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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 6 - Faid Pass Starts In:

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  1. Best: - nice frenchie numbers , always fun to play with them Best 2: bagging the spaniards and being bagged by them. I actually feel gang banged Best3: full server again! Worst: - starting a bit late. People, let's do an effort to be on time!! Funniest: - shameful engagements in the sea fishing Journey. Vincenzo, Sei riuscito a pescare qualcosa? Most hated player: - no one  Most loved/liked player: - everyone, switching guys Other: - spaniards pics
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  2. so late, but happy birthday @Jager @Pepinio !! happy birthday @Malleus @Pr0z4c !!
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  3. Happy Birthday @Bambacha, @Malleus and @Pr0z4c!
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