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    He hecho una referencia a nuestra historia compartida https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provincias_Unidas_de_los_Países_Bajos
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    Buenas a todos¡¡
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    This one was, from the Spanish Civil War too, it´s placed close to Colmenar del Arroyo, in Madrid. Here you are a goggle maps link to find it easily. Bunker
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    I can contribute to this topic with some pics made by myself around here and there because I love this kind of tourism. In Spain you can find, with a bit of luck, some emplacements from the Civil War and a lot of around old Military bases. Well, in fact, some of them are still in use but old emplacements are obviously abandoned. Here you can see two small bunkers placed around Brunete, in Madrid, just in both sides of the road so you can find them extremely easy.
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    Sed bienvenidos chicos! También le doy la bienvenida a un viejo conocido, de mis primeros mentores, que espero ver de nuevo por los terrenos de juego... se registró el gran @Chus !!!