a todos. @L.L.HERRAIZ, @Darkpotato y @GGarrido lideraron solos por primera vez al regimiento en campaña, dotándole de una mayor autonomía y versatilidad. Gracias Superamos los 200 registros de origen hispano. Tremendo. ¡Tuvieron lugar algunos encuentros en vida real! Por primera vez en tiempo...hubo 2 HQ's hispanos, y ambos se llevaron la victoria y se mostraron capaces. Gracias @Blander @RayderPSG. Las juntadas en Teamspeak se hicieron más continuadas y con más integrantes. Nada de los 3 de siempre. En las últimas semanas se hicieron también equipos de Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Gracias a los implicados. @Blander siguió mejorando su mapa Berlín hasta el punto de introducirlo en el próximo CMP-Mappack y dotarle de la calidad suficiente para hacerlo público. Además, fue crucial en la mejora de varios mapas en las campañas. Gran trabajo @Nightwing diseñó un escudo para el Regimiento. Muchas gracias. @DarthTemoc comenzó a grabar de manera asidua y abrió también un Facebook Hispano , "Forgotten Hope 2 ", que cuenta ya con 60 miembros y mantiene activo. Ha sido fuente de atracción de nuevos jugadores. Además ayudó en otros aspectos de FH2. Gracias. Como veis, ha sido un año lleno de éxitos y mejoras para el Regimiento Hispano. Un año de hecho difícil de superar en ese sentido. Pero con estos muchachos, siempre se puede mejorar. Gracias por enésima vez a todos, empiecen con buen pie 2020, y por supuesto, ¡Nos vemos por aquí! ¡LARGA VIDA AL REGIMIENTO HISPANO! @ALBREIN @Alecont @ArgentinaMania @ARG_Matayo @arielzurdo @franyerson @Cap.Mactavish @Dr_sicario @troxta @eloyreinaldo @GracefulOutlaw @LEGION-XV@leonardopachano123 @Miguelrrr @N1troZ @N3LK @TheGringoLoco @TheNoiSe @Andres_Gomez @DavidRambo123 @DavidSchulz0399 @jaaruizhe @Jonah @JhonKiller111@poloviskk@sgtsanti6@Alberto_DLTorre @Albert.K-101 @3DvD3 @Beatnikjude63 @Blackbeard-19F21 @Blagu @Charmzz @CptRolan @DarthTemoc @David5p4rt4n @EddAvilaRuiz @ElRayjuega @esparjose @Harel065 @K37 @leonardorobles05 @Logian @ninioartillero @PollitoJrH12945 @PollitoJr1294Frozen @punishedsnake77 @Taiday @Thesalamanderman @Gold @Derp26 @VELKRO @Boi555 @Erik Fernando Tanyag @JagX @KaiserKrieger @koenigsfelsen @Rorshack @sirmiles @Vheil @TheSirN @THETHREEISWHACHING @Tommy @vengado @Zenex @Avazord @BanzaimeN @baronrojo4 @Blander @BlueSoldier20 @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @Chango_killer @CochoSGO @coco @colores @CorderoZ @Diepla @elcheeky2 @elchristo326 @ENEKA00 @fabrigrinovero35 @Facunino@Fatigatti_AR @Feedee21 @Fritz @Fury1 @Guli123 @Ian @JARHStarkiller @JohnIsASerb @[KKCK]Fedetech[Arg] @kirbyris-cafe @Lobo solitario @luacha2000 @Luh333 @LuisSs@Dahjeshi @Mane_Goddard @MarceloGallardo @Mati.Mattman @MatM1996 @Martin.ar @mcpollo @NahuelXD01 @Nightwing @-PANZER ALCON- @Patan @Patofeliz100 @Pichu1199 @Pollenz @Ramiro23 @Roul @Sagwyn @Solid @Spike @STALKER @Starpom @vaje21 @vicius2012 @AlCapone345 @AbelllGp @Anguita36 @Anra @arbustito @Arsemex @Astalor @assasin666 @Avantey @B4R0N @Beyers(*) @Chad Negro @Chus @Darkpotato @DavidTrollero @DarkTrooper246 @DAVID-SOLDIER @Defender @Durru @Duttget @Edgar @18yEjido @Gunyaboss14 @Ubersoldaten @powerUY=[URU]= @elvinu @ermahe @Ferdinand_Bach @Gabrii172 @GeJota @GGarrido @Henrique O Horrivel @josedavidxxx @jozevillano @Kelevra @Laiust @L.L.HERRAIZ @LopeteguiDiversion @Machacasaurio @Malakra @Matt @Maverick @OddBall@onebullet95 @p3p3 @padre @pepe @PKdor @Rataconfusca @RayderPSG @rubimalo@Andre1212 @chrystiango @Dela @juandi1942 @Berlin @Santini1973 @Schuman @SgtAlex @Smashmachine @Sorem @Spanish_Tercio @Sparhez @spectrun @David5p4rt4n@Borizsov @NeedAmmo @SrVallejo @Super @URKA @Verticorda @vitorio9898 @wanchekid @Wualy @engelxd2 @Xavhia @ViejoKKarma @WassapDude94 @WINNERSTONE @xGastonxARG @EDGARWAR989 @KorTainYT @PKM^ @RauloWW2 @Renko @Sherwin_Em2 @altsuprgamer @chulito12345 @Daniel @inlifex @killer98 @MAX.MAXO @Mr.pepe @nemesisk @Neutral_true @q(-_-)p @RadicalDestroyerr @Snow @TKRShadowBlack @Terrormaik
