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  1. Best: - use mortar on 5 rounds. Worst: - nothing Funniest: - ruin a photo of 2 axis soldiers after killing @Spindrifter49 Most hated player: - none all are cool Most loved/liked player: - Polish squad for the good vibes and those who spoke Spanish Most loved/liked player: - all of cc for the good vibes. to have patience and understand my bad pronunciation Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - well axis good campaing! and allied with finnish the campaign with honour and balls!! Vamos carajo!!!
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  2. Axis CC @CptBocquier " kowsky tell me when you are fully wrecked" Me:.... @Zabstone: " did you just say fully erected?" Axis channels: "Happy birthday @Pr0z4c"
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  3. Best: - Killing allied HQ in Rohrwiller Worst: - Nothing. Funniest: -Having fun with Polish squad. Most hated player: - Um. None. Most loved/liked player: - 1 Kompanie! Spanish squad for cool photo together after the battle and generally for great friendly rivalry! Best Battle Photo - Hello friend! https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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