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    I have been thinking about something to fill the void in between the main CMP campaigns. By organizing smaller, 2-4 match mini-campaigns featuring random CMP maps with no shared theme. There has been talk about getting the new players more active to the community and in campaigns. Especially the lack of volunteers into officer duties and leading the regiments has been a pain, since the veteran players wish to be engaged in the gameplay aspect more often. There is only a small pool of oldies willing to step in. Since Forgotten Hope 2 is the heart of the community, it is important to keep this side engaged into the mod. We have been growing steadily in the last year. - What would it be like? It would mostly be a small collection of weekly Friday CMP-maps that would be played for 2-4 rounds every Friday. We keep tabs in scores and people playing and award them with participation medals and notes of being active members in the FH2 family. To keep the organization less heavy on preparation, the use of pre-existing maps and formation of regiments around veteran players leading smaller squads. Participation to the matches would be noted, without sanctions of missing out on battles (other than, maybe, getting a less colourful Sujuk-hunter/Kowkowskey-TeaBag medal?). - The benefits? 1. New players have a less competitive and less restrictive environment to learn CMP-styled matches and campaigns. Threshold is lower to join. 2. Like previously mentioned, it would fill the void between the “real” campaigns. It would keep people more active in CMP in general and if everything goes according to plan, this could help other game communities to grow. 3. Beta-Test of possible future CMP-maps. 100 players scurrying around the maps are bound to find oddities and abnormalities. Holding the games on older maps could help us test them for balancing. 4. Most importantly, we could promote and get newbies accustomed to the potentiality of being an officer and a leader. It is a lot of responsibility, and the organisation of the big, themed campaigns takes a lot of effort. The new officers are not always accustomed to the do’s and don’ts of being one and the veterans might not have time to properly educate them in midst of preparations. 5. Get the band together in a lighter tone! We have always had fun when playing together and the newcomers are always welcomed among the ranks. People are worried of having imbalanced teams of experienced teammates against the FNG’s. A small campaign like this without of the hassle of being a winner/loser and just enjoying the mod would make it enjoyable for everyone. I would love to see some discussion about this suggestion. What do you think? Especially constructive criticism is something this planwould need. I am not blind to the fact that something like this would still need some extra work from the staff, who right now are busy with the upcoming 7th tour. You should consider this still as a starter for conversation. NOTE: Everything is speculation. There are no details set on how this would work and this is all mostly based on my own observations and comments made by older members of the community.
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    Not mandatory to use CMP maps. I'm up for the idea of making these events if official maps are used. All the mapping needed would be to add rally point's mechanic, which is 1 line of code and can be automated. That was excatly the mistake made in the past, CTF, TeamCup, etc. New gamemodes which need lots of work and mapping preparation, usually in CMP maps which also need work... This can be an opportunity to play push maps the right way. I personally love that kind of gameplay style but it isn't played as it should in public servers. Usually only 1-2 squads per team focus on teamplay. Also this can be used as a test platform for new mechanics that could be later introduced to campaigns.
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    Recently we've been focusing on the map pack events between campaigns. The result was that last campaign we had to rush every week to have our campaign maps working before the battle, which is not ideal. To avoid this, we are focusing on finishing the maps before the campaign starts, that's why there has been little progress in the map pack lately and no test events have been announced. I think any event that involves mapping will slow down even more the next campaign and I'm pretty sure all of the old maps need mapping work before being playable. For this reason I'm against doing anything that involves reducing the mappers' time to get the next campaign ready. If you wish to reduce the break time between campaigns then join the team and help us finish the maps quicker, that would be very welcomed!


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