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    A picture with one of the worst FH2 players i've ever met. And next to him @RayderPSG Photos were taken in August 2019 at La Rochelle (France), one at the harbor and one with a polaroid on a GFM cloche of one of the bunker around the town (AtlantikWall). Sacré Marcel !
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    Best: 100 players again. Fantastic! Best2:-Close rounds! Best3: the poles are definitely regrouping! nice BEst4: @Quicksilver for staying with us learning some french Worst: - the random crash and other details... Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey bagging me I don't know how many times. Same for the spaniards Most hated player: - hope they know it. Most loved/liked player: - everyone but those. Best Battle Photo - "Smile" Other: - keep it going people! I wanna thank all the admin team involved on the changes made recently but specially @Sir_Kowskoskey @BaskaBommi @Mr.ThunderMan @Humledrik and @GeoPat and his guys. Seems it was the correct move. Hope to have a great campaign.
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    Fight on land, in the sky and over the ocean France is waiting. Are you ready for airborne action ? After three months of mapping and development we are proud to offer another great FH2 campaign. Experience the airborne battles of Normandy through the eyes of the American 82nd Airborne Division or the German 130th Panzer-Lehr-Division in 10 battles and enjoy great custom maps, most of them being exclusively edited for this campaign. This campaign map list is set to include: Overloon - Moerbrugge - Metz - Argentan Montebourg Station - Hill 262 and others. Get to know CMP's style: exciting battles, unbelievable comebacks, outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 teamwork you can find.  82nd Airborne Division Led by: Ronid 517th International Speaking Regiment Led by: caeno 504th Russian Speaking Regiment Led by: Slepov92 325th International Speaking Regiment Led by: Spindrifter49 With French Speaking Squad Led by: CptBocquier With Polish Speaking Squad Led by: Cpt.Poland 130.Panzer-Lehr-Division Led by: Blander 130. International Speaking Regiment 901. German Speaking Regiment 902. Spanish Speaking Regiment Led by: Gameplayer500 Led by: Hawk Led by: RayderPSG In this FH2 Campaign you will experience: FH2 action to its limits, close rounds, sneaky / massive attacks and well organized defenses. 10 battles in the Normandy area, with custom content and maps you won't see anywhere else. Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server. Fight in battles with up to 100 players. Earn promotions and medals for your achievements. Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers. Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world. Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome! Click below to join the Campaign
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    Funniest: I don't see the point in your "teabag" on @Sir_Kowskoskey - we did something similar in CS 1.6 10-20 years ago, but then we were just children. As an adult, you should show respect for the fallen enemy - for example, protect his body, dig his grave, and honor his memory with a shot from a shovel in the air. Worst: I lay down in the trench and looked around. When @turbomursu ran out on me, I accidentally shot him. Fortunately, he escaped with only a wound, but as soon as he came around the bend, he also fired at another ally, who lay further away. ..Oh, my God, I think we've discovered a new human-to-human virus - TKOVID-20! Best player: I noticed that @Heyna had a tired voice - apparently, the week was not so easy for work and/or personal matters? It was a little complicated for me, too. I would like to thank all those who were able to attend this event (as well as the training) and participate in it despite their obligations, personal affairs or other interests. Thank you guys, and good luck next week! I wish you an easy business, good relations and a positive mood. Other: My face when I try not TK my teammates. Other (2): " - Have you ever had the feeling that someone is looking at you?" " - Nope."
