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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 6 - Faid Pass Starts In:

Sign Ups For The 10th CMP FH2 Campaign - "Devil In The Dawn" Are Open!

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  1. Happy Birthday @Jager and @TheBlackReaper!
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  2. Most loved/liked player: - @Jager (Smoking hunter) For awsome dogfights and opportunity to dispence some pwnage. Worst: Felt bad leaving @Wasteland_Hero alone in the sky in the last round, and when I was rotated and fought for the axis. Worst2: No wing *bonks* this battle Funniest: - But I did manage to do this, So which one of you flipped his shit?(this is why I hate trees, when you crash into them they don't do cool shit like this!) And this...(I would say stay out of the runway but you were actually in the air so) asd.mp4
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