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    Ok let´s give it a try Maybe at "Communication HQ", nice building and a lot of space for all the stuff. PS: The Sturmboats at the southern base are useless - they cannot cross the first bridge near the mainbase. Guess it´s too late to place some two more Schwimmwagen to the south ? Edit: it seems it works at the training server
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    I m up for it Exhale. This s been one of the most pleasant campaign in therms of having a good atmosphere since I play in here!
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    Let's recap where we are in the campaign: The Poles withdrew after winning Lenino. The Russians were eliminated after Aniskala. It's Germans vs. Finns for the final. Who will win the championship? This battle determines everything!!!
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    Happy Birthday to our youngest lion!
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    " Coldplay is music for men who masturbate crying" - Ensign steel, no idea how we got there


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