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    Best: - Nice to see again the will to play together! Worst: - server limit to 100 players, can be fixed? Funniest: - my first jump, forgot the parachute key is different from BF1 and CoD, result you can imagine Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - not an ingame screenshot, just to show you a counter coronavirus miracle, no gaming pc in this house, just a smart working laptop without external monitor, so i attached the laptop to the tv, with a brand new keyboard mouse combo of just 29€, BF2 downloaded from Origin, a cellular headphone and a good FTTH i was able to play
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    Once again a big Thank You to everyone that has donated in 2019 Proud to be a member of CMP-Gaming
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    News from battlefront!!! Axis Hold Ortona easily!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    News from battlefront!!! Axis and Allies fights a very close battle around Persano!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    News from battlefront!!! Axis send back to sea Allies in Salerno!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    News from battlefront!!! Axis closed road to Messina!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
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    As the Allied forces continue to push towards the German border, the Axis prepared for Unternehmen: Wacht am Rhein, known as the Battle of the Bulge: Hitler's last offensive After months of mapping and development we are proud to offer another great FH2 campaign. Experience the Allied final push towards the German border as part of the American 101st Airborne Division or counter-attack as the German 21st Panzer-Division in 12 intense battles on great custom maps, most unknown. or being exclusively edited for this campaign. This campaign map list will include: Westwall - Elsenborn Ridge - Stoumont - Bastogne Operation Greif - Herrlisheim and others. Featuring a return of the "deployables". Pack up static weapons and deploy them to where they are needed, or, just to avoid air and artillery attacks, the choice is yours. Get to know CMP's style: exciting battles, unbelievable comebacks, outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 teamwork you can find.  101st Airborne Division / 506th PIR Led by: Otto Able Company Spanish Speaking Regiment Led by: Rayder Charlie Company German Speaking Regiment Led by: aquintus Easy Company International Speaking Regiment Led by: alorbe 21.Panzer-Division / Panzergrenadier 1 Led by: CptBocquier 1 Kompanie Polish Speaking Regiment 2 Kompanie Russian Speaking Regiment 3 Kompanie International Speaking Regiment Led by: Ronid Led by: beavis_aka_ostwind Led by: Sir_Kowskoskey In this FH2 Campaign you will experience: FH2 action to its limits, close rounds, sneaky/massive attacks and well organized defenses. 12 battles in Belgium and the border regions of Germany, with custom content and maps you won't see anywhere else. Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server. Fight in battles with up to 100 players. Earn promotions and medals for your achievements. Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers. Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world. Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome! Click below to join the Campaign
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    Здравствуйте, коллеги Я здесь, чтобы составить упорядоченный список русскоязычных игроков. Я сожалею, если допустил ошибку, я не знаю русский. моя идея заключается в том, чтобы сделать что-то подобное. Моя цель — помочь вам и облегчить понимание того, кто мы. Чтобы собрать больше людей в кампании или других событий. Беларусь: @Animan @ASSTON @BELkaSmash @Dragoonkiller @Filosofem @Goldbear228 @Igorok_ok @Kerst @litwin01 @Mazazin @Moon_Rise_ @MoonRise @Tembl4 Казахстан: @fib228 @Hellhammer @kkk02 @TESV20 Латвия: @Malleus Литва: @FearlessGangster @Noggin @Podporuchik @ultimatum616 @Wathy @Weedas420 Россия: @_Roki_ @[KA1] Landscape @1Asket @[Rus.field]_Vetel92 @akovalev0915 @alextango @andrey @Andrew558 @AnoKOndac @ArseniyTOG @Averkinen @beavis_aka_ostwind @Bigboss @BlackChenko @Boo(RUS) @BRAIN @Brainyk @brighter1312 @buschhans @chertilo @Comrade @cprlMegumin @Crot @Daahit @demanufacture @demonRUSFED @denza178rus @Di95 @Division163 @Dnemonik @Dreenkens @EternalDisorder @ENEKA00 @Evgeny583 @Ezzhi @Fantik @Femenistkin @Flamingo_man27 @flesh_19 @FlyingDutchman @FunnyBombarik @FuzzyDusters @ganapol @Garmata @George_Novik @Gerhard_chief @Gersar1338 @Godall @GrantRuss @graywolf2469 @GrigRUS @GunCheck @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- @hamster_hc @HANos @Hauptman_13 @Heinrich @I7Tu4ka @iesufhi @Igor @Ivan_Sidenko @Jason21367 @johnymafio @Ju87B2 @Jyk @KaizerloveRussia @kazuhira @Kekid23 @KINDLLE @Kirill_Shvedov @KiskaAssault @kot123 @kutuzovrusss @kuzma737 @Leonbaton232 @Lexa007 @Lexa10062000 @LiKyrg Pupos @Lonesome_Ghost @_LuGER_ @Macrofagiy @Маршал(Коммунист)@Matebal @Max_JS @Maxime_es @Mef @MerenteS @MICHLE @Mid4eL @MIHALICHX @MIHANAT45126 @MishaPafos @MisterGreenPie @Monky_killer @Mores901 @mustang_p53 @NessCafe @Nikita1202 @NO_NAME44 @OverBafer2000 @OXandBUCKS @Panzer-Faust @Patrick_Hoffmann @Pavel_[RUS74] @pepo @POK @Prapor94 @rabkartohi @radiosmersh @RazVedos @Republic_DE @NoraNeko @ЯÖÏÖR @sabakapes @SanyaGuardsman @SanyaStrelez @Sasahadog1205 @SavagePoOk @shkolnek59rus @SHONT88 @Shuber @Simo Hayha @slav_on @Slepov92 @Sliperon @Snafu_Il2 @StalkerVobla @Starpom @stepaha122 @Sturmdevision @TEMA @T 34 BulatFahreev @theUg @ThomasGAMER @Timan11 @turk89 @User @User_Userovich1 @ValekandeR @valekandero @Van_Darkholm @Vazgaken(RUS) @Viktor @ViktorTheRussian @vipsergejurevic @vladgarshstm @Vlasov @Waximus @WorldWarPlayer @xomax128 @yastreb12 @Yuri Daruski @ZolaGames Украина: @_Hanter_ @_kek$ik_ @Alexparty @amolna @Andreus @antonov226 @Bayter @BerserK @BlackChenko @Blad @Bonus Daemon @dagoncult @Dimon-2112 @drantya12 @Firman @FiveStars @FOX @GansG @GrafZeppelin1 @GrigRUS @GsoM @HaLoAL @Hentach @Keshash @Kolody @Lt_Reyyy @MorpHineAge @NoraNeko @Nova.Arno @OsinOsinOsin @Pashe Bushe @QuietlySniper @Rady_-** @vitalistashkov @vitas1972 @von_Paulus @Wasteland_Hero Монголия: @rogueoperator
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    TT = Total Tickets Remaining | T RVP = Round Bonus Modifier | T TVP = Total Tickets Bonus Modifier RVP = Round Victory Points | TVP = Total Victory Points
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    Join us this Saturday 14th March All Day Long and play 9 maps of the upcoming CMP FH2 Custom Mappack! This event is open to everyone, so invite your friends! ( all maps are in alpha stage and are not 100% ready ) Peleliu by @Watchtower Tarawa by @Pr0z4c Irrawady by @Papillon Tulagi by @Stubbfan and @Pr0z4c Kwajalein by @Watchtower Wake Island by @Watchtower Midway 1942 by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan Berlin by @Blander Raid at Cabanatuan by @GeoPat New content list since the last event: Midway - new sounds and AA gun effect + objective sequence improved Peleliu - gameplay tweaks + general visual improvements Wake Island - visual improvements + added 16 and 32 layers Berlin - new Volksturm skin + new ruins + improved gameplay progression Tarawa - 64, 32 and 16 layer improvements Tulagi - small layers fix + fixed floaters Irrawady - fixed bugs on all layers + improved textures + improved Bridge flag Kwajalein - gameplay progression improved + general visual improvements Cabanatuan - improved spawn points + better performance + more cover You will need to download the maps and the CMP minimod to be able to play Map and CMP minimod download: Use our new Community Installer - Download Here (Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress) Or manually download them CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download): CMP Mappack download- Download here Minimod download- Download here Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\ folder. If your FH2 was installed via Standalone, just copy the file into FH2\modsChoose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older mappack files installed. Server: CMP Maps Event  Teamspeak: CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com
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    Below is a detailed list of other changes made: Kits: - added jprdg_1 smoke grenade placeholder to japanese pilot kit to make it match other pilot kits loadout - replace arisaka_smokegrenade with jprdg_1 in the japanese SMG NCO kits (to prevent rifle being loaded only to fire a smoke grenade) - replace arisaka_smokegrenade with jprdg_1 in the japanese sniper kit (smoke rifle nade doesn't have scope attached in the mesh) - add bayonet (not attached) as a melee weapon to the Type 38 rifleman/assault kit (there was no melee weapon in the kit) - remove nambu pistol from assault class (to keep it consistent with other assault kits within the mod) Projectiles: - apply