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    Best: Fh2 night. Equal numbers at some point. Worst: crashes. Some mistakes that again harmed @AdmiralBG s guys. Sorry mate Funniest: this pic. Jap spirit Most hated player: - me Most loved/liked player: - I love all too Best Battle Photo: - Other: - nice atmosphere on the map, felt like tarawa. good job mappers
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    Best: Heavy fighting when landing Worst: map felt a bit broken... Biggest fubar ship arty could have given more tactical possibilities, garand ammount needs to have a limit and i think the sherman maybe not needed. Funniest: @AL-SAHAD slaughtering everybody in redbeach hut. Decided enough with this shenannagance and ran in and stabbed him in the face with a long tea Most hated player: @Erwin for saving Al-Sahad from me earlier. @Johonas for just overall killing me Most loved/liked player: @Pollenz and his party bus tank Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Still even with those fixes, our tactic succeeded to surprise the enemy in the last round that gave us the win. Till that a tough fight. First round couldnt move anywhere.
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    Best: - Despite the defender's scores, it was a tough fight for everyone Worst: - Crashapalooza Funniest: - Trying to provide "overwatch" with a bugged sniper rifle. Most hated player: - Chi Ha drivers at Green Beach Most loved/liked player: - Guys standing still so I can get a cheap knife kill Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Allies successful assault on Red Beach was predicted 2 years ago.
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    Company of Heroes 2 for free on Steam if you have missed the previous giveaways:
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    Thanks @Xant, we've already submitted our details and are waiting for them to get in contact with us. I suspect this won't happen until they open for beta sometime in Q2 2019.
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    Don't sweat it was also my mistake for not organising better
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    Epic Games is opening their store and starts offering free games.
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    Recuerdo que desde que creamos este topic no hemos dejado de tener regimiento propio y hemos crecido mucho. No dejemos que decaiga! Además, cada vez nos juntamos más en ts los fines de semana. Aquí un clásico teamkill de @mcpollo al pobre @Durru. Como le quedó el cuerpo...comiendo barril
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    Best: - the Campaign Worst: - K/D Funniest: - The evening itself was fun, but unfortunately ended too early again Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - I love all Best Battle Photo: - Other: - @Pr0z4c thx for this map.
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    I was about to retort that the Achi-Val isn't that different from the Hien, which I tested out at Sittang Bridge........ Then a moment passed and something finally clicked into my dense head. I didn't realize until now that there is the ki-27 ...and the KI-61. Holy crap that explains a lot. I couldn't under stand how you could get me so quickly with the peashooters from the Nakajima ki-27.
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    Worst: -Found out that all my recordings was hooked onto some grey bars and not the game itself. Absolute Worst: -The Battleship-for-artillery fuckup. Funniest: -I was dealing with two planes at once and @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- decided to help me out with one of them. Most hated player: In the fourth round(third?) Round @HaLoAL REALLLY! got under my skin. Most loved/liked player: - @HaLoAL in the fifth round because i manage to pay him back ❤️ Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -Just an hour and a half before we started to play, @Smashmachine and I tried our best to make the most of the battleship fuckup work and we practised to dead aim both Green beach and Coastal Guns.
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    For Freeee!!! Sniper Elite 3 - GameSessions https://www.gamesessions.com/en/Game/SniperElite3 GameSessions Play the hit PC game Sniper Elite 3 for free Get your FREE copy of Sniper Elite 3 with GameSessions You have to play for 5min and will be yours forevaaaaa!!!!
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    was really funny guys! thanks to everyone who joined and special thanks to @RAnDOOm and admins for doing it possible. Hopefully the map keeps progressing , good job @Blander !
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    Best: - Victory! with the same infantry loadout as Tulagi. Worst: - Bunny-hopping !!! For Fucks Sake!!! When will people stop jumping to evade fire? Press crouch, go prone, do the Achtung shimmy shake, but don't fucking jump! Why? because no soldier in the history of humanity ever jumped up in the air to avoid a shot or blow. It's stupid video game, hit-box manipulation, bullshit. Most of all, it just looks stupid. We don't play organized battles to look stupid. Even one hop to evade fire is bullshit. One guy bounced around in a hut so much it took 3 of us forever to kill him. He didn't kill anyone. Just a stupid episode in an otherwise great battle. Don't do it !!! Funniest: - Shot at Hawk 3 times with dreaded Winchester at close range and he still killed me. At least his feet stayed on the ground. Most hated player: - See above Most loved/liked player: - borrowed Axis Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Best: The map was good with heavy fighting all over the time, it was very intense. Best 2 : The attacks on HILL 80 was epic ! We've stormed the position like demons ! Worst: ennemy bombers (even some allied ones) made me mad sometimes. Funniest: Driving qualities of @Sir_Kowskoskey between jungle trees and exchange creepy jokes between two rifles shots . Most hated player: bombers and the yamato. Impossible to relax and taning ourselves on the beach. Most loved/liked player: the mighty french team and the energic Kowsko Other: We've took back the holy milk storage from the enemy, god be praised ! Good job !
