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    Hi A new Updater tool has been released, though still in its early stages. But it works, for at least most of the people Windows 7 users! Make sure your Operating System is up to date, otherwise updater might not work! Download The Installer 1. Hit the download button 2. Extract anywhere 3. Double-click to run 4. Hit next 5. Choose parts to install (little reduntant, as you require both anyways, but for futureproofing us) 6. Point the installer at your Battlefield 2/Forgotten Hope 2 Standalone directory 7. Let the installer do its magic 8. You're done, Congratulations!
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    What Remains of Edith Finch for free on Epic Games until 24th of January.
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    That's not anime music, uneducated human
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    the anime music channel.....


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