new time fused 25mm shell to all 25mm AA guns variants (few cannons used old bugged 25mm shell) - 25mmCMP-HE-AA-Projectile proper tracer size, tracer colour, and proper explosion effect (used 88mm explosion effect) - 40mmCMP-HE-AA-Projectile new better looking tracer added, slightly longer time fuse, proper explosion effect (used 88mm explosion effect) - New projectiles added/updated, with proper balistics and damage matching other FH2 projectiles, using historically accurate tracer colours: 8 x 22mm Nambu 6.5 x 50mmSR Arisaka 7.7 x 56mm IJN 7.7 x 58mm Arisaka 12,7 x 81mmSR IJN 20 x 72mmRB 20 x 94mm 20 x 101mmRB 30 x 114mm CMP_bayonet_Projectile CMP_cal375_CanisterShotPellet - US 37mm canister shot improved to fire 123 pellets with proper spread, range, and damage, instead of 25 regular 30-06 rifle caliber bullets Weapons: M55 Reising: - altered firing sounds to make it sounds more metalic comparing to thompson (they do sounds similiar tho since both fire the same round, Thompson may receive new sounds after FH2 update) - updated reloading sounds based on actual M50 Reising recording - new deploy sound added (the sound of unfolding stock added) No5 rifle: - bigger muzzle flash effect added as suggested during last test event - muzzle velocity is 686m/s significantly lower than 744m/s of SMLE Dual .50 cal: - new dual 50cal firing and reloading sounds added - proper muzzle flash effect and muzzle velocity added - proper mag size and reload time (matching reload sounds) added - air mounted 50 cal use airplane API ammo (more efficient against enemy fighters) - added suppression effect to the ground (PT Boat?) version of the MG - firing sounds stoptype changed from 1 to 2 for proper looping - recoil removed to prevent stuff like .50cal being able to push PT boat when firing Type 14 Nambu pistol: - projectile type changed from 9mm Parabellum placeholder to new 8x22mm Nambu - muzzle velocity increased from 220m/s to 280m/s Type 38 Rifle: - projectile type changed from 7.92 Mauser placeholder to new 6.5x50mm Arisaka - muzzle velocity is 762m/s Type 92 Nambu: - projectile type changed from 7.92 Mauser placeholder to new 7.7x58mm Arisaka - new reloading sounds applied (new Breda M37 sounds from upcoming FH2 patch) - reload time shorten from 4.5 to 1.5sec to match new sounds - mag size reduced from 250 to proper 30 rounds - muzzle velocity lowered from 800m/s to 730m/s Type 97 heavy tank MG: - new armament added for the Japanese tank coaxial MGs with proper ROF to replace coax MG34s - custom sounds based on Italian Breda - muzzle velocity is set top 724m/s - magsize 20 (50 mags per gun) Type 99 LMG: - projectile type changed from .303 British placeholder to new 7.7x58mm Arisaka - muzzle velocity lowered from 800m/s to 715m/s Type 99 Rifle: - projectile type changed from 7.92 Mauser placeholder to new 7.7x58mm Arisaka - muzzle velocity lowered from 762m/s to 755m/s Type 100 SMG: - projectile type changed from 9mm Parabellum placeholder to new 8x22mm Nambu (deal less damage, gun shoulnd't be so OP anymore) - muzzle velocity lowered from 365m/s copied from Sten to proper 335m/s of Type 100 Vehicles: Type 95 Ha-Go: - proper vehicle mass set - new engine and tracks sounds added - proper 37mm cannon firing sounds added - tank's commander camera placement tweaked - visual and audio effects placement tweaked - turret rotation sounds changed to manual sounds (it didn't have electric motor) Betty bomber: - proper muzzle velocity and muzzle flash effect added to the 20mm cannon - proper cannon magsize (it also shows how many mags you have left now) - proper 20 x 72mmRB projectile set - cannon reloading sound added - 20mmHE round icon added to replace current placeholder white rectangle - all 8 bombs are now being dropped in one burst instead 2 bombs at the time Type 96 25mm AA gun: - ROF changed to 240 for a single gun, 450 for a dual mount, and 600 for triple mount (due to engine limitations) with new matching firing sounds set - reloading time decreased from 6 seconds to 1.8 second for a single barrel, 2.5 seconds for a dual mount and 3.5 seconds for the triple mount to potray quick mag change done by a crew (in reality Type 96 was manned by a crew of 3 (single), 7 (dual) or 9 people (triple)) - fixed shell ejection placement, and removed bugged double shell ejection/muzzle flash effect on dual Type 96 mounts - new reloading sounds based on Boys rifle reload - overheat penatly reworked to be less drastic than on Bofors gun - added overheating sounds Oerlikon 20mm AA gun: - overheating