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    Best: Intense fighting with no breaks. Worst1: Surprise, surprise, the Winchester. Just too many of them. Worst2: The crashes. One time we were defending Tenaru as the enemy attacked and my whole squad (except me) got disconnected.... Worst3: The (Allied) numbers could be better. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskeyreminded me on tea bagging 😀 Funniest: One enemy was standing at the window in a hill house at center flag. I thought, I will stab him. Then he turns around and I hadn't even drawn the katana. :D Most hated player: Winchester. Allied planes were also annoying. Most loved/liked player: Everyone who joined and had the balls to stay. Special thanks to Axis guys who helped out Allies, although this had a negative impact on our game play. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Is the Japanese officer kit supposed to have no smoke grenades?
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    Best: Axis Army and 93rd who stayed till the end even after a heavy loss. Unlike some quitters. 🤭 Worst: Winchester being unlimited. Worst: Winchester destroying rallies with 1 shot. Worst: Winchester stealing away your flag capture. Worst: Winchester doesn't need aim. Worst: Winchester every 5 meters. Worst: Glitchers. Worst: You're about to capture a flag but a guy with a Winchester comes in and kills 4 squadmates without even sweating and steals your victory. Funniest: Enemy thinks jumping one time in a duel is Bunnyhopping and I get warned during the battle. It's not my fault if you can't kill me with 2 Thompson clips. Funniest: "-Enemy attacking Hill flag need help!" - I spawn there only to see @Sir_Kowskoskey burn me and burn himself. Me: "Situation clear, it's just Kowalski who burned himself." Most hated player: Winchester. Most loved/liked player: All of 93rd squad. You are awesome. Other: Winchester and Allied soldier camos are ruined the game for most of us, but we didn't quit. Perhaps this should be an example to the "some" Allied Army whose guys starts to quit after a single loss of a round. (No offense) In general, the mood was very frusturating for us and a lot of us became very annoyed by Winchesters but we stayed till the end.
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    Best: heavy and even fight. Loved it Best2: that fight on hill80 second to last round was epic!! Worst: other layer crash Funniest: finding @Mid4eL's paper tank and almost killing myself with it every single time. Damn that compb is horrible Funniest2: the organised assault through the forrest with the jeep. No crys but the amaizement of the boys that we got through, unharmed and even capped the flag while doing it! Funniest3: @ColonelDeepthroat got bagged in the warm up Funniest4: the crash saved either my life or @Vlasov cause we ended up 2meters apart stairing in each others gun barrels clicking the button like crazy if the server would have managed to continue Most hated player: @Druidix for leaving me even if i promised to learn french in one round Most loved/liked player: @CptBocquier proved himself worthy of fetching my ship! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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    Donations To CMP Gaming Since the creation of CMP Gaming in March 2017, all of the services such as the web server and forums, game server, plugins etc. have been paid by a number of members of the Committee. With this gaming community becoming the home to over 500 players from all over the world, it would be appreciated if members could help towards these ongoing running costs. We have listed the community running costs below. Service - - Payments To Be Made - - Number Of Times To Pay Per Year - - Yearly Cost - - Total Sum Web Server € 3,70 Monthly € 44,40 € 896,40 Email, File Host € 2,50 Monthly € 30,00 Torrent Box € 3,70 Monthly € 44,40 - Per Month Forum Software € 25,00 Bi-Annual € 50,00 € 74,70 Game Server € 46,80 Monthly € 561,60 Forum Theme € 20,00 Annually € 20,00 Domain € 10,00 Annually € 10,00 Discord + TS Plugin € 21,00 Bi-Annual € 42,00 Group Collaboration Plugin € 55,00 Annually € 55,00 Awards Plugin € 7,00 Bi-Annual € 14,00 Rules Plugin € 25,00 Annually € 25,00 Can You Help? As you can see, the costs are not very high, just €74,70 a month will cover our current expenses. Can you help? Even a small monthly donation of a few Euro's a month, or a single one-time donation will help. We have set up two ways to donate to CMP: Donate a single one-time payment and pay what you want. All amounts are welcome! Set up a monthly donation through Paypal. Choose from the dropdown menu to donate as little as €5 a month and you can unsubscribe to this at any time. Donate Now You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page. Thank You For Your Donations On behalf of the Committee, we thank you for your help in keeping this community running.
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