sounds added - visual recoil slightly increased - muzzle velocity slightly lowered - fixed shell ejection effect placement - new sounds based on FH2 AA gun, matching the lower ROF of 450RPM - 1p firing sounds volume lowered - 3p firing sounds radius lowered to match other guns settings - reloading sound and matching reload time added Bofors 40mm AA Gun: - new dual and quad bofors firing sounds added (based on FH2's bofors sounds) - muzzle velocity lowered from 880m/s to 750m/s (velocity of AA guns is scaled down to match airplane speeds) - halfVolumeDistance of the 3p sounds drastically limited from ridiculous 175 to 25m to prevent AA guns from being heard across the map - proper 40mmHE.dds shell icon added to all naval Bofors gun variants - overheating sounds added - mag.size set to -1 (infinite) when manned by a crew, Bofors guns were capable of constant fire, the only restriction from doing it is the overheat penalty (10 secs for dual and 20 secs for the quad mount, a bit drastic but changing overheat penalty value doesn't seem to work and I can't lower it down) - ROF set to proper 240RPM for dual and slightly-lower-than-real-life-450RPM for quad cannon (note that you don't need to reload but it's easier to overheat the gun now due to higher ROF) - shell ejection effect placement and rotation fixed (guns now spit shells to the front like real gun did) - bedford_bofors mobile AA vehicle now fires a time fused shell with proper velocity of 750m/s (increased from 633m/s) and ROF of 120RPM like other Bofors guns Type 94 Te-Ke: - fixed bug which allowed players to shoot around the tankette with the freelook key, without actually turning the turret B25 & B26: - frontal quad .50 cal shell ejection effect placement and rotation fixed - new sounds and proper muzzle flash effects added to the turret (and rear MGs on B26) - MGs sounds radius and volume settings tweaked (standardized with other HMGs in the mod) - turret MGs changed from .30cal to .50cal firing API projectiles - dual 50cal reloading sounds added to both airplanes - enabled manual reload for the MG gunners - machine gun weapon selection icon added to replace white rectangle placeholder - all 8 bombs are now being dropped in one burst instead 2 bombs at the time SBD dauntless: - rear .30cal MG firing sounds are now played faster (still not matching ROF properly but better than before, this will require complete rework of sounds to be fixed at one point)
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    Im not sure this is the appropriate forum to report an accident that occurred during our final battle - please start recording: Leaving main with my brand new Willie (after a successful mission, handing over the artillery to someone else). I speed down the road only to "accidentally" and unfortunately collect Sir Kows on my front fender/bumper. He had stepped out from behind a parked Sherman right into my path. I had no time to brake (300+ms latency). I exited my vehicle to render assistance - but alas - it was too late for Kows. There was a witness, who I am sure is still getting over the tragic event (please come forward). I took these pictures for insurance purposes: comments from the scene of the incident: Look left -look right - look left again - before you cross the road Our mechanics get right into their work Kows sticks his neck out for the Canadians Is kows a human ? Another TK for knok - at least I can spawn at main (kows) Whos the guy with the wrench? Should I drive on the left or the right in Italy? Great campaign everyone - thankyou all and have safe holiday
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    Best: Campagin - time I spent with great men. Thank You all. Worst: Maybe crash? Or maybe headache? Funniest: Human catapult i was driving fast and @Cpt.Polandjumped out of jeep the exact moment I've hit. (After edit I will present you a video of this) Most hated player: Bunnyhoping men. Don't do this please. Most loved/liked player: I agree with @Cpt.Poland that @Doktor truly is one of the most liked ones. But also @RayderPSG who after battle stayed for photo and who was helping us with makeing Polish Team. And of course everyone, You all are great for doing this together (bunnyhoping men you will be loved one also if you stop bunnyhop ) Best Battle Photo - 'BBQ before fight - life in army ain't that bad' Other: - 'Enemy submarine spotted' 'We do bury our companions' (during training) 'Look at me! I'm Australian now!' @CptBocquier I've took your advice to my heart. No HUD this time!
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    Best: @Ronid the poor suck.. fabulous man asking to lead for around. chit chat with the admins. @Quicksilver insulting me by calling me talkative Worst: Funniest: @Pavel_[RUS74] reading my mind over the whole @Solarriorsepisode in b/w/f comments. All is forgiven @Solarriors Raiding forrest. Looking for the lone mg guarding the area. ”He is on the the destroyed panther” finding someone of our brave fighters just taking a break next to the dude. ”Nobody would think that we would be so stupid to try the same thing for the third time” Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2474-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: thanks for the campaign all!
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    Welcome to another Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign! This campaign, "Via per la Vittoria" will take you to the battlefields of the Italian front. You will play on custom created and modified maps such as Monte la Difensa, Salerno, Etna Line, Garigliano Crossing, San Pietro and much more! Experience brutal battles, total carnage, outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 Teamwork there is. Feel the camaraderie like nowhere else. Get your gaming gear ready and join this amazing campaign! In this FH2 Campaign you will experience: 10 battles on the Italian front, with custom content. Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server. Fight in battles with up to 100 players. Earn promotions and medals for your achievements. Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers. Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world. Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome! Click below to join the Campaign
  41. 9 points
    Best: Numbers, as usual Worst: Losing streak continues Best Battle Photo - Floater
  42. 9 points
    @ALBREIN @Alecont @ArgentinaMania @ARG_Matayo @arielzurdo @assasin666 @Avazord @BanzaimeN @baronrojo4 @Blander @BlueSoldier20 @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @Chango_killer @CochoSGO @coco @colores @CorderoZ @Diepla @elcheeky2 @elchristo326 @ENEKA00 @fabrigrinovero35 @Facunino@Fatigatti_AR @Feedee21 @Fritz @Fury1 @Guli123 @Ian @JARHStarkiller @JohnIsASerb @[KKCK]Fedetech[Arg] @kirbyris-cafe @Lobo solitario @luacha2000 @Luh333 @LuisSs@Dahjeshi @Mane_Goddard @MarceloGallardo @Mati.Mattman @MatM1996 @Martin.ar @mcpollo @Nightwing @-PANZER ALCON- @Patan @Patofeliz100 @Pichu1199 @Pollenz @Ramiro23 @Roul @Sagwyn @Solid @Spike @STALKER @Starpom @vaje21 @vicius2012 @ViejoKKarma @WassapDude94 @xGastonxARG@altsuprgamer @chulito12345 @Daniel @inlifex @killer98 @MAX.MAXO @Mr.pepe @nemesisk @Neutral_true @q(-_-)p @RadicalDestroyerr @Snow @TKRShadowBlack @Terrormaik @Andres_Gomez @DavidRambo123 @DavidSchulz0399 @jaaruizhe @Jonah @JhonKiller111@poloviskk@sgtsanti6 @Thesalamanderman @TheSirN @Tommy @vengado @Zenex @AlCapone345 @EDGARWAR989 @PKM^ @RauloWW2 @Renko @Sherwin_Em2(*) @AbelllGp @Anguita36 @Anra @arbustito @Arsemex @Astalor @Avantey @B4R0N @Beyers(*) @Chad Negro @Chus @Darkpotato @DarkTrooper246 @DAVID-SOLDIER @Defender @Durru @Duttget @Edgar @elvinu @ermahe @Ferdinand_Bach @Gabrii172 @GeJota @GGarrido @Henrique O Horrivel @josedavidxxx @jozevillano @Kelevra @Laiust @L.L.HERRAIZ @LopeteguiDiversion @Machacasaurio @Malakra @Matt @Maverick @onebullet95 @PKdor @Rataconfusca @RayderPSG @rubimalo @Santini1973 @Schuman @SgtAlex @Smashmachine @Sorem @Spanish_Tercio @Sparhez @spectrun @SrVallejo @Super @URKA @Verticorda @vitorio9898 @wanchekid @Wualy @Xavhia @Erik Fernando Tanyag @JagX @koenigsfelsen @Rorshack @Vheil @VELKRO @Alberto_DLTorre @Albert.K-101 @3DvD3 @Beatnikjude63 @Blackbeard-19F21 @Blagu @Charmzz @CptRolan @DarthTemoc @David5p4rt4n @EddAvilaRuiz @ElRayjuega @esparjose @Harel065 @K37 @leonardorobles05 @Logian @ninioartillero @PollitoJrH12945 @PollitoJr1294Frozen @punishedsnake77 @Taiday @David5p4rt4n @Gold @Borizsov @NeedAmmo @Andre1212 @chrystiango @Dela @juandi1942 @Berlin @engelxd2 @franyerson @Cap.Mactavish @Dr_sicario @eloyreinaldo @GracefulOutlaw @LEGION-XV@leonardopachano123 @Miguelrrr @N1troZ @N3LK @TheGringoLoco @TheNoiSe @18yEjido @Gunyaboss14 @Ubersoldaten @powerUY=[URU]= Quiero dar mi más sincera enhorabuena a todos los aquí mencionados! Desde los que nunca volvimos a ver hasta los que juegan casi a diario con nosotros y los que hacen de oficiales , HQ o admins. Enhorabuenas especiales a @David5p4rt4n por ser el primer nicaragüense de la web y a @DavidSchulz0399 porque con el...SOMOS 200 HISPANOS REGISTRADOS! Nos mantenemos en el 13% del total de CMP. La campaña actual está teniendo unos números excelentes. Gracias de corazón a todos.
  43. 9 points
    News from battlefront!!! Axis is able to defend Monte La Difensa!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  44. 9 points
    Hahahaha, i found it!!! We were really ready for the battle. @RayderPSG and @ermahe using the typical spanish carbine Mahou and me with the Brazilian hallucinogen Jambuzera rifle.
  45. 9 points
    Best: - Really close battle that just barely got in favour for the axis. Probably most balanced battle I've played so far. Worst: - Bloody 2 points.. Funniest: - Baska's shouts time to time. Bren carrier patrolling. Most hated player: - Pantyfas' artillery was scary, every incoming shell caused a small heart attack. Best Battle Photo - Not exactly a battle photo, but this one sat on my lap through whole battle - a mascot so to say (It's just sterilized thus the clothing on it).
  46. 9 points
    Best: - Not the traitors. Worst: - Traitor Kowsky. Funniest: - Teabagging duty for traitors. Most hated player: -Kowsky Most loved/liked player: - Kowsky Best Battle Photo - Other: - We will see eachother again, @Sir_Kowskoskey boy.
  47. 9 points
    Best: - very close game and excellent numbers Worst: - nothing actually. Maybe getting knifed in the woods by some noob Funniest: - getting teabagged by the same noob and also receiving PM thru Discord Most hated player: - no one. Most loved/liked player: - All Axis Best Battle Photo - Other: - I was at church and saw someone driving the civillian truck like drunk. Started shooting at it but it ran away. Moments later I hear it driving again and stopping south east on the hillside. I shoot the guy and see I got @Sir_Kowskoskey. Of course I have to get there so I run down the hill and look for the corpse in the bushes hoping it does not disappear befor I find it. Luckily he did not get far from the truck and the he was laying on his back. So while admiring his moustache I teabagged him well and ran back to church. I thought I took a screenshot, but could not find it .
  48. 9 points
    TT = Total Tickets Remaining | T RVP = Round Bonus Modifier | T TVP = Total Tickets Bonus Modifier RVP = Round Victory Points | TVP = Total Victory Points
  49. 8 points
    Best: - French full squad for the win & full server all night long. Parachuting moments and epic french fails. Also some epic defense actions ! Worst: - The downside of having people to wait to play... Funniest: - @RayderPSG suffering all the game from me and getting his revenge at the end of last round ! also @Sir_Kowskoskey knifed me so hard (wasn't expecting it AT ALL) that my body went through the map. I felt so dirty but then when i respawned a wild @RayderPSG tryed to run over me with a kubel. I managed to kill him and 'honor' him while his fellow passager killed me. Really couldn't care last at that moment ahah. I still managed to get my revenge on last round on @Sir_Kowskoskey, but you clearly won this one. Most hated player: - / Most loved/liked player: - French squad was epic. @Erwin bring a good support to us in some dire times. Best Battle Photo - Guess who ate beans before jumping ? Other: - GG everyone !
  50. 8 points
    Best: -Grappling hook allowed me to become Spider-man for several rounds! Funniest: -war is not funny Most loved/liked player: -i love all who came to play this Friday! Thx for the game! Best after Battle Photo -


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